Bicmex joins Method

Bicmex joins Method

Are you ready for even more PvP? Method’s stream team is excited to welcome Bicmex and his fast, fun and informative stream to our community!

Bicmex’s streaming career began in 2018 and has grown steadily ever since. A staple in the Hunter PvP community with multiple rank 1s and a constant presence on the ladder, Bicmex shows what's possible in the Hunter class by striving for perfection with his innovative and unique playstyles. A calm, cool and collected streamer, Bicmex is always there to help his community improve their very own gameplay, whether it be showcasing his macro knowledge or some never before seen spell interaction. He may be the highest rated Survival Hunter this year in 3v3 but 2v2 is where Bicmex shines. With over 10,000 games of double DPS and years of experience, he is not someone you want to come across in the arena!

When asked why he joined Method, Bicmex shared:

I've always looked up to players in Method, and being able to join this community is a huge milestone for me. I’m excited to share with the Method community a very different and fun PvP viewing experience since there aren’t many Hunter PvP streamers out there!

Check out his stream at and follow him at @bicmexwow!

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