Blackrock Foundry Mythic Progress Coverage

Blackrock Foundry Mythic Progress Coverage

Article originally posted on Manaflask

UPDATE - Mar 24 19:35 CET by Starym
The top 50 is here and it seems like a good spot to stop the progress coverage. The last guilds that we'll mention in this article are in spots 42-50: Reckoning, 丨金錢丶魅劦丨, Honestly, 통 제 불 능, Error Code, Play Out, Black Lotus, Herp Derp and NollTvåTre.

It's been great following the race and it was quite an exciting tier. See you in the next one!
Bumping the top 20 table so it's near the top:

UPDATE - Mar 23 06:53 CET by Kozmo
All the tables are now filled with Huge in Japan grabbing the last spot in the US/OC top 5.

UPDATE - Mar 23 06:14 CET by Kozmo
Silver Hand squeezes their way into the top 40 which means the race is pretty much over by now, only interesting thing remaining is to see who gets the US/OC 5th.

UPDATE - Mar 22 12:20 CET by Starym
Only one spot remiaing in the top 40 with two Chinese guilds cutting in in spots 28 and 35, with Wowprog updating then days after their kill, bumpig everyone else down.

UPDATE - Mar 21 11:22 CET by Starym
We're nearing the top 40 and, more importantly, the US/OC top 5! 炼 狱, Đanish Terrace, CATASTROPHE and Be Negative got slots 33 to 36 and Duality nabbed the US 4th on Blackhand as well as the 37th overall.

UPDATE - Mar 20 13:05 CET by Starym
More guilds cross the finish line and it seems Memento got to Blackhand before Ambition for the 29th spot. Also appearing in the final rankings are BIZZNO and Embody in spots 31 and 32, all three from the EU.

UPDATE - Mar 19 23:12 CET by Starym
With the recent item buffs we decided to wait a bit with updates today since there were plenty coming and we weren't wrong. Three more kills this evening as Fusion, Openness and Ambition down Blackhand in spots 27-29.

UPDATE - Mar 19 18:06 CET by Starym
The 26th has arrived! Prestige Gaming join the flood of ilev boosted Blackhand kills and also grab the EU16th.

UPDATE - Mar 19 11:53 CET by Kozmo
Aaand another Australian guild decides they want to kill Blackhand as well, this time around it's Ascension who grabs the US/OC 3rd position in the table, World 25. They've had some difficulties in BRF compared to Highmaul and we might have a chat with them to see what exactly happened.

UPDATE - Mar 19 10:09 CET by Kozmo
Force of Creation (创世之力) is the next guild to down Blackhand with the help of the extra item level boost this morning, World 24, Asia 7th.

UPDATE - Mar 18 20:00 CET by Starym
FatSharkYes have managed to get Blackhand down just in time, before the item level hotfix makes him significantly easier and we (presumably) get to see many new kills with the added item power boost. Overall 23rd, EU 15th.

UPDATE - Mar 18 14:00 CET by Kozmo
We have a US/OC 2nd kill on Blackhand, with Avast finishing off this tier as World 22 overall!

UPDATE - Mar 18 01:59 CET by Starym
Just barely missing out on the top 20 is Nihilum, downing Blackhand 21st overall and EU 14th! Another big jump up for them, 8 spots since 9/10 so they might be the guild to watch in the next progress race.

UPDATE - Mar 16 20:30 CET by Starym
And the top 20 is complete! German guild critical luders grabbed the final spot and downed Blackhand EU 13th. 10/10.

UPDATE - Mar 14 14:54 CET by Starym
KeaHoarl claim the penultimate spot in the top 20 and down Blackhand, Asian 6th.

UPDATE - Mar 14 13:32 CET by Kozmo
The next guild to down Blackhand is another Korean guild, this time around it's KIN Raiders finishing off the tier as World 18th and taking the last spot in the Asia top5.

