Frost Deathknight Interface, Macros and WeakAuras Guide

Patch 10.2.7 Last Updated: 10th May, 2024
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One of the most important addons you should have is WeakAuras. With this addon you will be able to get well laid out trackers for your ability cooldowns, buff uptimes, class resources as well as WeakAuras that are specifically made to track debuffs and mechanics happening in the raid. You can find a multitude of WeakAuras on

For Frost Death Knight, these are the main weak auras you want to track with WeakAuras

BigWigs / DeadlyBossMods

When raiding, it is important to have timers for the fight's mechanics because not only will this help you play the encounter correctly but it is also very important to know when adds may spawn or when a boss becomes immune to damage/goes to a new phase etc.

Method Raid Tools

This addon can track and display crucial information about your raid team, which is very valuable when raiding. It also comes with a multitude of other features such as combat timers, combat res trackers, raid team cooldowns and gives you more in-depth details on your raid team and the events that happened during an encounter. It's also commonly used as a way for your raid leader to distribute assignments via the "Note" feature.


Breath of Sindragosa 

#showtooltip Breath of Sindragosa
/cast Pillar of Frost
/cast !Breath of Sindragosa
/cast Blood Fury
/cast Abomination Limb
/cast Raise Dead
/use 13

This is a simple macro that uses all of your abilities together for your Breath of Sindragosa Window. Keep in mind this macro will use the trinket in your first trinket slot, you can change the last line to “/use 14” if you put your on use trinkets in the second trinket slot. Makes your life a lot easier when using all of your cooldowns.

Obliteration Pillar of Frost 

/cast Pillar of Frost
/use Blood Fury
/use 13

Just like the Breath of Sindragosa macro, this is a simple macro that uses your trinket and racial ability with your Pillar of Frost. Keep in mind this macro will use the trinket in your first trinket slot, you can change the last line to “/use 14” if you put your on use trinkets in the second trinket slot.

Stop Attack Death Grip 

#showtooltip Death Grip
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Death Grip

This acts as a mouseover/current target Death Grip macro, but it also cancels your attacks against that target if you have it selected. This is useful if you want to grip an add that is already CC’d. Death Grip does not break CC, but auto attacks do, so this macro negates that problem.

Cursor Macros

Cursor macros are used for abilities that generally have to be placed on the ground. This macro makes you place the abilities a lot faster and less clunky, but do pay attention to where your cursor is when using these macros.

Anti-Magic Zone 

/cast [@cursor] Anti-Magic Zone

Death and Decay 

/cast [@cursor] Death and Decay

Mouseover Macros

Mouseover Macros are similar to Cursor macros, in the sense that they will use the ability that is in the macro, on a target that your cursor is over. I have mine set up, so if you have a target and are not putting your cursor over any other enemies, the ability will cast on your current target. If you have your cursor over a different target, the ability will be used on that target instead of your current target.

Howling Blast

#showtooltip Howling Blast
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Howling Blast

Chains of Ice

#showtooltip Chains of Ice
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Chains of Ice

Raise Ally (Combat Res)

#showtooltip Raise Ally
/cast [@mouseover,help][@target]Raise Ally

Dark Command / Taunt

#showtooltip Dark Command
/cast [@mouseover,exists,harm][@target,exists,harm] Dark Command

Other Quality of Life Macros

Pet Dismiss

/script PetDismiss()

Focus Mind Freeze

#showtooltip Mind Freeze
/cast [@focus] Mind Freeze