Dragon Soul Heroic Progress Coverage

Dragon Soul Heroic Progress Coverage

Article originally posted on Manaflask

UPDATE - Jan 12 16:53 by Starym
One more guild crossed the finish line in 25 man, namely Midwinter, claiming the coveted 25th spot. Meanwhile five other guilds went up to 7/8 and are just about done with the instance.

The 10 man race was significantly more hectic and has caught up to 25 man man and now has the exact same amount of guilds that finished Dragon Soul. Here's the Top 25 10 man heroic standings:

1. In Extremis KR
2. Silent EU
3. Интервенция EU
4. Hordlinge EU
5. Overtake KR
6. Angered EU
7. Crakers KR
8.Incredible Miracle KR
9. 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 KR
10. Ensidia KR

11. 是你的問題還是我的問題 TW
12. Moonz EU
13. STeam KR
14. Realm First KR
15. X Team Raiders KR
16. 如果 宅 TW
17. Quantum EU
18. VengeancE KR
19. У беляша EU
20. Red Factory KR

21. The Eurasia KR
22. 입만 살아가지고 KR
23. Vega KR
24. Эзериал EU
25. Lunatic Hai KR

It's very ineresting that there isn't even one US guild in the top 25, it seems 25 man really is way more popular over there.

UPDATE - Jan 12 22:20 by Starym
Well, the top 20 might be settled but that doesn't stop more and more guilds from finishing Dragon Soul and dealing with that nasty Deathwing once and for all. The new entries in the 25 man race are Accession at 22, Инсигния at 23 and Momentum at 24. 

On the 10 man side of things we're slowly nearing the top 20 with Quantum claiming the No.17 spot.

UPDATE - Jan 11 00:55 by Starym
And here we finally have the Top 20 25 man guilds to finish Dragon Soul by downing Madness of Deathwing. The most recent additions are SlashCry at 20 and ScrubBusters who missed the top 20 by just a hair.

1. Kin Raiders 즐거운공격대 KR
2. Stars TW
3. Blood Legion US
4. DREAM Paragon EU
5. Method EU
6. Exorsus Экзорсус EU
7. Exodus US
8. Wings of Aurora TW
9. vodka US
10. Envy EU
11. Ground Zero KR
12. Wraith EU
13. Apex EU
14. Zenith KR
15. Enigma US
16. Pulse EU
17. genuine EU
18. Immersion EU
19. For the Horde EU
20. SlashCry EU

21. ScrubBusters EU
22. Accession US
23. Инсигния Eu
24. Momentum KR
25. Midwinter US

In 10 man news, we have a pair of new entries from guilds that finished up the instance, namely X Team Raiders and 如果 宅, getting the 15th and 16th spots, respectively.

UPDATE - Jan 09 14:55 by Starym
There's been a small flood of 10 man Madness kills recently, with Moonz, STeam and Realm First finishing off the race in places 12 through 14 so triple gz! And with Wowprogress down yesterday we missed Immersion's kill, so here it is now! They got the No.18 spot an hour before FtH, so congratulations!

UPDATE - Jan 08 23:38 by Karsten
Manaflask's very own For the Horde finishes the content after 27 tries at #19, congratulations!

UPDATE - Jan 08 17:50 by Starym
Genuine close out the race in 17th place with Madness down, congratulations! On the 10 man side of things the Korean "Ensidia" snagged the No.10 and right after them 是你的問題還是我的問題 from the Taiwanese servers jumped in to No.11.

UPDATE - Jan 08 01:57 by Starym
For the Horde have downed Spine and made a bit of a comeback after their "quitting". They are now in the running for 17th place in 25 man along with two other guilds, so that was a pretty speedy recovery from losing over half their roster, good job indeed!

UPDATE - Jan 08 00:50 by Starym
Pulse claim the 16th place not long after Engima's 15th.

UPDATE - Jan 07 15:50 by Starym
And we have two more Madness kills, one in 25 man one in 10. Enigma claimed the No.15 spot on the 25 man charts, passing Immersion who are still in a three way tie at 7/8 with Pulse and geniuine. In the 10 man arena we have a No.9, namely Korean guild 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭 닭. So congratulations to the Madness slayers!

