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2017 NA Regional Championships: The Method Reckoning!

This week's forecast: Sunny with a chance of Method thunderstorms! After phenomenal game play throughout the Arena Cup Qualifiers by all 3 of our NA PvP teams, we have one final stretch on the Road to BlizzCon for the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Finals. 12 teams will take to the stage at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio, fighting their way to glory.  Our 3 NA teams are working hard to join fellow arena brothers, Method Triforce, who not only qualified for BlizzCon, but also took 1st place in the EU Regionals held last month at gamescom. 

Method Reborn, Method Awakened and Method Synergy have battled through the best in North America, proving they are a force to be reckoned with. The tournaments leading to one team being crowned World Champion are really intense, with high stakes in play for these guys who dedicate countless hours to practice. With little room for mistakes, our Method boys rise to the occasion, bringing an onslaught to those in their path. 

Although it's tough to pick our favorite moments from the last few months of cup games, the final series for Cup #5 is definitely on our list of top level skill highlights. Synergy and Awakened went head to head after the previous series win by Awakened forced a match reset. Synergy went on to take 1st place in Cup #5, but they had to pull out all the stops to shut down Awakened. If you missed this series, make sure you check it out here: WoW Arena North America Cup #5.

Below you'll find the breakdown of the Method teams/players you will see this week. You can follow them on Twitter by clicking their names:

Reborn Synergy Awakened
Cdew Maldiva Smexxin
Samiyam Kolo Absterge
Beanslayer Mes Roastyz
Snutz Trill WizK

As we speak, the MLG Arena team is setting up for what is sure to be legendary battles ahead. You will not want to miss this, so make sure you join us in watching all the action this week:

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