Flopdru joins Method

Flopdru joins Method

It’s time for more WoW PvP! Method is excited to welcome Flop, a top NA AWC player, and his authentic, supportive and uplifting community to our stream team! 

While Flop has been playing WoW since age 10, he’s only been streaming professionally for the last nine months, gaining 13,000 followers since August 2020. Flop has always had a passion for Arena and started his journey to the top of the WoW PvP scene in the depths of LFG, maintaining a philosophy that relentless perseverance leads to improvement. His hard work paid off because Flop has competed in the AWC for a few years, landing top 4 placements in North America.

Flop plans to bring his energy and steadfast commitment to growth to Method. His streams may have started as a place to answer questions about Resto Druid but since then, they’ve become a place for people to hang out, chat and get to know each other. While the Druid remains at the heart of Flop’s enjoyment of WoW, all specs and classes are welcome in his stream. 

When asked why he joined Method, Flop shared:

I have admired Method for years because of the huge impact they’ve had on the WoW scene. Method has brought countless opportunities to players and the WoW community so I’m overjoyed at the opportunity to represent Method in any way.

Check out his stream at twitch.tv/flopdru and follow him at @FlopDru!

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