UPDATE - Jan 06 22:40 by Starym
Two more guilds join the 7/8 15th place contenders, and it's two Europeans. Pulse and genuine downed Spine and are on their way to Madness and the end of Deathwing.

UPDATE - Jan 06 14:45 by Starym
Enigma has creeped up to 7/8 and is now chasing Immersion for that No.15 spot and the Madness kill.

UPDATE - Jan 06 00:27 by Starym
And it's Zenith at No.14! They managed to retain their lead over Immersion and claimed the Madness kill today. Also in the 10 man race Incredible Miracle took either 8th or 7th place, depending on that whole Overtake issue. So double congratulations to both guilds!

UPDATE - Jan 04 17:00 by Starym
There's a bit of a mixup over at Wowprogress with the 10 man race, with the Korean guild Overtake being in 5th place, seemingly downing Madness, but their profile only shows their Spine and Madness kills. Considering the recent Wings of Aurora issues with reporting we don't really know what is happening there.

In any case, whether they got it or not, EU Angered and KR Crakers did down Madness and got either 5th and 6th or 6th and 7th places, depending on the Overtake situation. So congratulations to the bunch of them!

UPDATE - Jan 04 00:30 by Starym
Two on 7/8! Immersion joined the Spine club and are now in a pitched battle with Zenith to claim the No.14 spot in the 25 man race!

UPDATE - Jan 03 17:50 by Starym
We have a Spine! Korean guild Zenith got it down in 25 man and are now the only guild on 7/8, just a step away from finishing this tier in 14th place. Good luck to them!

UPDATE - Jan 03 03:30 by Starym
And Apex sealed the deal at number 13, downing Madness and finishing off the Dragon Soul progress for themselves. We now have 0 guilds that downed Spine but nor Madness.

UPDATE - Jan 02 23:10 by Starym
The 10 man world 4th has come! Hordlinge claims the Madness kill and joins the very select group of 10 man guilds to have cleared all the content.

UPDATE - Jan 02 15:02 by Starym
Apex are now the only guild on 7/8 and are just shy of finishing in 13th place in the 25 man race.

UPDATE - Jan 01 21:50 by Starym
Wraith decided to ring in the new year with a Madness kill and a World 12th spot in the 25 man race.

UPDATE - Jan 01 15:40 by Starym
It seems the whole Wings of Aurora problem has been resolved over at WoWprogress and it changes things up a bit. They have indeed been raiding in 25 man this whole time and it was misreported and they got the World 8th kill on Madness, bumping Vodka and Envy down a spot. Korean guild Ground Zero also joined in at the 11th spot and got Madness down. That also means that Интервенция did indeed get the 10 man World third.

And so the top 10 is complete with 3 Asian, 3 US and 4 EU guilds so it ended up being a pretty even race.

1. Kin Raiders 즐거운공격대
2. Stars
3. Blood Legion
4. DREAM Paragon
5. Method
6. Exorsus Экзорсус
7. Exodus
8. Wings of Aurora
9. Vodka
10. Envy

UPDATE - Dec 31 15:25 by Starym
Russain guild Интервенция claims the World third or fourth 10 man Madness kill, I don't really know which since there are some issues with Wings of Aurora who Wowprogress still claims got the third. In any case congratulations to Интервенция.

UPDATE - Dec 30 23:28 by Starym
No.9 has arrived! Envy claim one of the last spots in the top 10 and secure their position as one of the top guilds by downing Madness, so congratulations!

UPDATE - Dec 30 02:31 by Starym
And we have the No.8! Vodka have downed Madness and secures their spot in the top 10 for this progress race, so congratulations to them!

UPDATE - Dec 29 21:59 by Starym
Envy just downed Spine and are now at 7/8. There's still some room in that top 10, so the competition is far from over.

UPDATE - Dec 29 14:42 by Starym
It seems the flood of new kills on both Spine and Madness has calmed down, at least for now, so I should mention the first Glory of the Dragon Soul raider achievement by Exorsus. I missed it a while ago, so apologies, was even mentioned in the comments :(

UPDATE - Dec 29 04:52 by Starym
And we have a 10 man World Third! Chinese guild Wings of Aurora downed Madness a while ago and secured the bronze.

