Statement on Co-CEO


On June 25, Method Co-CEO Sascha Steffens was placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the results of a third-party investigation into two allegations of misconduct.** Method then commissioned an independent investigation from a law firm experienced in investigating these specific types of allegations.

After a thorough, two-month review, two conclusions were reached. The investigation’s findings substantiated allegations that Sascha inappropriately crossed professional and personal boundaries through his communications in 2016. Separately, the investigation found additional allegations to be either unsubstantiated or inconclusive.

Based on the investigation’s findings, Sascha has stepped down from his role as Co-CEO and Executive Director on Method’s board. He will no longer be involved in Method’s day-to-day operations and decision-making, and will instead serve as a non-executive director where he will consult on long-term business strategy on a limited basis.

Sascha will undertake a twelve-month leadership training program and growth/development plan, which is in alignment with Method’s newly defined core values and Code of Conduct and which will be reviewed by Method over time.

We are dedicated to having an open dialogue with our community as we work to rebuild Method. Please stay tuned, as later today we’ll be sharing another important update on, detailing Method’s vision to rebuild, our progress so far, and our plan forward together with you all.


**To protect the privacy of all individuals involved, Method will not be publicly sharing the personal accounts or further details gathered from the investigation.