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Gfinity Elite Series Social Media Intern

Job Status Open
Urgency Important
Position Type Intern - Part Time/Weekend

The fourth season of the Gfinity Elite Series is on its way and will arrive in the autumn, and Method is looking for a Social Media Intern with focus on Match Reporting for the Elite Series.

This position requires you to be available on Friday afternoons (GMT London) and all of Saturday (late morning through early evening). You would need to commit to the entirety of Gfinity Season Four, which lasts approximately eight (8) weeks.

Qualified Applicants will have a very strong foundation of knowledge for Street Fighter V, FIFA18, and Rocket League. Those who have strengths in at least two of the games will be considered, if the applicant is willing to learn about the third game and be ready to cover matches by the start of the season (early March).

Other requirements include the ability to edit Photoshop (.PSD) files and occasionally create basic graphics very quickly, using provided templates and logos. Extra consideration will be given to candidates who are able to create custom GIF reactions during the gameplay using Twitch clips and Photoshop.

You will need to be able to watch Twitch while covering these matches. Candidates for the position should be able to use Twitter from either their mobile device or desktop, either with or without Tweetdeck, while Twitch is also running. 

Being able to speak and write in English is required. 

Knowing the history of the Method organization, as well as being familiar with our team members is a plus. It is also important for the candidate to have a basic knowledge of the other teams participating in the Gfinity Elite Series. 

This position is unpaid, and considered an internship/professional work experience in the esports industry. Upon satisfactory completion of the internship, a professional reference will be provided. 


  • Well versed in English
  • Strong knowledge of Street Fighter V, FIFA18 and Rocket League
  • (GMT) Friday and Saturday availability
  • Basic Photoshop skills


  • Well versed in graphic design
  • Being able to create reaction gifs quickly
  • Strong knowledge of the Method organization and its history
  • Basic knowledge of other teams competing in the Gfinity Elite Series

Interested in applying for the position?

Send your resume to us at: darrie@method.gg