UPDATE - Dec 28 22:15 by Starym
Korean guild Ground Zero join the 7/8 group in 25 man, making it 3 that downed Spine but not Madness yet.

UPDATE - Dec 28 14:15 by Starym
The flood of Madness kills continues, with Exodus claiming the World 7th spot and also getting the US second kill. Meanwhile we also got a World second 10 man kill from Silent, so congratulations to both guilds!

UPDATE - Dec 28 00:05 by Starym
And yet more Madness of Deathwing deaths coming in. Russian guild Exorsus takes home the No.6 spot in this tier's progress race.

UPDATE - Dec 27 22:31 by Starym
Method also made it to the finish line, and only 18 minutes after Paragon! And so the 25 man top 5 is set with quite a good mix of regions in there, two Asian guilds (one Korean one Taiwanese), two EU guilds and one US.

UPDATE - Dec 27 19:40 by Starym
And here comes the EU first! DREAM Paragon just got Madness down World 4th.

UPDATE - Dec 27 18:11 by Starym
A couple more 10 man guilds joined the 7/8 club and got passed Spine, namely The Eurasia and Realm First.

UPDATE - Dec 27 13:34 by Starym
And we have a World third kill on Madness! Blood Legion got the US first and are now the No.3 guild for this progress cycle! Congratulations! With no EU guild in the top 3 it seems like the ban really hit them hard, whether it was really a matter of that one extra reset or just a morale issue. Or perhaps it didn't matter at all and the Asian and US guilds were simply better this time around.

And the killshot:

UPDATE - Dec 27 13:30 by Starym
Stars also released the last part of their World second Spine kill so let's check that out to see what it looks like compared to the Kin Raiders kill:

UPDATE - Dec 27 04:27 by Starym
Vodka also downed Spine today, and join the guilds on Madness of Deathwing.

UPDATE - Dec 27 01:42 by Starym
Wratih also downed Spine in 25 man, World 8th.

UPDATE - Dec 26 19:10 by Starym
The Russians are coming! Two new 7/8 entries today, with Exorsus getting Spine in 25 man and Интервенция downing it in 10 man. That makes 4 guilds on 7/8, 1 on 8/8 in 10 man with 5 on 7/8 and 2 on 8/8 in 25 man.

UPDATE - Dec 26 15:10 by Starym
Some 10 man action today, with In Extremis claiming the World First on Madness of Deathwing. And so now both races have their winners and both are from Korea! Also in 10 man, Taiwanese guild Wings of Aurora downed Spine World 4th.

UPDATE - Dec 25 23:00 by Starym
And here we go with the World First Madness of Deathwing kill vide by Kin Raiders!

UPDATE - Dec 24 21:52 by Starym
It's been a busy day and we have a 10 man World third Spine kill by Korean guild Crakers.

UPDATE - Dec 24 19:48 by Starym
And we have a World second! Stars downed Madness of Deathwing a while ago, making them the second guild to clear the instance and finish off the expansion endboss! Congratulations to them! While the times of their kills aren't precisely logged yet, it seems it did take them a little longer than Kin Raiders to go from Spine to Madness.

UPDATE - Dec 24 14:22 by Starym
So, let's do a short recap for all  the Deathwing action. Kin Raiders reign supreme, having cleared the whole instance, gotten both World Firsts on the last two bosses and still being the only guild to have the Madness kill. Stars snagged the World second Spine kill just ahead of DREAM Paragon, who did get the EU first at least. Very recently Method caught up and got World 4th Spine, an hour ahead of Blood Legion who managed to claim the US FIrst. And the most recent addition to the Spine killer crew is Exodus, getting the World 6th.

UPDATE - Dec 24 14:20 by Starym
Exodus also got to the 7/8 level early this morning and got the US second kill hot on the heels of Blood Legion. There's still no second Madness kill so it seems it isn't as much of a pushover as we all thought it was.

