Get Your Emotes Ready...Method PogChamp Joins Our MDI Family

Get Your Emotes Ready...Method PogChamp Joins Our MDI Family

In time for the World of Warcraft MDI Globals, we are excited to announce the signing of Team PogChamp [EU]. The team will retain their (amazing) name and compete under the name of Method PogChamp in the World of Warcraft MDI Global Finals in June.

Method PogChamp features five of the Top 10 players in the world, including two time No.1 Rogue (Musclebrah) and No. 1 Mage (DrJayFisto). In addition to their competitive gaming, PogChamp features several of the most-watched Twitch Streamers within the competitive MDI community.

"With the popularity of the MDI exploding amongst WoW fans, it makes perfect sense for us to continue to expand our support of the MDI scene. With three of the top MDI teams in the world now signed with Method, we are incredibly excited not only for the MDI Global Finals in June, but also for the future of the MDI when Battle for Azeroth launches."

- Shanna "Darrie" Sarr, Method Communications Director

Let's meet the entire team:

José "DrJay" Curcio

No.1 M+ Mage in the current season

Glad to be part of the most professional WoW e-sports team.

Anastasios "Elserat" Rafailidis

No.2 M+ Druid in Current Season

Very proud to be part of the Method community and to represent the team in the Global Finals.

Ömer "Musclebrah" Dogan

No.1 M+ Rogue season 1 and 3, No.2 M+ rogue Season 4

Very proud to be a Method athlete.

Norton "Sebs" Tihane

No.2 M+ DK during season 4

Very happy to have the opportunity to play for Method.

Sivert "Sjeletyven" Johansen

No.1 m+ overall player in the current season, top 3 m+ Warlock S3

It's a pleasure and honor to be a part of such a well known and big brand.

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