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Kina is a versatile healer and caffeine addict who pretends he is British even though he’s half Danish. He’s sarcastic and funny but serious when it matters. His previous experience with the Race to World First is a valuable asset for the healer team and his new focus is on Healer cohesion within the roster to instill confidence and competency for the upcoming challenges for the new roster.

Kina started playing the game during the Ulduar patch of Wrath of the Lich King expansion, playing casually with friends until Warlords of Draenor when he decided to make the leap into hardcore raiding with applying to a top 20 guild. He eventually wound up in a guild called ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ where he achieved World 6th on Archimonde Mythic. Method eventually absorbed this guild and the roster went on to push for World First in the Legion expansion. Kina attained his first taste of victory with the guild’s World First on Helya and Kina’s last World First kill was on Mythic Maiden of Vigilance as a Druid.

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