Gfinity Elite Day 2: CS:GO

Gfinity Elite Day 2: CS:GO

Day 2 of the Gfinity Elite Series has concluded and it was the first major tournament for Method's CS:GO team! And again Method had the honor of opening up the entire CS:GO season with the very first match, but it didn't turn out to be the best of days as there were some technical difficulties that made it run a little long and jenko wasn't feeling well and almost had to stop playing at one point. The match-up was against Excel eSports and it was a Best of 2, starting on Mirage.

After a bit of a slow start on Mirage and a 1-5, Method caught up and ended up winning the map 16-11with this impressive finish from Weber:

Sitting at that 1-0 in the Bo2 felt good, but Excel had the map pick and were very confident about Nuke, as it turns out they had every right to be. Jenko managed to pull through his health issues and played on, but the round didn't quite go to plan as Excel dominantly took the map 16-5.

So a draw in the end, perhaps not the best of starts but still pretty solid, placing Method in 5th on the CS:GO leaderboards.

Gfinity Leaderboard Week 1

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