Asuna joins Method

Asuna joins Method

Once upon a time, there was an achievement/mount collecting Mage who just wanted to have a good time. Then he discovered mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor and never looked back. Method is thrilled to welcome Asuna_qt to our stream team and community!

While Asuna_qt only started streaming professionally in summer 2020, it’s been a surreal experience and insane ride since he’s picked up more than 20K Twitch followers. But what means even more to him is all the messages he sees in chat from people who share how much he’s helped them step up their own Mage gameplay. Asuna_qt’s educational streams and friendly community are ready to inspire anyone who’s looking to improve. When he’s not helping his viewers, you’ll find him pushing his Mage to the highest possible keys and making YouTube videos on his class for anyone out there looking for more Mage content.

When asked why he joined Method, Asuna_qt shared:

Method has always been a huge part of the WoW scene and joining the org is so cool because it gives me an even greater ability to help other Mages reach the high-end level through educational content. 

Check out his stream at!

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