Esquire joins Method

Esquire joins Method

The Method stream team is proud to welcome Esquire, dubbed the “Voice of World of Warcraft'' by many content creators in the WoW genre! While Esquire has only been streaming full time since April 2020, he’s proud to have grown an incredibly supportive community focused on cozy vibes and pumping.  

Esquire developed a passion for MMORPGs at an early age before becoming a full-time WoW content creator focusing heavily on gold farming, raiding, and PvP surrounding the Mage class in World of Warcraft Classic. Esquire has been playing on Faerlina since the Day 1 release of WoW Classic and has become well known throughout the World as one of the best farmers in the game pioneering gold farms using his Mage and soon to be incorporating a Paladin for The Burning Crusade.

Prior to streaming WoW Classic in April of 2020, Esquire spent three years as a professional esports commentator and host, contributing his talents to the professional PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) scene as well as many other esport titles such as World of Warcraft, CSGO, Fortnite & Apex Legends.

When asked why he joined Method, Esquire shared:

Method has been an integral part of the WoW and greater esports community for years. To say partnering with Method is incredible would be an understatement. With Method’s knowledge and passion for the World of Warcraft community, specifically Classic, I could think of no better organization to contribute my talents to.

Check out his stream at and follow him at @therealEsq!

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