Announcing the Race to World First: Ny'alotha Event Live from Germany

Announcing the Race to World First: Ny'alotha Event Live from Germany

United Kingdom – January 8th, 2020 – Method and the Race to World First return in the climactic ending to Battle for Azeroth's raids. Coming to you live once again from Krefeld, Germany, at the TaKeTV studios, the RWF: Ny'alotha event will feature one of the most exciting races so far. Ny'alotha, the Waking City is the final raid and progress race of World of Warcraft's latest expansion and will see the top guilds competing at a new level, as they fight to add the last endboss, the legendary old god N'zoth, to their trophy list.

The race and event start on January 28th at 3 PM CET/6AM PDT on the US server reset day, with the EU starting the days after, on the 29th. You'll be able to watch the extensive 24-hours a day, seven-days-a-week coverage featuring expert analysis, commentary, casting and original content on the Method twitch channel and keep up to date on Method's website if you miss any of the live action as well. The Race to World First events have cemented themselves as some of the most popular WoW streaming content, ranking in the Twitch 2019 top six esports events in leading viewer minutes three times, featuring Race to World First: The Eternal Palace, Race to World First: Battle of Dazar’alor, and Race to World First: Uldir.

The Ny'alotha event itself will once again feature perspectives and guilds from around the world, including Alpha, Ji Tian Hong, Aversion, Club Camel, Fused, Vodka, Ethical and Imperative, as well as plenty of PoVs from Method raiders, who will be playing live from the TaKeTV Studios. Method will also be unveiling the guild's players that will be at the event soon over on the official twitter, so stay tuned there as well.

Method will also host an inaugural viewing party with guest appearances at Meltdown Cologne on January 31; and an afterparty at TaKeTV Studios, as well as a charity drive for Save the Children (having raised $60,000 in the last Race to World First alone), with more details to be announced.

About Method

In 2005, Scott 'Sco' McMillan founded the Method World of Warcraft guild. Today, the guild continues to claim championships in World of Warcraft, and Method has expanded into a world-class esports organization. Method players compete in World of Warcraft, WoW Classic, Fortnite, Path of Exile and Rocket League.

Method is not just an esports team, however. Content creation and community building are core pillars of the #MethodWay, and Method houses one of the largest live stream teams in esports, and hosts original events such as the World of Warcraft Race for World First, with millions of fans tuning in worldwide.

The Method brand can be encapsulated by the word “progress,” as it is illustrated via the upwards trend in its logo. Method’s Mission is to progress esports, its players, its fans, and its partners through the offering of unique content, experiences and team work.

About TaKeTV

TaKeTV is best known for their esports events with a living room-style atmosphere that started almost a decade ago with the HomeStory Cup. Their simple but popular formula: Pro-players from around the world come together in their studios in Krefeld, Germany to compete on the highest level and hang out together while the whole world is watching. With more than 30 employees, TaKeTV now produces and broadcasts up to a dozen entertaining esports events annually in and outside of their own studios.

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