Ghazzy joins Method

Ghazzy joins Method

We are happy to introduce a new streamer to the Method stream team, Path of Exile player and pirate, Ghazzy.

Ghazzy has been a professional streamer for about 7 years. Coming from a World of Warcraft background, he was introduced to Path of Exile and the game clicked with him and his community. 

When Ghazzy first got introduced to Path of Exile he began his journey to create builds & guides to help the community progress the game. Ghazzy is very passionate about build creation, and even hosted the Build panel at ExileCon. It was easier to help people verbally which was the beginning of his streaming career. With a profound love for rum the stream quickly adopted the idea of a pirate theme and has since, never looked back.

When asked why he wanted to join Method, he said:

“The future plans you have for PoE are amazing andI’ve always been a bit of Method fanboy since early WoW days.”

Ghazzy has a massive amount of information and guides relating to Path of Exile, and will soon be touching into new games like Escape from Tarkov. You can check out the informative pirate over at and follow him at @GhazzyTV.

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