UPDATE - Dec 24 02:17 by Starym
Method and Blood Legion are close on Paragon's heels and downed Spine a while ago as well, with Method edging Bl out by just an hour. It's the Eu second, World 4th Spine kill in 25 man for Method and US First World 5th for Blood Legion so congratulations to them!

UPDATE - Dec 23 16:45 by Starym
Kin Raiders (left) and Stars (right) have released their damage meters from the Spine encounter, with Kin's one being for tendons only, while Stars' is the general DPS meter:

UPDATE - Dec 22 19:20 by Starym
And we have an EU first! DREAM Paragon managed to overcome Spine and came into the top 3 today. Now the true test of Madness will be revealed, was it just Kin Raiders that had the skill to down it so fast after Spine or is the end boss of this expansion truly too easy?

UPDATE - Dec 21 18:55 by Starym
Kin Raiders released their Spine kill video:

UPDATE - Dec 21 01:05 by Starym
And here comes the World Second 10 man Spine kill, courtesy of EU guild Silent. 2 passed Spine on 10 man and 2 on 25 man, very symmetrical!

UPDATE - Dec 20 22:05 by Starym
And the Asian domination continues! Stars just downed Spine of Deathwing and are the second 25 man guild to do so, joining Kin Raiders and In Extremis in 10 man. So congratulations on the World Second! It will be interesting to see whether they can down Madness as fast as Kin Raiders did.

UPDATE - Dec 20 16:05 by Starym
Since the actual speccs of the players on the encounter can't really be trusted (guilds will often change their speccs after a kill so they don't reveal their setup) these are the classes that were on the encounter:

3 Death Knights, 2 Druids, 1 Hunter, 2 Mages, 3 Paladins, 4 Priests, 3 Rogues, 5 Shamans, 2 Warlocks.

UPDATE - Dec 20 12:49 by Lisa
It seems as if the set up for the MoDW World First KIll has been revealed by community member omegasupreme. Thanks! Check the armory profiles listed in the following thread for evidence:
2 x Fire Mage, 1 x Demo and 1 x Affliction Warlock, 2 x Holy Paladin, 1 x Elemental Shaman, 2 x Enhancement Shaman, 2 x Restoration Shaman, 1 x Blood, 1 x Unholy and 2 x Frost DK, 2 x Combat and 1 x Assassination Rogue, 3 x Shadow Priest, 1 x Restoration and 1 x Balance Druid, 1 x Survival Hunter... No Warriors.

UPDATE - Dec 20 11:29 by Lisa
The Destroyer has been destroyed! The Korean guild 즐거운공격대 (KIN Raiders) downed Deathwing this morning before any other guild killed SDW in 25 man hc mode. After they already achieved the Spine of Deathwing World First, they now managed to kill the Aspect of Death in 25 heroic mode. Congratulations, guys! :)

UPDATE - Dec 19 12:47 by Starym
More World Firsts for Korea! This time it's In Extremis and they got Spine down in 10 man mode, World First. So, what will go down faster, 10 or 25 man Madness and will other guilds even manage to catch up and down Spine before that happens?

UPDATE - Dec 18 05:22 by Starym
With all the commotion around the Spine World First a few more guilds managed to sneak in to 6/8, namely genuine, Irae AoD and Refuge.

UPDATE - Dec 17 19:31 by Starym
It would seem the raid composition was: 7 Mages, 5 Rogues, 4 Shamans, 3 Paladins, 2 Druids, 2 Priests, 1 Warlock, 1 Warrior. There's stll some debate over the actual speccs and since armory can be a bit weird with that let's leave it be for now.

UPDATE - Dec 17 18:37 by Starym
And here are the killshots, confirming the guild's name, Kin Raiders:

UPDATE - Dec 17 18:25 by Starym
It seems that a key factor on the kill might have been arcane Mages using the Legedary staff (reports range from 6-11 in the actual raid) which provided the needed burst DPS to overcome the encounter. Considering the Korean servers have had double Firelands resets for a month and a half now, that certainly impacted their Legendary availability. Nothing is completely confirmed yet, but it seems logical that more Legendaries spread over a large amount of classes lends itself to a very stackable raid and perhaps even a significant advantage. This isn't to take away from their achievement and WF at all, just keeping you up to date with the rumblings going around the community at the moment!