UPDATE - Mar 14 09:45 CET by Kozmo
Wowprogress is currently displaying Shimizu Stars as both number 5 and 6 due to server transfering and what not, so just keep that in mind!

UPDATE - Mar 14 08:12 CET by Kozmo
The korean guild Right takes down Blackhand for a World 17th, Asia 4th.

UPDATE - Mar 14 02:06 CET by Starym
Two more guilds are done with BRF, downing Blackhand to go 10/10. Pwnanza and From Scratch grab the 15th and 16th overall posts as well as EU 11th and 12th.

UPDATE - Mar 12 21:42 CET by Starym
Three kills in 2 hours with Impact finishing up BRF as well and grabbing the 14th spot overall and EU 10th.

UPDATE - Mar 12 20:58 CET by Starym
The kills are pouring in today, continuing from the burst start at midnight and it's set sail for fail coming in at No.13 and EU 9th with Blackhand down and 10/10.

UPDATE - Mar 12 19:44 CET by Starym
The 12th guild to down Blackhand, Brotherhood of the Wolves claim the EU 8th as well and finish up BRF, 10/10.

UPDATE - Mar 12 01:24 CET by Starym
And here is the full top 10:

UPDATE - Mar 12 01:07 CET by Starym
An eventful new day it seems, as we have another guild across the finish line. The 11th spot goes to ScrubBusters, as well as the EU 7th, they've downed Blackhand and cleared BRF, 10/10.

UPDATE - Mar 12 00:01 CET by Starym
The top 10 is here! Rapid Eye Movement claim the final spot and down Blackhand W10th, EU 6th. BRF clear and 10/10!

UPDATE - Mar 11 15:10 CET by Kozmo
A lot of people have been asking about what was going on with Blood Legion recently and rumours about disbanding has been spreading like wildfire. We now have an official statement from Riggnaros saying that "The guild will no longer be a part of the race to World First" - However that does not mean they're going to disband, but rather just a decrease of hours put into raiding. You can read the entire post on Blood Legions forum here - click me!

UPDATE - Mar 10 00:33 CET by Starym
And here comes Ascendance to claim the No. 9 spot overall and EU 5th, 10/10! They dropped 2 overall spots from their Highmaul placement, but retained the EU 5th.

UPDATE - Mar 09 19:40 CET by aenima
Chinese Guild Heart of the Dragon claims World 8th / Asian 3rd Kill for Blackhand, finishing in 8th spot for the race. Congratz!

UPDATE - Mar 09 03:47 CET by Starym
To take a break from all the Blackhand news, let's check out some of the new guilds on 9/10 since we hit the 50 mark on 9/10+. Wave Flow top the new entries at 46, followed by Tried Everything, Silver Hand, Apex and untitled spreadsheet at 50!

UPDATE - Mar 08 13:45 CET by Kozmo
Paragon just released the video of their World Second Mythic Blackhand Kill.

UPDATE - Mar 07 21:45 CET by Starym
Envy get the World 7th, EU 4th kill on Blackhand and clear 10/10 BRF! We're getting close to the top 10!

UPDATE - Mar 06 21:52 CET by Starym
And down goes Blackhand yet again! Exorsus are next in line and grab the World 6th, EU 3rd and finish up BRF with 10/10! I wonder what's so special about today.

UPDATE - Mar 06 21:36 CET by Starym
The video for Method's Blackhand Mythic World First kill is here!


UPDATE - Mar 06 21:32 CET by Starym
And it's another Asian guild that finishes off the top 5, with Shimizu Stars claiming the Asian 2nd on Blackhand and clearing BRF. 10/10 and congratulations!

UPDATE - Mar 06 18:04 CET by aenima
Style War grabs the World 4th/Asian First Kill for Blackhand, finishing in 4th spot overall. A great comeback for the Highmaul Asian champs as it seemed Smimizu Stars had one-upped them earlier by going for the Blast Furnace before Maidens and getting the Asian first on Furnace.
One more guild before we get to see the video, although Method might decide to push it earlier than that!

