CuteDog Joins the Method PoE Team

CuteDog Joins the Method PoE Team

Method Path of Exile just got stronger, as Fan "CuteDog" Wu joins the team and adds his talents to Method's second favorite game! After the recent success of the Method Rush PoE event, expanding the team was an easy choice, and CuteDog brings a lot to the table, with his extensive experience with the game.

I'm jazzed to be joining some of my friends in Method! During our conversations, the organization's ardor for content creation of all types was incredibly genuine, and I can't wait to stream and make more Path of Exile videos as part of the Method brand. - Fan "CuteDog" Wu

With over 50 level 100 characters, having participated in every league since the game's beta, and having hoarded almost every single cosmetic item available, CuteDog's commitment to Path of Exile cannot be denied, nor can his passion for finding the most efficient, most fun and most absurd builds in every challenge league. The game can get a bit daunting as well, and CuteDog is there for players just looking to find their way in it, so he was the perfect fit for Method, and we're very happy to have him on board.

Speaking of the Path of Exile team, we had some good news there as well:

So whether you're a PoE veteran, new player, or just enjoy hanging out, check CuteDog out over on his stream, and make sure to follow Method on twitter for all the latest player and event updates, including that little tease above.

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