UPDATE - Dec 17 17:27 by Starym
Korean guild 즐거운공격대 downed Spine of Deathwing in 25 man World First and opened the way to the final encounter in Dragon Soul, Madness of Deathwing. Huge congratulations to all their players and now we at least know it's doable so the other guilds are going to go at it even harder than they already have. Their name approximately translates to "Happy Raid", at least accorging to Google translate, which is very fitting at the moment, I'm sure!

UPDATE - Dec 17 15:05 by Starym
The number of guilds on 6/8 is steadily rising, up to 23 now with Apex, SlashCry, Ground Zero and Zenith coming in yesterday.

UPDATE - Dec 16 16:35 by Starym
Ensidia also just downed Warmaster and caught up to the 6/8 crowd.

UPDATE - Dec 16 16:20 by Starym
Russian guild Exorsus also joined the top crew, making it 18 guilds on 6/8 in 25 man and 46 in 10 man.

UPDATE - Dec 16 14:47 by Starym
Exodus have cought up with themselves in 10 man and are now 6/8 in both races!

UPDATE - Dec 15 21:18 by Starym
Envy just went 6/8 with Blackhorn down and so the Top 3 from Frielands progress is finally at Spine toghether.

UPDATE - Dec 15 18:29 by Starym
Ensidia also downed Ultraxxion around 30 minutes ago and forgot to tell us!

UPDATE - Dec 15 17:31 by Starym
Envy just downed Ultraxxion, 5/8, bringing them 1 step closet to the top bunch.

UPDATE - Dec 15 16:13 by Starym
Several more guilds also showed up on the 6/8 pile, namely Suit Up, Aurora and Premonition. 15 guilds at 6/8 and yet Spine still lives, should be a very interesting next couple of days.

UPDATE - Dec 15 15:30 by Starym
Exodus, who are still in th lead in the 10 man race, have gone 5/8 in 25 man and we now have 22 guilds that downed Ultraxxion and a whopping 39 that are 6/8 in the 10 man race.

UPDATE - Dec 15 13:43 by Lisa
Our Finnish friends from Paragon just killed Warmaster Blackhorn and are now at 6/8. It's getting really exciting! Keep it up, guys!

UPDATE - Dec 15 13:00 by Lisa
Weee, Method just killed Warmaster Blackhorn and caught up to the other top guilds in the 6/8 pool. Congratulations!

UPDATE - Dec 15 01:35 by Starym
Method just got went 5/8 and joined the 20-strong group that downed Ultraxxion.

UPDATE - Dec 14 22:43 by Starym
DREAM Paragon are the first of the banned guilds to down Ultraxxion and go 5/8, making them just one boss shy of our dear friend Deathwing and his apparently very difficult spine.

UPDATE - Dec 14 19:23 by Starym
Ensidia downed Hagara, 4/8.

UPDATE - Dec 14 19:06 by Starym
Method downed Hagara and are 4/8. Time for Ultraxxion, who seems to be the first real test here and is definitely separating the guilds with only 18 having downed him world wide.

UPDATE - Dec 14 18:13 by Starym
Ensidia just downed Yor'Sahj and Method are starting as well, on 3/8 at the moment.

UPDATE - Dec 14 16:41 by Starym
DREAM Paragon continuing their march, downing Hagara to go 4/8.

UPDATE - Dec 14 16:05 by Starym
Paragon just went 3/8 with Yor'sahj down.

UPDATE - Dec 14 15:24 by Starym
Meanwhile, another guild reached 6/8, this time it was from the Taiwanese servers. The guild Aurora downed Warmaster Blackhorn and is now among the top 12.

UPDATE - Dec 14 14:24 by Lisa
Our top guilds progress really fast: Envy killed Hagara and is now at 4/8, Paragon just killed Warlord Zon'ozz and is at 2/8. Gogo!

UPDATE - Dec 14 13:48 by Lisa
DREAM Paragon joined the 25 man race and killed Morchok. Envy made it up to 3/8 by killing Warlord Zon'ozz. It's getting exciting! 