UPDATE - Mar 06 07:44 CET by Kozmo
CATASTROPHE, Accidentaly and FatSharkYes are the next ones to down Blast Furnace, making it 42 guilds at 9/10. It seems as if Blizzard did a really good job on tuning Blackhand, and some guilds might be in need of some serious group therapy if they want to survive this tier seeing as several top30 guilds have already decided to give up.

UPDATE - Mar 05 03:34 CET by Starym
The 9/10 train isn't stopping and is constantly adding more compartments, with 4 more guilds downing Blast Furnace in the past day, namely Black Lotus, Force of Creation, 炼 狱 and Memento in slots 39-42.

UPDATE - Mar 03 22:28 CET by Starym
The Midwinter nerdscreams for Blackahand are here, featuring Slootbag:


UPDATE - Mar 03 19:55 CET by aenima
Duality downs Blast Furnace for an US 6th kill, now on 9/10. Also Ambition and 无上流沙 downed Furnace, making it now 35 guilds with 9/10.

UPDATE - Mar 03 09:55 CET by Kozmo
FINALLY! We have a 3rd guild to down Blackhand, grabbing US 1st, Congratulations to Midwinter - what a performance they've pulled off this tier, downing him the same reset as Paragon and actually pushing hard to get it done before the fourth reset.

Blackhand Mythic World third, US/OC First by Midwinter

What a performance they've pulled off this tier!

UPDATE - Mar 02 19:55 CET by Starym
Four more guilds have climbed up to 9/10 and defeated the Blast Furnace during the night and day, namely 통 제 불 능, Fusion, Be Negative and Herp Derp who are in 32nd to 35th place in the overall rankings. 33 guilds now at Blackhand, all with a (theoretical) shot at the bronze medal. The fourth reset is coming up tomorrow for the US, which might just bring us our 3rd place finisher.

UPDATE - Mar 01 12:32 CET by Kozmo
Avast is back on track with Blast Furnace down as they grab the last spot in the US/OC top 5 table.

UPDATE - Feb 28 22:27 CET by Starym
Two more 9/10s show up in the form of Đanish Terrace and Pwnanza downing Blast Furnace.

UPDATE - Feb 28 18:56 CET by Kozmo
The Korean guild Right takes a huge leap from world 42nd to world 28th with yet another Blast Furnace kill, Asia 6th.

UPDATE - Feb 28 16:22 CET by Kozmo
Surprisingly the next guild to down Blast Furnace and join the 9/10 group is Nihilum.

UPDATE - Feb 28 00:50 CET by Starym
More Furnaces have been blasted, 26 guilds now on or past the boss with critical luders being the latest.

UPDATE - Feb 27 18:04 CET by Kozmo
The Blast Furnace has fallen yet again, this time to the Russian guild Openness.

UPDATE - Feb 27 07:43 CET by Kozmo
Nightmare Asylum grabs the US 4th kill on The Blast Furnace, increasing the 9/10 group to 22 guilds.

UPDATE - Feb 27 06:12 CET by Starym
We have the 23rd guild to down Blast Furnace and it's an Asian 5th to boot! KeaHoarl head up to 9/10 and get their shot at Blackhand and the bronze.

UPDATE - Feb 27 03:43 CET by Starym
So, Method and Paragon are on well deserved breaks and can finally stop the insanely intense raid times, but we now have quite the pile-up on 9/10. A full twenty guilds are now vying for the bronze medal and the longer it takes to get Blackhand down, the less predictable the outcome. Obviously Midwinter and Blood Legion are still the favorites for the third spot, considering they had the most time on him (with MW having around 2 days head-start on BL) and both got quite a few World Firsts in this tier as well as previous ones (mostly due to the 1 day US/OC advantage, but still).

