AMA Recap

AMA Recap

The AMA has concluded and we've got some highlights for you right here, or you can check out the full thing over on reddit. Thanks again to Forge and r/WoW for making it possible!

We started off with the most common question asked and Sco went into the Serenity split and latter rebuilding of the guild once again:

There was a motivation low after the hype of world first Archimonde had died down. Method had achieved world first on Lei Shen, Garrosh, Blackhand and Archimonde which had spanned over multiple years. There were different camps in Method at this point and different reasons why people were playing the game. Long story short there were some pretty big ego’s in Method and rather than talk things out and get ourselves back on track the split happened. The majority of players followed a few ring leaders who had influence in the guild and the rest is history.

What happened after that was very difficult on a general level but also on a personal level – I had created the guild at the start of vanilla (~11 years ago) and obviously didn’t want it to end this way. I felt ‘betrayed’ in many ways and the whole situation followed me around, in the back of my head for a long long time. There was a lot of misinformation and rumours going around over the space of a year between Warlords and Legion and they didn’t paint Method in a very positive light. This was fuelled mostly by a few of the ring leaders who had left taking the opportunity to bad mouth Method on multiple occasions, stating the guild was dead and that they would have no competition in future races.

In the background to this, myself and a few of Method’s oldest members worked extremely hard to rebuild the guild. We had a lot of options we were considering, but decided the best way forward would be to combine forces with another raiding guild that was already doing extremely well. This guild was REM and coincidentally, just as I was about to reach out to them and discuss a merge I met one of the officers Pehmil in Copenhagen airport. We discussed what a merge might look like and then shortly after we took a call with me, Rogerbrown and the REM officers. I was really impressed with the REM offices at this point as they had a motivation and drive that I felt had been lacking in Method for quite a while. What happened after this was a lot of hard work and preparation as we formed a new guild together. I am hugely proud and thankful that this hard work has been shown off in Legion so far with some great raiding results.

After that was out of the way it was on to the more standard questions, like whether anyone was benched during progress due to lack of specific legendaries and Roger answered:

We haven't benched people due to legendaries, but we have had people switch to one of their alts, when they got good legendaries on them, and weren't lucky to get any on their mains. But that was mainly for Emerald Nigthmare, since by now most of the players in Method have good legendaries on their mains.

The ever-looming question on the difference between the very top and the top 500 guilds also showed up, as well as what's required of a trial member and Roger took them on:

Commitment is a big part. If you can't take time off work/uni and in general irl for at least 10 days during progression, then even if you are the best player in the world, it doesn't really matter sadly. Also, preparation is a huge part, you need to have 5 alts and keep them all relatively good in terms of gear/artifact traits/legendaries etc. Other than that, you need to have a good attitude towards the guild. A lot of players want to focus on their game alone, trying to max out their dps and look good on the meters, but realizing when you need to focus on the raid more than just yourself is essential. An easy example is looking at who killed the adds properly. Or on the other side, who was AoE whoring on the blobs on Ilgynoth when he shouldn't have.

I have always said to people that there is no magic trick to becoming a top guild raider. If you really want to do it, then it is like 50% commitment, 25% personality, 20% skill, 5% secret sauce

And finally, Sco took the very painful question of how many weekly hours are needed to play in a top guild:

Normally I would say not that many due to the content being on farm = a few raids a week to clear the raids. However Legion has been crazy so far due to the AP grind. You could say that the hour requirement is almost a full time job until Nighthold (so for the first 4-5 months of release). Gearing multiple alt characters for Nighthold split clears also adds up the time requirement. I would say roughly 20-40 hours a week right now just on maintenance and AP farm mode.

There are many more great insights into Method and top raiding guilds in general in the AMA, so you should definitely check out the whole thing!

Join Method's Sco and Rogerbrown Monday 19 Dec on /r/wow for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, brought to you by Forge.

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