Announcing the Race to World First: Sanctum of Domination Casters

Announcing the Race to World First: Sanctum of Domination Casters

The Shadowlands: Sanctum of Domination Mythic raid is right around the corner. We, at Method, have been working extremely hard in order to provide an exciting viewer experience. From the high production quality to the on air talent, we are attempting to take RWF to a whole new level of greatness.

We would love to take a moment to introduce the English on air talent that will be casting the Race to World First! We are pleased to introduce the casting talent Athalus, FatbossAlex, Grant, KexMan, and Petko. You will have the ability to interact with these awesome individuals live starting July 14th at 08:00 CEST, when the RWF broadcast begins.

We asked some of the talent why they are excited to be casting RWF on the Method broadcast, and they said:


“The Race to World First is the most exciting event in all of esports. No other esports event pits teams of this size against each other in a 24/7 marathon time trial, with a skill cap this high. To cast such an event is a real privilege.”


“Casting the Race to World First has been a dream of mine since they started picking up steam. In World of Warcraft I've met some of my dearest friends and I cannot wait to share my unwavering love for the game and it's community with everyone that tunes in.”


“The Race to World First has already proven just how incredible it is when the community comes together for this, and this time it's no different. It's a great experience to be able to cast the pinnacle of WoW Raiding and the skill that comes along with it!”


"I'm really excited to be here to see all the different strategies and tactics develop on the fly, whilst watching everyone's months of preparation and hard work come together. The raid looks like it could pose some really interesting challenges for everyone involved - I think the community is really going to enjoy seeing this all play out! "

If you’re just as excited about the Race to World First as we are, you won’t have to wait much longer. It all begins for Method on July 14th, and you can catch all Race to World First announcements and news over on our social media.

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