ScrubBusters already surprised us once by jumping 10 spots to arrive at their current No.5 and this longer progress cycle suits them very well as they are an "evenings only" guild (there's been plenty of arguments about this particular designation so let's just skip it and say they raid a fair amount less than other guilds, at the very least less than the top 4). Could they pull out an even bigger upset and pass the two US guilds, making it an all EU top 3?

A little lower on the list are the several competitive Asian guilds, including the current leader there, Shimizu Stars, with Style War, Heart of the Dragon and KIN Raiders on their tails. With their reset being an extra day behind EU, as well as the recent Chinese New Year celebrations, these guilds are much more of a contender than their current placement suggests.

And then there's the several other well known top guilds from previous races, such as Exorsus and Envy, who've been around for years and years and always finished very high up in the end. Exorsus seem to be having some trouble recently as they are used to a much higher vantage point than their current 11th, and Envy are staying consistent with their previous placements and really are the rock of the long-term standings.

The new faces (at least at the very top) such as From Scratch, Brotherhood of the Wolves and Moonzlinge seem to really have gotten their acts together for this second tier of Mythic and are definitely looking to cause an upset and jump up to the very top of the top guilds with a bronze finish.

Then there's the two often confused guilds, Ascension and Ascendance. The OC side, Ascension, have been having some trouble recently and lost their lofty spot from Highmaul where they were the No.1 US/OC guild and took home the 5th spot overall, with DDoS attacks and badly timed maintenance. The EU side, Ascendance is similar to ScubBusters in their raid times and are definitely closer to their 7th Highmaul finish at the moment, still sticking to the top 10, but can they retain their HM placement or even surpass it?.

There are many other guilds I didn't mention in there, mostly because I don't know that much about them, but to be honest it really is a very open field at the moment, if not for the bronze specifically, then definitely for the top 5. There are at least 8 serious contenders for the No.3 spot and it really could go to any of them at this point, as even a third reset of gear didn't make the fight easily doable (which is really great in terms of tuning). So let's see who manages to come out on top of the bronze race and then see if there are any further upsets in the top 5 and even top 10!

UPDATE - Feb 27 01:15 CET by Starym
Two more guilds head up to the big leagues and we now have 20 on Blackhand. Embody and BIZZNO climb to 9/10 and get at least a shot at the bronze.

UPDATE - Feb 26 07:44 CET by Starym
Wowprogress is showing a guild named "Gore" as the third to down Blackhand, but this obviously isn't the case. It's either a bug or a transfer from Paragon/someone from Gore was on Paragon's kill, as their kills are at the exact same time and they're on the same server.

UPDATE - Feb 25 22:45 CET by Starym
And we have a silver finish! Paragon do indeed finally get that 0.1 extra % and down Blackhand World Second. 10/10 in 667 wipes and it seems that third reset of gear really offset the bad luck from yesterday and their very near miss. Congratulations on the silver and we hope the race will be even tighter in the next tier between the two guilds who seem to be significanly above the rest. Some more details, it took them only 15 pulls today after they got to Blackhand to actually get him down.

Blackhand Mythic World second by Paragon

UPDATE - Feb 25 18:01 CET by aenima
Long time no action... Just a few minutes ago Russian guild Prestige Gaming downed Furnace for an EU 13th/World 20th kill, moving up to 9/10 and to 20th spot overall for the race. So now there are 19 guilds with 9/10.

UPDATE - Feb 25 00:05 CET by Starym
It seems Paragon didn't manage to get Blackhand down this reset, but they did ger VEEERY close. Yliajo tweeted what seems to be their closest attempt and, if it's not a joke/troll (which I don't believe it is), it's a damn close one:

UPDATE - Feb 24 22:39 CET by Starym
18! Set sail for fail climb to 9/10 and we might even see 20 guilds on the final boss by the end of this reset.

UPDATE - Feb 24 20:52 CET by Starym
Impact is the next to down Blast Furnace just before the reset and claim the World 18th, EU 11th on the boss, making it 17 guilds now at Blackhand with still no 2nd kill.

