Blizo Officially Joins Method: Triforce + Final Arena Regionals Standings

Blizo Officially Joins Method: Triforce + Final Arena Regionals Standings

The Regional Championship Cups are all done with and the big events are almost upon us, as gamescom and the European Championship Finals are up this week, from Wednesday to Saturday, where Method: Triforce will be fighting for a share of the $100,000 USD prize pool and one of the four entry tickets to the BlizzCon Arena Grand Finals! And to help them on that road we have Maros "Blizo" Molcan officially joining the team full-time, after having already played with the team for quite a while.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, the final NA qualifier cup proved to be quite the "edge of your seat" tournament for our boys. Method Reborn was knocked out of cup #5 sooner than we would have liked, but that did not stop Method Synergy and Method Awakened from going head to head for not only one set of matches, but two! After the final two rounds, Method Synergy took the win over Awakened and Cup #5 was theirs. If you missed it and would like to watch the VOD. The end result of the 5th, and in fact all cups so far, is that all three Method NA teams will be heading for the Finals, starting on September 9th!

The World of Warcraft Regional Championships lead to nerd screams heard around the world, and more importantly a trip to play live in the packed arena for the 2017 Arena World Championship at BlizzCon in November. As we countdown to the best teams battling it out in the Regional Championships, let’s get caught up on the very latest, as well as a recap of the last few months.

The Road to BlizzCon has changed a bit this year in terms of how the teams qualified. This year Blizzard introduced the points system to qualify these teams for the Regional Championships. The placement points have been accumulated throughout the year during the WoW Arena Cup Qualifiers and Blizzard approved community events, such as the Method EU and NA Majors.

Here is a quick overview of how points are awarded at these events:

Cup Events Approved Community Events
1st place 160pts 1st place 40pts
2nd place 80pts 2nd place 20pts
3rd place 36pts 3rd place 12pts
4th place 20pts 4th place 8pts
5th place 12pts 5th place N/A

The top 12 teams from the Regional Championships will head to the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon. The 12 teams are comprised of the following region based teams:

  • North American: 4 teams
  • Europe: 4 teams
  • China: 2 teams
  • Latin America: 1 team
  • Asia Pacific: 1 team

In case you missed some of the previous World of Warcraft Arena Cup Qualifiers, here is a summary of how Method teams have placed so far:

Method Placement – WoW Arena Cup Championships

NA Cup Team Placement EU Cup Team Placement
#1 Method NA 4th #1 Triforce Below 5th
#2 Reborn 4th #2 Triforce 5th
#3 Synergy/Reborn 3rd/4th #3 Triforce 1st
#4 Reborn 9th #4 Triforce 1st
#5 Synergy/Awakened 1st/3rd #5 Triforce Below 5th

Here are the current point standings for each region per team. A special thanks to World of Warcraft for keeping these standings updated on their website:

North America

Qualifier Rank Team Points to Date
1 Tempo Storm 420
2 Method: Synergy 252
3 Splyce 208
4 Union 194
5 Method: Reborn 148
6 Method: Awakened 118
7 Frogs in a Pond 92
8 Panda Global 80
9 BabyRage 56
10 Onionball 40
10 Sneaky Snakes 40
12 Your Name Here 24
13 Jungle Book 12


Qualifier Rank Team Points to Date
1 Rockets Esports 360
2 Method: Triforce 344
3 Enjoy Legion 308
4 Northern Gaming Blue 260
5 Making a Movie 130
6 ABC 128
7 Managers 116
8 EMO 66
9 The Old French Clan 20
10 Æerø die Maschine 6
11 Another One 2
12 Legionals 1

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