Easy joins Method

Easy joins Method

Do you love WoW PvP and are looking for a spicy coaching environment? Then EasyTV3’s stream is the one for you! Method is pumped to welcome him to the stream team and can’t wait to see him push RBGs!

Easy has been playing the game since 2004, obtaining nearly 100% game completion several times throughout his gaming career by securing all of the in-game achievements and items the game has to offer. As multi-rank 1 and multi-hero player, Easy is proud to close out his first year streaming professionally this month, growing his average viewership from 1 to 300.  

This past year, Easy also obtained Rank 1 and hero title on stream, allowing him to run a gladiator giveaway to offer five gladiator titles to random viewers. While Easy can’t wait to host more giveaways, he’s focused on running a monthly RBG tournament for his community and helping them improve their own gameplay.  When he’s not gaming, he finds fulfillment spending time with his soon-to-be wife and trying to obtain IRL achievements.   

When asked why he joined Method, Easy shared:

Method is one of the largest gaming communities out there, I wanted to be a part of an org that can bring greater awareness to how amazing World of Warcraft really is.

Check out his stream at twitch.tv/easytv3 and follow him at @easy_gaming101!

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