UPDATE - Feb 24 19:02 CET by Kozmo
Rapid Eye Movement is the next guild to advance further up the ranks with a World 17th, EU 10th Blast Furnace kill.

UPDATE - Feb 24 13:35 CET by aenima
KIN Raiders just downed Blast Furnace for an Asian 4th/World 16th kill. They move up to 9/10 also, which makes it now 15 guilds with 9/10.

UPDATE - Feb 24 06:37 CET by Starym
We're soon heading into week 3 of Mythic BRF progress so let's see how many guilds downed what amount of bosses:
Method are still the only guild on 10/10, followed by a large group of 9/10ers - 14 guilds with only Blackhand to go.
37 guilds haven't downed Blast Furnace yet and remain at 8/10, while 45 are on 7/10. 30 guilds find themselves at 6/10 and the 5/10 group is the largest of all  at 81 members.

The 4/10ers have 41 members, while the 3/10ers are 62 strong. The final two groups actually aren't the largest this time around, the 2/10 has 53 members and 1/10 has only 59.

UPDATE - Feb 24 05:07 CET by Starym
We have another 9/10 and it's the third Asian guild to get access to Blackhand by downing Blast Furnace. Heart of the Dragon claim the Asian 3rd making it 14 guild in search of that silver medal.

UPDATE - Feb 24 01:29 CET by Starym
And here is Method's wipe counter for BRF:
Gruul: 13, Oregorer: 2, Beastlord Darmac: 0, H&F: 10, Flamebender Ka'graz: 1, Kromog: 21, Operator Tho'gar: 27,
Iron Maidens: 135, Blast Furnace 120, Blackhand: (around) 325.

UPDATE - Feb 23 22:55 CET by Starym
Style War finally come up to 9/10 with their Asian 2nd Blast Furnace kill and are in 14th spot overall. They signficantly slowed down after their very fast ascent, having downed maidens a full 8 days ago.

UPDATE - Feb 23 15:54 CET by Kozmo
We have Shimizu Stars with an Iron Maidens kill, and with Blast Furnace down already they're now the first Asian guild to hit the 9/10 mark.

UPDATE - Feb 23 15:48 CET by Kozmo
Unfortunately Ascension has been having lots of issues with bad ISP's and ddos attacks which has been a setback, but it seems like the aussies are gonna keep fighting for that top5 spot, as they down Blast Furnace World 13th, US 3rd.

UPDATE - Feb 23 15:30 CET by Kozmo
Aaaaand our Russian friends from Exorsus has decided to join the 9/10 group aswell after having spent probably more time on Furnace than they expected. World 12th Blast Furnace nonetheless and only Blackhand remaining.

UPDATE - Feb 22 23:26 CET by Starym
We now have 9 guilds on 9/10 and 11 that have downed Blast Furnace. Ascendance just joined the overall top 10, jumping 13 spots and downing Furnace World 11th, EU 8th!

UPDATE - Feb 22 17:15 CET by aenima
Method's Blast Furnace WF Video:

UPDATE - Feb 22 16:30 CET by aenima
Shimizu Stars get Asian FK / World 9th on Blast Furnace, climbing to 8/10. Moonzlinge also downed Furnace for an EU 7th / World 10th kill, now at 9/10 and in 9th spot overall.

UPDATE - Feb 22 15:45 CET by aenima
Brotherhood of the Wolves also managed to kill Furnace for EU 6th/World 8th kill. 7 guilds now at 9/10.

UPDATE - Feb 22 13:10 CET by Kozmo
Our new friends at From Scratch surely have proven that they're a force to be reckoned with this tier, downing Blast Furnace World 7th, EU 5th.

UPDATE - Feb 22 01:13 CET by Starym
And Envy are the next to Blast that Furnace for the World 6th, EU 4th kill and 9/10! Five guilds now at Blackhand with Paragon having a significant advantage of time spent on the boss while the others are relatively close. The race for 3rd is going to be very intense and there may even be the possibility of the 2nd spot being available?

