Announcing the Race to World First Album!

Announcing the Race to World First Album!

Method is proud to announce that for the first time ever, we are releasing the Race to World First Album! To celebrate the highly requested return of the Method Community Pack including Boss Footage and Images, we’re excited to share an epic 11 track Techno-fueled album, our first collaboration with TU:RUL - available for community use in your own videos and streams absolutely free of charge.

We had a sit down with both Jamie, aka PlebCentral, Method’s Creative Director & TU:RUL, our incredible artist, for a short Q&A about the Race to World First album.

Be sure to read below for details on how you can access the album and its release date!

Jamie - Creative Director at Method:

Through our collaboration with TU:RUL, Method is proud to help raiders ever celebrate their epic raiding content with epic music at no cost to the community so you’re free to monetize your content on your favorite platform as opposed to subscribing to copyright free music providers where you risk using the same songs over and over again.

By being able to share this album with the community for free, I really feel Method is embodying the legacy of guilds past and the kill videos with EPIC music we remember & love today such as Paragon & Exorsus to name a couple.

It’s been incredible to work with the duo that is TU:RUL, a collaboration we’ve been planning since Ny’alotha, I knew with our first RWF back as the brand new Method we had to change the ‘game’. From creating the best broadcast we’ve ever done to this incredible album, this RWF will be one to remember!

Interview with TU:RUL

Who is TU:RUL?

TU:RUL is a producer / DJ duo from Transylvania, formed in 2020 by Joseph Kiss and Daniel Cs. Szasz. Born and raised in a small town called “Székelyudvarhely” in Transylvania, TU:RUL produces melodic techno in the progressive house genre. Music is their passion and while Joseph works daily as a nurse at the local hospital’s emergency room and Daniel has a side job too, their ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible with their music, to create a truly unique experience.

How was TU:RUL created?

TU:RUL was formed officially in October 2020, but for the past few years we’ve been working together under a different name “Buck & Larry”.

How did you first hear about Method?

Joseph: I’ve known Method for a few years now. I first heard something about them when they beat Hellscream in Mist of Pandaria.

Daniel: I got to know Pleb not long ago actually, when we started doing this collaboration.

What were your first thoughts when Method asked if you were interested in creating an RWF Album? How do you think music has impacted World of Warcraft Kill Videos?

Joseph: We were super excited about the idea. I already had some ideas and wanted to produce WoW-themed music so it was a pleasure to contribute to the Race to World First with this album.

Daniel: I think music definitely impacts the kill videos positively, bringing the scenery alive.

How do you think the album turned out?

Joseph: We truly think it turned out exactly how we imagined it would and that's something you don’t hear often.

What genre would you say the album is?

Daniel: We just simply refer to it as “Symphonic Techno”.

What is your favourite song?

Joseph: If I had to pick, I’d say it's “ Vision of the Gods” and “ Fall of the Dark Lady,” but to be honest I really like them all!

Daniel: It is hard to pick a favourite one, but I’d say it’s the “Inception of the Chain”.

Why did you dedicate Guardian of the Mortals to Sco?

Joseph: I watch Sco’s stream often, and I’ve noticed he’s into the progressive house genre and his character in WoW is a tank – so is mine! – so I thought this way I can show him my appreciation because I’ve learned so much from his videos.

What does it mean to you to be able to offer free music to the community through this Method collab for their own streams & kill videos?

Joseph: As I’ve said before, it was truly a pleasure to take part in this collaboration. Since I’ve always imagined doing something like this, it makes this opportunity even greater to know that we’re able to offer these tracks to the community and contribute to their progress!

What other projects do you have in the works as TU:RUL?

Daniel: We have two singles coming out at  “Ambivert Records” and “Blazer Records” in October and December so there are many things to look forward to!

Where can people find more of your work?

Joseph: We’re mainly on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Will there be another RWF Album next year?

Joseph: Heh, this is not up to us to decide but we hope we’ll keep on working together!

Any closing remarks or extra things you want to add

Shout out to team Method for this opportunity, thank you Jamie for making it happen! We hope we’ll be back next year!

You can find more of TU:RUL at:

We are releasing the full album on most major music platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and Twitch Soundtrack for the community to use both in your videos and on stream. All we request is that you promote the album in the description, tell your friends, and create some awesome World of Warcraft content!

Make sure to download and stream the album starting on the 8th July alongside a video on our YouTube documenting the creation of the Method album with TU:RUL.

Thank you for your continued support & we’ll see you on July 14th for the launch of this patch’s Race to World first on!

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