Announcing the Method Gfinity Elite Season 2 Roster!

Announcing the Method Gfinity Elite Season 2 Roster!

Gfinity Elite Season 2 is looming ever closer and with the October 6th start date announced it's time we share our roster for the second installment of the hugely popular series. With the first season having brought over 40,000 hours of action broadcast, 220m impressions on social from fans and nail-biting finales in Street Fighter V, CS:GO and Rocket League broadcast to over 3m fans around the globe, season 2 promises to be even bigger and better, running through the 9th of December.

Following the incredibly successful Gfinity Elite Series season one, we are extremely pleased to bring back all the competitive professional gameplay live at the Gfinity Esports Arena and broadcast online and on linear television starting the 6th October. We also welcome back some of the best players in the competitive gaming community and look forward to seeing the newly discovered talent that comes from the Challenger Series via the Elite Draft. - Neville Upton, CEO, Gfinity plc

There has been a bit of a change in schedule, however, as Rocket League matches will be moving to Saturday mornings, with CS:GO staying on Saturday nights, so adjust your calendars accordingly!

And so, without further ado, here's Method's full roster for all three games:

Rocket League

The Rocket League team, lead by team captain Linus "al0t" Möllergren, did very well in Season 1, finishing in 2nd place and having some amazing and dominant matches throughout, and they'll be gunning for that top spot come October 6th.

Linus Möllergren al0t Sweden
Otto Kaipiainen Metsanauris Finland
Joonas Salo Mognus Finland
Rymel Hanson Mye_bipod_4shor UK
Julian Novaček GMS Austria
Martin Wiulsrød Sniper Norway
Stuart Blair EpicToastie Scotland

Street Fighter 5

The Street Fighter 5 team has accrued quite a number of big tournament placements during and since Season 1, and is ready and eager to get to work on Season 2, with team captain Marcus "Packz" Parker leading the way.

Marcus Parker Packz UK
Olivier Hay Luffy France
Chris McEntee Cobelcog Ireland
Jordan Quigg Quiggy UK
Clement Devos Verdoyance France
Gabriel Lawal RealMenace UK
Nassim Mohammed-Cherif Nasty Nas France

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Lead by team captain Neil "neilzinho" Finlay and new team manager Craig "Onscreen" Shannon, the CS:GO team has gone through some changes since Season 1, with Joey "Cruc1al" Steusel and Kia "Surreal" Man having joined the main squad. You can read more about the roster change and the two new players here.

Neil Finlay neilzinho UK
Tom Jenkinson jenko UK
Reece Marrs Puls3 UK
Joey Steusel CRUC1AL Netherlands
Kia Man Surreal UK
Josh Rowley mole UK
Charlie Jack Pickles pickles UK
Craig Shannon Onscreen UK

So don't forget to tune in next month from the 6th for some amazing esports action and follow the Method for any updates!

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