UPDATE - Feb 21 22:23 CET by Starym
ScrubBusters surprise everyone and get the World 5th, EU 3rd on Blast Furnace! 9/10 and access to Blackhand is theirs. Huge congratulations to them! It seems longer races really do suit them just fine, seeing as they jumped from 15th to 5th on this last kill. I would talk about how they raid less than other guilds but I won't since we have quite enough drama going on at the moment.

UPDATE - Feb 21 21:17 CET by Starym
We have a top 40! Well, of guilds that are on or past 8/10 anyway. The last few guilds that downed Maidens are Memento, Ambition, Be Negative and Apex, claiming spots 37-40.

UPDATE - Feb 21 07:25 CET by Starym
The interview with Method will be coming up in the next few days and if you have any specific questions for them post them in the comments below(and add a #QUESTION in there, so we can find it more easily). The best will be added to the interview and obviously keep them friendly or they won't be used. It would be best to have them in by midnight today, just to be safe that they might make it in, but the timing isn't set in stone yet.

UPDATE - Feb 21 05:40 CET by Starym
Blood Legion claims the World 4th, US/OC 2nd on Blast Furnace and bumps up to 9/10! The race for 2nd place is still on and, more realistically, the race for US/OC first isn't as much of a certainty anymore as Blackhand will prove to be a formidable challenge for the three guilds that have access to him.

UPDATE - Feb 21 01:13 CET by Starym
And here are the nerdscreams from the Blackhand World First:


UPDATE - Feb 20 23:32 CET by Starym
METHOD retain the crown, win their 4th consecutive tier! Blackhand down World First, 10/10 BRF cleared! An incredible kill, not many expected it to go down this fast but Method definitely proved themselves again as the No.1 guild in WoW.

Blackhand Mythic World First by Method

UPDATE - Feb 20 17:04 CET by Kozmo
Nihilum breaks the silence on this lovely friday afternoon. 8/10 World 36th Iron Maidens

UPDATE - Feb 20 03:29 CET by Starym
We've hit the 32 guilds on 8/10 mark with Herp Derp which is the arbitrary number I've chosen to do another statistics breakdown (also an actual real life breakdown, but that's less relevant here).

We now finally have a third guild joining Method at Paragon at 9/10 with today's Midwinter Furnace kill, with the aforementioned 8/10 group standing at 32 members. 25 more are on 7/10, while 27 are on 6/10. Then there's a rather large, 54 strong group at 5/10 and a 34 strong one at 4/10.

52 guilds are currently on 3/10, 76 on 2/10 and the biggest group, as usual, on 1/10 has 86 members.

UPDATE - Feb 19 23:32 CET by Starym
Some sad news this time, as it seems Practice have disbanded. They recently got an EU 5th, World 7th kill on Iron Maidens and are still in 7th place overall on 8/10. They will certainly be missed.

UPDATE - Feb 19 21:47 CET by Starym
After all the twitter nonsense we now have some actual kills to report, albeit "only" 8/10s. It's predominantly all caps guilds, namely ALL IN, Pwnanza and CATASTROPHE that downed Maidens, in 32nd, 33rd and 34th place overall. Now we just need WHATEVER WERE AWESOME to complete the caps trinity.

UPDATE - Feb 19 14:16 CET by aenima
Well.... There is literally nothing going on for the last hours, not even another guild making it to 8/10. So last important kill is still for Midwinter, let's hope for some more action soon.

UPDATE - Feb 19 09:37 CET by Kozmo
Finally some news! Midwinter are back among the top at 9/10, World 3rd, US 1st Blast Furnace and are heading towards Blackhand.

UPDATE - Feb 19 00:16 CET by Starym
Paragon just posted two of their Mythic kill videos from last week, Beastlord and Oregorger so head on over to the video and killshot article to check them out.

UPDATE - Feb 18 17:15 CET by aenima
Paragon and Method back again at Blackhand. Who will take the crown?