UPDATE - Dec 14 13:10 by Lisa
Ensidia just downed Warlord Zon'ozz. Gz!

UPDATE - Dec 14 10:10 by Lisa
Good morning and Welcome to this week's edition of the Dragon Soul Heroic Progress! The suspension of the guilds due to the LFR exploit is up and the banned guilds can now join the progress race. Our guys from Ensidia already downed Morchok. Check out the Ensidia progress article for the latest news, videos, etc. Envy downed Warmaster Zon'ozz in 25 man and is now at 2/8. Method is at 1/8.

UPDATE - Dec 13 23:08 by Starym
It seems Immersion and ScrubBusters decided to disprove my little "quiet day" theory and went ahead and downed Warmaster Blackhorn to go 6/8. And so with the second week of heroic progress coming tomorrow we have 10 guilds on 6/8 with another 6 on 5/8 and they'll very likely be joined up at the top by some of the banned guilds very soon. So let's just see if those Spine nerfs were premature or if it manages to survive a week of loot upgrades and the top 4 guilds coming back into the race.

UPDATE - Dec 13 17:31 by Starym
It's probably going to be a quiet day today, with US guilds getting their server reset and having to re-clear the instance. It should be interesting to see whether they manage to clear the whole thing in one day or if our old friend Ultraxxion might take a bit longer again. And tomorrow the second part of the progress race starts, with the banned EU guilds coming back and having their own progress which we'll follow here.

UPDATE - Dec 12 17:31 by Starym
Stars downed Warmaster Blackhorn and joined the leading guilds. The 6/8 pile up continues as there are now 7 guilds up there in 25 man and 20 in 10 man.

UPDATE - Dec 12 15:48 by Starym
Premonition joins the 5/8 club. Next stop, Warmaster Blackhorn.

UPDATE - Dec 11 23:52 by Starym
More entries in the 5/8 category, with Suit Up, ScrubBusters and Immersion downing Ultraxxion. It's getting very crowded near the top and it's looking to get even more so, with Spine still being unreakable and so many guilds catching up. Next week might see a flood of Spine kills if 1 week of loot proves to be enough, or it might actually take even longer. Only ine way to find out.

UPDATE - Dec 11 19:41 by Starym
Here's a 10 man perspective on the Blackhorn heroic kill, so we can compare and contrast! It's Angered's world 6th kill:

UPDATE - Dec 11 14:12 by Lisa
Blood Legion posted their Warmaster Blackhorn kill video. Enjoy and let's hope someone downs Deathwing today!

UPDATE - Dec 11 03:57 by Starym
It's getting pretty crowded in the 6/8 camp with six guilds up there, the most recent adittion being Enigma. Let's just see if quantity will help out with this Spine of Deathwing hurdle on the road to the endboss of this expansion.

UPDATE - Dec 11 01:27 by Starym
Wraith has just downed Blackhorn and caught up with the leading pack at 6/8. It's getting pretty crowded up there and Blood Legion and vodka, who had such a large lead for the past few days are now at almost even terms with three other guilds. Whether or not Spine is going to require another reset or even two of loot remains to be seen as the five guilds at the top struggle on the penultimate encounter in the Dragon Soul instance.

UPDATE - Dec 10 23:45 by Starym
And so we have a 4th contender for the Spine of Deathwing World First, with Inner Sanctum downing Warmaster Blackhorn world 4th and EU first. They are now at 6/8 and on the currently undefeated Spine enounter which seems to be a real problem and a serious boss.

UPDATE - Dec 10 18:50 by Starym
Don't know how I missed this, but Blood Legion posted their World First Ultraxxion Heroic kill a while ago:

UPDATE - Dec 10 16:03 by Starym
Stars have joined the 5/8 club with Ultraxxion down, and since it seems Warmaster Blackhorn isn't really as difficult they should be catching up to the top 3 very soon and going for the Spine of Deathing WF-

UPDATE - Dec 10 13:11 by Karsten
The Korean guild 즐거운공격대 claims the 3rd kill of Warmaster Blackthorne and goes head to head with Blood Legion and Vodka.

