Frostadamus joins Method

Frostadamus joins Method

We’re thrilled to introduce a new streamer to the Method Family, Frostadamus!

Frostadamus has been streaming professionally since 2017, shortly after he quit his job as a professional soap bubble artist. After working and traveling on the road for five years, Frost decided to shift his work to home and become a full-time World of Warcraft streamer. Ever since then, Frostadamus has been making World of Warcraft content and guides which has grown his community to almost 50,000 followers on Twitch. 

When asked why he wanted to join Method, Frost replied:

“I got offered an opportunity to join Team Method and thought It would be great to be part of a big team, especially since I know some of the fellow streamers. It makes me thrilled to see what lies ahead.“

Frostadamus continues to make educational content focused on helping the community by sharing his knowledge about the game, especially with each new wave of players who struggle with reaching their goals. If you love a fun, cozy, and informative environment to talk about everything World of Warcraft, then Frostadamus’ stream is for you. Head of to to watch and follow him on social media at @realFrostadamus.

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