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An overview of the members of management within the Method organisation.

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Scott McMillan


Scott founded the original Method World of Warcraft guild in May, 2005. Over the years he has led the Method guild to numerous ‘World First’ boss kills, the highest achievement attainable in World of Warcraft. Outside of gaming, Scott has completed two University degrees and worked in the finance sector for General Electric.

In 2015 he pursued working full time on Method and since then has been at the forefront of developing Method into the esports organisation of today. In addition, Scott is an active streamer on Twitch, amassing a large following due to his long time established presence in the World of Warcraft community.

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Sascha Steffens


A former professional Poker player and talent agent. Sascha joined Method’s World of Warcraft Guild in June, 2007, and he was an active member until the end of 2009. A year later he began to build Method as an organisation and brand. Sascha created an infrastructure that over time developed Method from a WoW guild into a profitable and growing business. In 2015 Sascha lead Method’s first expansion outside of WoW by signing new teams in a variety of esports titles. Today he spearheads operations at Method together with Scott.

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Shanna Roberts

General Manager

Shanna has played Blizzard games since 1994, starting with Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans. She attended the University of Tennessee and earned a BA in Broadcast Journalism, and began work in the marketing industry. She joined the WoW fansite OpenRaid in 2012 within a month of their launch, becoming operations manager and helping the site grow to over 500,000 active users.

After departing the site in early 2016, Shanna immediately joined Method as their Social Media Manager and eventually transitioned to the Communication Director role, the first full time position ever held at Method outside of the ownership roles. In 2018 she moved into the General Manager role and has played a major part in the growth of the Race to World First event series.

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Jay McMillan

Chief Financial Officer

From a young age Jay always had a passion for gaming and esports, growing up playing The Lost Vikings, World of Warcraft and later StarCraft II where he attained the rank of Master.

After obtaining a degree in Business Management, Jay went on to study with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland whilst working within the Corporate Finance team at a leading independent Scottish accountancy firm. Working with a wide range of clients, Jay advised on mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, financial modelling and more. Jay also spent time working within the finance department of a major international Oil & Gas service company.

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Christian Bishop

Chief Revenue Officer

As the previous World Showdown of Esports (WSOE) Commissioner, Christian Bishop was an integral part of the multi-genre, multi-game tournament series development since joining the team in Fall 2018.

Today, Bishop is now responsible for the sales and partnership team as Chief Revenue Officer, while managing current and new developer partnerships. He also oversees new, large-scale business opportunities and transactions to accelerate Method’s global growth strategy.

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Jamie E Image

Jamie E

Creative Director
Lucas Thoolen Image

Lucas Thoolen

Event Director
Christina Laird Image

Christina Laird

Social Media Manager
Paul Harrison Image

Paul Harrison

Website Lead
Jack Evans Image

Jack Evans

Influencer and Partnerships Manager
Stephano Sue Image

Stephano Sue

Graphics Lead
Robby Rautenberg Image

Robby Rautenberg

Client Success
Mladen Damaška Image

Mladen Damaška

Content manager
Jessica Lassiter Image

Jessica Lassiter

Executive Assistant
Darren Price Image

Darren Price

Broadcast Producer
Jay Quale Image

Jay Quale

Broadcast Producer

Content Staff

Ali Sanderson Image

Ali Sanderson

Lead Videographer
Connor Gerrard Image

Connor Gerrard

Video Editor
Samantha Chavez Image

Samantha Chavez

Web Content Assistant
Tristan Killeen Image

Tristan Killeen

Web Content Assistant
Caleb Irving Image

Caleb Irving

Script Writer
Jonas Hammarström Image

Jonas Hammarström

Video Editor
Dario Zikic Image

Dario Zikic

Content Creator