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30 Warriors Vs. Heroc Ny'alotha Cleared, Hosted by Naowh

Naowh held a fun event on Sunday, taking 29 of his fellow warriors into a mono-class clear of Heroic Ny'alotha! They managed to down everything inside an hour and a half, with N'Zoth obviously taking the longest, but Xanesh came in a slightly unexpected 2nd. But clearing the current raid on Heroic wasn't quite enough for this group of warriors, as they proceeded to head into Normal difficulty after the N'Zoth kill, to try and see which bosses they could down using Heroic Throw only! The answer is, Skitra and Maut! Here's the full run:

Check out all the bosses below!

Congrats on getting it done and we're looking forward to seeing even more crazy events like these in the future!