UPDATE - Feb 18 15:48 CET by aenima
Method and Paragon 8/10 at re-clearing, soon both top guilds should be back dealing with Blackhand. Who will win the race?

UPDATE - Feb 18 12:26 CET by aenima
All competing guilds seem to re-clear the foundry, as of now, Paragon finished off Flamebender again, Method just downed Kromog some minutes ago. Will be interesting to see, when the leading guilds will get back to Blackhand-business.

UPDATE - Feb 18 06:03 CET by Starym
EU realms are now up, but instance servers should come up around 11 AM so no action yet. Meanwhile BL seems to still be at Iron Maidens (they started raiding around 9 hours ago) while MW took some time and started later (around 6 and a half hours ago), and now have Thogar and Maidens to go.  It'll be interesting to see how long it takes the EU guilds to catch back up to their current max, especially for Method and Paragon who need to re-kill Blast Furnace to get back to Blackhand progress. Asian guilds still have a full day of attempts in this lockout so we can't really say that week 2 of Mythic BRF has truly started, but we're getting there!
Accidentally seem to be the last non-Asian guild to get to 8/10 in this first week, making it 29 guilds chsing after Method and Paragon.

Meanwhile you can check out the recent hotfixes to the bosses here.

UPDATE - Feb 18 02:44 CET by Starym
Blood Legion are now at Maidens again after heading directly through Mythic and skipping Heroics, let's see how long a kill takes them. Meanwhile you can check Midwinter's progress on Sloot's stream.

UPDATE - Feb 18 00:37 CET by Starym
I guess we're doing 2 by 2s now, so here goes. Embolden and critical luders hop up to 8/10 making it 28 guilds in pursuit of Method and Pragon. The US guilds are still clearing through Mythic (some through Heroic) and there are some streams up for that as well. We'll update when Blood Legion or Midwinter get back to 8/10 and start progressing on Blast Furnace again.

UPDATE - Feb 17 20:12 CET by Kozmo
2 more guilds join the gigantic 8/10 group, 26 strong, this time set sail for fail & Impact.

UPDATE - Feb 17 14:12 CET by aenima
And another Russian addition to 8/10: Openness joined the crowded club with a Maidens kill.

UPDATE - Feb 17 13:21 CET by Kozmo
Maidens, maidens, more maidens, aaand another Iron Maidens kill as Fusion joins the very popular 8/10 group.

UPDATE - Feb 17 10:15 CET by Kozmo
KeaHoarl takes down Iron Maidens as the 4th guild in Asia, with still 1 spot open for the top 5 Asia table.

UPDATE - Feb 17 08:23 CET by Kozmo
It's time for Starym to step down for tonight and get some well deserved sleep, so expect action any minute now!

UPDATE - Feb 17 01:56 CET by Starym
I'm alone, in the dark once again with nothing to soothe me but my statistics. Except nothing much changed near the top recently so I can't even do that!

UPDATE - Feb 16 20:23 CET by Kozmo
In case you're wondering just how hard The Blast Furnace is, Natu, Falken & Azortharion are currently streaming their progress with Đanish Terrace, just click their names and you'll be directed to twitch.

UPDATE - Feb 16 20:20 CET by Kozmo
We have another familiar face joining the 8/10 group with a kill on Iron Maidens, this time its Ascendance who joins the pursuit of Method and Paragon

UPDATE - Feb 16 19:11 CET by aenima
Another additon to 8/10: Russian guild Prestige Gaming joins the club, making it now 20 guilds with 8/10 bosses. Finally at least a little bit action for today!

UPDATE - Feb 16 18:51 CET by Kozmo
Still no changes in the top positions, but we do have Danish Terrace taking down Iron Maidens for World 21st, making it 19 guilds in pursuit of the current leaders Method & Paragon.

UPDATE - Feb 16 13:12 CET by aenima
Very uneventful day so far, still Method and Paragon on top with 9/10 and just Blackhand left. 18 guilds follow with 8/10 Bosses, 25 guilds at 7/10. 12 guilds now at 6/10, 36 guilds have 5/10 bosses down.

