Dragon Soul Challenge: Vodka Vs. Method - Update - Another VoD Perspective

Dragon Soul Challenge: Vodka Vs. Method - Update - Another VoD Perspective

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Method's Noxe put together another perspective of the race, mostly from their PoV and TeamSpeak but also cutting away to the Vodka side at crucial moments in the race:

Here's Athene's official VoD from the event as well!

Here are another two perspectives, namely Phlaryu (Method) and Koilie (Vodka) with their TS sounds. The race itself starts an hour in to both streams. Enjoy!


And it's done! It was an incredibly tight finish and we won't spoil anything up here for people who want to check out the vods (which should be coming sometime soon). Skip to the bottom if you just want to know what happened, and congratulations to the winner! More than 33,000 people tuned in to check out what was happening so the event itself was also a huge success, especially since all the profits went to charity!

There's nothing like a good ol'fashioned race!

Vodka and Method set up a streaming event and competition on who can clear Dragon Soul (with no zone buffs, of course) and we're all invited! It's a huge event with everything from giveaways, multiple streams for tons of PoVs, commentators (Athene and Kinaesthesia), chats with the guilds and sponsors, and a lot more. So it's definitely worth checking out, but we'll have to be a bit patient as it's scheduled for the 21st, so there's still a couple of weeks to go.

Here are the full details:

The Dragon Soul Challenge is a head-to-head speed clear competition between vodka and Method. With no buff and no stopping, the first guild to fully clear 25 player Heroic Dragon Soul wins. Both raids will occur simultaneously on 4/21/2012 at 2:00 pm EST[8:00 pm CET]. We invite all fans of World of Warcraft to view and participate in all the action.

While both guilds will feature high quality streams from a variety of player perspectives, the primary stream will showcase players from both guilds and be casted by Athene and Kinaesthesia. This should make following all the action easy and the viewing experience more entertaining. The primary stream chat itself will be interactive throughout the event and our casters, players, and sponsors will all be present to chat with and answer your questions.

There will also be a pre-raid event 30 minutes beforehand staring at 1:30pm EST[7:30 pm CET]. During this time, our casters will share insight about the upcoming raid. Expect interviews with players from both guilds as well as viewer Q&A. There will also be additional information about our sponsors and the charity we are supporting.

It is important to mention that 100% of all proceeds from this event will go directly to charity. Information about Save the Children can be found here: http://www.savethechildren.org/. The fundraiser itself can be found here: http://www.opsharecraft.com/. We encourage both viewer support and direct donations.

The event itself is sponsored by Razer, Curse, Lowerping, and other groups. Each sponsor will have a representative present to talk with and ask questions. Viewers can expect giveaways throughout the event both at random and as a result of direct donation to the charity. Prizes include:

  • 5 x Cataclysm Collectors Edition’s signed by the WoW development team
  • 4 x Razer Naga EPIC Mice, 2 x Carcharias Headsets, 2 x Nostromos, and 1 x Anansi Keyboard
  • 5 x Curse T-shirts and 10 x 1 year Premium Accounts
  • 10 x 1 year Lowerping Accounts codes and 20 x 3 month Lowerping Account codes
  • 2 x 30min coaching sessions with Landsoul

So congrats to Method! The whole race took one hour and 21 minutes, with Vodka going in with a slightly more DPS focused and risky setup, and they wiped once on Zon'zz, which you'd think would be the end of the race. But they were constantly catching up throughout the rest of the instance, gaining and gaining on Method's lead. In the end it came down to THREE SECONDS. Yep, that's correct, After wiping once and even having a healer die on Madness (perhaps due to a bug) Vodka managed to miss out on winning by only 3 seconds.

All in all it was a very exciting and a photo finish, what more could you want from a race! So many thanks to Method, Vodka and Athene for organizing this and let's hope there's more to come!

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