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Method Rebuild

2nd October 2020

Rebuilding the Method Way

We are on a mission to continuously evolve Method into an organisation that best empowers, supports, and protects our community.

We created this page to detail our rebuild progress and next steps in our plan, and to hold us accountable to our commitments.

Community is at the core of everything we do, and this mission began with a message to the community.

To achieve our vision and make sure we are living our values, we started by making structural changes to Method.

  1. We engaged a long-term independent HR consultant to audit our entire organisation with an objective point of view; identify the structures, policies, and procedures necessary for us to establish or improve upon; and build out a roadmap for future pieces to put into place.
  2. We created an employee handbook and Code of Conduct centered on our new values and in partnership with our HR team.

We set up systems and procedures to hold everyone at Method accountable to our values and treat others with respect and dignity.

  1. We launched a third-party administered online reporting system ([email protected]). This system is easily accessible to anyone who needs to file a complaint, and ensures allegations of misconduct are reviewed confidentially, independently, and thoroughly.

    Third-party administered online reporting system: [email protected]

  2. We established progressive disciplinary procedures for violating our Code of Conduct, involving HR at each step. This is to ensure that everyone at Method - every executive, staff member, player, and content creator - continuously acts according to Method’s values and meets our standard of behavior.
  3. We revamped our background checking process for all new hires under Method to include a third-party, independent review of formal checks and additional checks, including ensuring new members share Method’s values as an organisation.
  4. We held organisation-wide anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training, which will be required for all future new Method members as part of their onboarding.
  5. We established new Community Stream Team Standards requiring all members to follow our Code of Conduct.

We’ve enhanced our team communication and organisation, so we can be more aligned and effective in what we do internally and externally.

  1. We implemented new project management and onboarding tools and processes.
  2. We have put in place more frequent internal communications so we can live up to our promises for a culture built on honesty and transparency.
  3. We have conducted - and will continue to conduct - internal feedback surveys with our staff so we can keep growing in a positive direction through continuous feedback from our team.

We’re not stopping there. We’ve laid out a plan through the next six months to continue aiming higher as an organisation.

  1. We will implement management training sessions for Method leadership and managers at all levels. Leaders and management will be critical to creating the culture of honest and open communication that we want to achieve in the new Method.
  2. We are establishing a new performance review and continuous feedback system and, longer term, a peer-based management review system that ties performance to how managers and members act according to Method's values.
  3. We will build out our internal HR capabilities over the long term, as our organisation scales.
  4. We will build out our philanthropic and charitable initiatives as part of our commitment to giving back to our community, including establishing a PTO policy for philanthropic work and an internal champion for these causes.
  5. We will continue supporting our staff, creators, and members through new feedback systems, team building, and employee engagement initiatives.

A note from our Founder and CEO, Scott “Sco” McMillan:

Method starts and ends with our community. While Method began as a passion project to create the best guild in the world, we quickly became much more than that.

Together, we established Method as a professional organisation in the esports space, providing a path, for the first time in the WoW scene, that allowed players to turn their craft into their full time profession. We created new opportunities to celebrate our achievements and passion for the games we all care so deeply about. We turned the Race to World First into record-setting global events, raised over 200,000 dollars for charities important to the community, and we created competitions and platforms for talented players and content creators to grow their audiences exponentially.

Method exists because we believe MMOs and RPGs have some of the best communities in gaming, and we want to honour and celebrate them.

I’ve dedicated 15 years to growing Method and supporting the community - it’s been the most important work of my life. I will do whatever it takes to rebuild Method into the organisation the community deserves, an organisation that can continue to champion MMO and RPG players and help push these genres to the forefront of gaming.

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