Aversion to Join Method in Krefeld for the RWF: Ny'alotha Event

Aversion to Join Method in Krefeld for the RWF: Ny'alotha Event

The roster for the Ny'alotha RWF keeps growing and we have a really big addition to announce today! While we've already mentioned Aversion will be a part of the event we can now share that we will actually have 5 of their players joining us in Krefeld, Germany at the TaKeTV studios - which is only right, as Aversion are the No.1 German raiding guild, and have been for some years now. While they won't have any full-time commentators for the couch, we will still be getting their thoughts on the race as their players join the casters throughout the event.

We are extremely happy to be a part of the Ny'alotha RWF event at TaKeTV and it's a great opportunity to create an awesome experience for the German community and my guild. The core of Aversion has been raiding together for more than five years and this is the perfect race to test out daytime raiding for the first time and see how close we will be to the very top guilds. We are all excited about the RWF as it gets closer and closer!

- Marco "Nexxzz" Reibert, Aversion GM

Battle for Azeroth really pushed Aversion to the forefront of the progress race, as they've been steadily improving their rankings throughout, with the last two raids putting them in the World top 10 and EU 3rd and 4th spots. But with Ny'alotha we can expect them to push even higher, and as they've decided to start day-raiding during the first reset, it will make it that much more exciting to follow their progress live in the studio on the Method twitch channel!

It's going to be one for the history books and we're only 2 weeks away from the start of one of the biggest raid races so far in WoW, so be sure to follow Method on twitter for all the latest updates!

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