Bean is back at Method

Bean is back at Method

The Method Stream Team is excited to welcome back Bean!

The king of “Good Viberinos,” Bean is here to bring Feral Druid retail and Hunter classic content to your streams. Bean is proud to report that after streaming professionally for three years, seemingly out of nowhere - and no, he honestly doesn’t know why - his channel has experienced consistent growth this year. So, to do even more for his community, he started making guides and uploading to YouTube too!

Curious to learn more about Bean? He started playing Feral Druid at the start of Mists of Pandria, receiving his first rank 1 title season 13. A competitive AWC player, Bean went on to win the 2016 NA regionals and second place Blizzcon 2016. While he may have quit competing for the classic release in BFA, he has been ranked the top Hunter in every classic duel tournament since.

If you’re looking for fun-loving (and sometimes a little stupid) stream focused on theorycraft and answering every question from chat, Bean is your new go-to. When asked what he hopes to contribute to Method, he said:

I play retail and classic at the highest levels, streaming nearly every minute of it and can’t wait to share my knowledge of the game with mine and Method’s community.  

Check out his stream at and follow him @beantwitch!

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