UPDATE - Dec 09 23:51 by Lisa
Deathwing seems not to be as easy as we thought. Still no 7/8. But the Korean guild 즐거운공격대 defeated Ultraxion in 25 man.

UPDATE - Dec 09 21:05 by Lisa
Still no 7/8, but some guilds made it to 6/8: Irae AoD and Refuge in 10 man. Wraith joined the 5/8 club.

UPDATE - Dec 09 18:30 by Lisa
All quiet regarding the progress. At least, in 10 man mode, a new guild joined the 6/8 club with Warmaster Blackhorn down: The Russian guild Exorsus. Inner Sanctum downed Ultraxion in 25 man, Refuge in 10 man. Let's see who peels off Deathwing's armor first.

UPDATE - Dec 09 15:30 by Starym
Good "morning" all, let's see what happened during the "night".
Well, not much in terms of new bosses, but we do have some new players in both races. Premonition has popped up to 4/8, jumping two bosses in the 25 man race and,other than that, Wraith and Suit Up also climbed to 4/8. In the 10 man field several new guilds joined the top at 6/8, namely Silent, Angered and Korean guild In Extremis. It seems Spine of Deathwing might be a real boss after all, in both modes!

UPDATE - Dec 09 05:21 by Starym
Enigma just broke the 5/8 barrier and downed the troublesome Ultraxxion. Considering Warmaster Blackhorn seems easier than Ultraxxion it's likel we'll have another player in the World First race.

UPDATE - Dec 09 02:51 by Starym
Small updates on the 25 man race, as mention in comments earlier Immersion got to 4/8 and more recently Wraith dinged 3/8.

UPDATE - Dec 09 00:48 by Starym
Silent join the 6/8 10 man crew with Warmaster Blackhorn down.

UPDATE - Dec 08 22:44 by Starym
Korean guilds have joined the race with 즐거운공격대 downing Hagara and coming up on 4/8.

UPDATE - Dec 08 20:36 by Starym
Stars have downed Hagara as well, are contiuning their surge towards the top and are now at 4/8. Let's just see how fast they manage to even up with the US guilds and if it will be soon enough

UPDATE - Dec 08 19:54 by Starym
Karfagen join the 4/8 club with Hagara down. Now let's see who breaks the 5/8 barrier first, it's become a real horse race at Blackhorn.

UPDATE - Dec 08 19:47 by Starym
Paragon downed Blackhorn as well just now, evening up with Exodus on 6/8 in 10 man mode.

UPDATE - Dec 08 19:35 by Starym
Inner Sanctum goes 4/8 by downing Hagara the Stormbinder EU first. They join Enigma on 4/8 and are currently fourth in the overall race.

UPDATE - Dec 08 18:53 by Starym
Exodus just got the 10 man WF on Warlord Blackhorn and are in the lead as the only guild with 6/8. Stars has also shown up in the 25 man race, already sprinting to a 3/8, so there might be a challenge for the US guilds yet!

UPDATE - Dec 08 18:10 by Starym
Karfagen got Yor'sahj and joined the 3/8 club.

UPDATE - Dec 08 17:10 by Starym
Suit Up from the US downed Yor'sahj and are now one of only five guilds to get to 3/8.

UPDATE - Dec 08 16:40 by Starym
Inner Sanctum downed Yor'sahj and are now 3/8 making them the currently top EU guild and 4th overall.

UPDATE - Dec 08 16:33 by Starym
With the Spine of Deathwing encounter being the next, and hopefully large hurdle on the road to the end boss, let's take a look at the encounter in Normal mode to get familiarized with the fight. It is mostly the same on Heroic with the Hideous Amalgamations being trickier, thowing debuffs on random players that either have to be dispelled within 3 seconds or everyone dies, or a very similar buff that reduces damage taken to the person by 10%. Those buffs/debuffs also jump when dispelled and when the Amalgamation dies the entire raid gets a 6% less health debuff.

UPDATE - Dec 08 15:53 by Starym
Since vodka didn't post a killshot yet, here's the Blood Legion World Second Warmaster Blackhorn kill:

UPDATE - Dec 08 10:09 by Karsten
The results are in! Vodka beat Blood Legion by 7 minutes. Congratulations to the World First!

