A New Method Team Has Awakened

A New Method Team Has Awakened

Method is pleased to confirm our second North American WoW Arena team for 2017: Method Awakened. This team features World Championship runner-up Nick "Smexxin" DalSoglio, a Method organization veteran, alongside Anthony "Goob" Segafredo, ex-Splyce player Carlos "Absterge" Correa and Justin "Inviable" Lax.

With years of competitive experience, this team has one goal in mind: BlizzCon 2017. After a strong showing at the GCDTV April NA April Clash last month, Method Awakened has already begun acquiring the necessary points to secure a spot at the NA Regionals later this year.

Expanding our presence in World of Warcraft is a major focus this year. We have been considering options for a second NA Arena team for a while. This line-up has the potential to be a strong contender in the competitions going forward and I'm excited to see them in action.

- Method co-owner Sascha "Rak" Steffens

Smexxin Cheering

Carlos "Absterge" Correa (Shaman)

Season 13 Gladiator, Season 14-20 Rank 1 titles.

I'm pretty stoked to finally be on a team with Smexxin after all these years, hopefully we can continue to bring success to the Method organization.

Anthony "Goob" Segafredo (Warlock)

Season 17 Gladiator, Season 18-20 Rank 1 titles.

Excited to be joining one of the largest communities in WoW and competing alongside some of my favorite people to play with.

Justin "Inviable" Lax (Shaman)

High placements in many GCD tournaments, 1st place in 3rd BlizzCon 2016 Qualifier Cup. Season 16-20 Rank 1 titles.


Nick "Smexxin" DalSoglio (Warrior)

2016 BlizzCon SIlver. Season 11 & 12 Gladiator, Season 7 and 14-20 Rank 1 titles.

Looking forward to the next chapter of my Method story!

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