Dratnos Joins the Method Family

Dratnos Joins the Method Family

The Method streaming fleet is expanding once more, as long-time collaborator and all-around nice guy Tristan "Dratnos" Killeen is joining the Method family!

After many great experiences working together on various YouTube video projects, the Method Dungeon Tools routes and much more, it was time for us to get Dratnos fully onboard as a streamer and to deepen our collaboration. Dratnos has expanded his content many-fold since he got his start, including commentating World of Warcraft PvE events, creating educational YouTube videos about Raiding, Mythic Plus, and Horrific Visions, as well as co-hosting a podcast on the highest levels of play in WoW. Not only that, but his guild finished US 8th/World 36th in the Mythic Ny'alotha Race to World First, and he holds the record for best dungeon run of BFA's Season 2 as one of three Outlaw Rogues in a 29 minute Tol Dagor +26.

Tristan "Dratnos" Killeen:

Method is a powerhouse esports organization and they've fostered an incredible World of Warcraft community. I'm very excited to join Method and help them continue their great work of bringing everyone together and raising the level at which we play the game - that's the #methodway!

Shanna Roberts, Method General Manager:

Dratnos is one of the most interesting new stream talents that I've seen in the WoW category during BFA. The work he has done with us on the Method YouTube channel has been exceptional, and I cannot wait to see him collaborate more with the rest of the Method team as a streamer and personality. Going into Shadowlands, he is a star that will continue to rise.

We're very much looking forward to this addition to the Method streamer family and you can also look forward to even more Dratnos content on the Method YouTube page as well (stay especially tuned for his 5-mask Horrific Vision guide coming soon)!

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