UPDATE - Dec 08 09:54 by Karsten
Disregard what I said, Blood Legion also defeated Gunship. Who has the WF is unclear as of yet.

UPDATE - Dec 08 09:46 by Karsten
Just a few minutes ago vodka claimed the World First for Gunship v2.0, surprisingly taking the lead in the race! Also, quite a few 10man groups have completed 5/8 too.

UPDATE - Dec 08 04:31 by Starym
Enigma also climbed the chart and downed Hagara bringing them up to 4/8 and solidifying their third place.

UPDATE - Dec 08 04:10 by Starym
Vodka just downed Ultraxxion world second and caught up to Blood Legion on 5/8.

UPDATE - Dec 08 03:40 by Starym
The 10 man race has gotten crowded on the EU side with Refuge, Intervention, Method, Hordlinge and Angered coming to 5/8.

UPDATE - Dec 08 01:10 by Starym
Enigma is catching up, downed Hagara and are 4/8.

UPDATE - Dec 08 01:10 by Starym
So the race is progressing VERY quickly, and since Ultraxxion was a potential block of an encounter that could have prolonged it long enough for the banned guilds to catch up, what do you think? Will the race be over before the bans expire and the guilds get their shot at Deathwing? With only 3 bosses to go it really seems like it's going to be difficult. So sound off in the comments and let's see who can guess right!

UPDATE - Dec 08 00:42 by Starym
Blood Legion downs Ultraxxion in 25 man World First. Killshot:

UPDATE - Dec 08 00:29 by Starym
US guild Enigma downed Yor'sahj the Unsleeping in 25 man mode and is now third world-wide with 3/8. Exorsus and Loot FTW are now on 5/8 in 10 man.

UPDATE - Dec 07 22:29 by Starym
Irae AoD downed Ultraxxion in 10 man and are now at 5/8. Still no movement on the 25 man scene with only the two US guilds on 4/8 and 8 guilds total on 2/8.

UPDATE - Dec 07 21:26 by Starym
Immersion and Exploding Labrats join Karfagen and Insignia on the EU 2/8 list, having downed Zon'ozz

UPDATE - Dec 07 20:59 by Starym
And so the 25 man race seems to have stalled a little, at least until the US guilds wake up, but the 10 man race is heating up with Paragon catching up to Exodus who had the WF on Ultraxxion. Irae AoD and Loot FTW killed Hagara as well and are on 4/8, getting ahead of US guilds Crimson Blade, Gag Refles and Rats who are on 3/8.

UPDATE - Dec 07 20:17 by Starym
Paragon just going through the instance on 10 man, just downed Ultraxxion and are 5/8.

UPDATE - Dec 07 19:48 by Starym
Insignia just joined Karfagen on the 2/8 bandwagon by downing Zon'ozz.

UPDATE - Dec 07 19:10 by Starym
Strange things are afoot as Blizzard appears to be banning Karfagen players in the middle of their raid. Here's Karfagen's tweet about it:

Blizzard bans our players live to make sure we don't kill Yor'Sahj

UPDATE - Dec 07 18:42 by Starym
Paragon just downed Hagara in 10 man and are 4/8.

UPDATE - Dec 07 18:24 by Starym
Karfagen are the first EU guild to get to 2/8, downing Zon'ozz and slowly moving closer to the US guilds. In the 10 man field a lot of guulds joined Paragon on 3/8, namely Irae AoD, Intervention, Exorsus, Loot FTW and Refuge.

UPDATE - Dec 07 17:13 by Starym
Paragon are taking it easy and scrounged up what they could of the remaining non banned accounts and some friends and went for a 10 man HC stroll. They're currently 3/8 (Morchock, Jor'sahj and Zon'ozz). They aren't making a fuss about it since:

"Our stance has always been that 10-man and 25-man guilds should compete in different brackets. We are a 25-man guild, and in light of what happened, for us the race starts next week. We wanted to clarify that all the encounters we might possibly get down before that will be done in a 10-man setting and with a non-standard raid composition."

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