UPDATE - Feb 16 05:25 CET by Starym
It's the middle of the night countdown! Method and Paragon are the only guilds on 9/10 while we have a giant 18 on 8/10, 20 on 7/10, 13 on 6/10, 35 on 5/10, 11 on 4/10, 22 on 3/10, 45 on 2/10 and 162 guilds with only one boss down on 1/10.

UPDATE - Feb 16 02:10 CET by Starym
And the top 20 for Maidens is done. Rapid Eye Movement grab the final spot and are now in the big group on 8/10.

UPDATE - Feb 16 01:33 CET by Starym
Heart of the Dragon grab the Asia 3rd on Iron Maidens, making it 17 guilds on 8/10.

UPDATE - Feb 15 23:06 CET by Starym
Paragon have caught up! World and EU second on Blast Furnace and even with Method on 9/10. It's down to the two old rivals again it seems, with only Blackhand standing between them and truimph in Tier 17. Can Paragon retain their lead from Highmaul or are Method going to be back, claiming their fourth consecutive tier at the top? Method currently have a 7 hour headstart on Blackhand so whether or not he lives until the next reset is going to be very important for Paragon's chances.

UPDATE - Feb 15 22:52 CET by Starym
Another 8/10 with Inner Sanctum downing Maidens World 18th, EU 11th.

UPDATE - Feb 15 22:15 CET by Starym
Method's Kromog WF Video:


UPDATE - Feb 15 22:05 CET by Starym
KIN Raiders are back with the bulk of the top guilds, downing Iron Maidens Asia 2nd, World 16th, 8/10.
Brotherhood of the Wolves is close on their tail with their own 8/10, overall 17th.

UPDATE - Feb 15 21:19 CET by Kozmo
I'm sure The Iron Maidens have seen better days as yet another guild takes them down, this time it's ScrubBusters landing a World 15th.

UPDATE - Feb 15 19:21 CET by Starym
Nihilum are getting serious, just downed Kromog for 7/10 and in 36th position overall.

UPDATE - Feb 15 18:46 CET by Starym
Style War are finally up at 8/10 with Iron Maidens down, Asian first, World 14th.

UPDATE - Feb 15 18:25 CET by Starym
And here's Midwinter's World First Iron Maidens kill in case you missed it:


UPDATE - Feb 15 15:56 CET by Kozmo
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, SEEMS LIKE THE FURNACE IS NO MORE! Method return to their No.1 spot, World First Blast Furnace, 9/10 and just Blackhand left!

Blast Furnace World First by Method

UPDATE - Feb 15 12:58 CET by Kozmo
Envy slowly but surely climbs up the ladder again, landing a World 13th Iron Maidens and EU 8th.

UPDATE - Feb 15 12:58 CET by Kozmo
In the midst of the Iron Maidens slaughtering, we have Wave Flow killing Operator Thogar Asian 6th, joining the 7/10 group consisting of 21 guilds in pursuit of the 12 guilds ahead of them at 8/10.

UPDATE - Feb 15 12:37 CET by Kozmo
We have yet to see an Asian guild down The Iron Maidens, will we see Shimizu Stars or KIN Raiders come out on top of Style War for once?

UPDATE - Feb 15 12:15 CET by Kozmo
The Iron Maidens are getting slaughtered left right center at the moment and Avast makes no exception claiming US 5th kill, World 12.

UPDATE - Feb 15 11:57 CET by Kozmo
This time around it's BIZZNO's time to shine, grabbing World 11th, EU 7th kill on Iron Maidens, increasing the group of 8/10 guilds even further.

UPDATE - Feb 15 11:15 CET by Kozmo
Seems like all you've got to do to get some action going on is to whine a bit!  Ascension kills Iron Maidens landing them a World 10th, US 4th only a minute after Nightmare Asylum.

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