Where to Farm Rousing Order (Awakened Order)

Where to Farm Rousing Order (Awakened Order)

Written by Paul - 3rd December 2022

Awakened Order is a reagent used for Professions. Whilst leveling my alchemy and creating Phials (flasks) and Potions to be ready for raiding, I realised I had very little of this material.

The place I found to farm Rousing Order was around Tyrhold in Thaldraszus. Titan-Touched herbs and ores will also drop Rousing Order. 10 Rousing Orders can be combined to create 1 Awakened Order.

Not every herb and ore around this area is Titan-Touched. And if you only herb in this area, the nodes may take time to respawn around Tyrhold.

When you find a Titan-Touched Herb or Ore node, you should use Overload Elemental Herb or Overload Elemental Deposit next to the node and you will receive extra Rousing Order. It's recommended to use the Overload ability first, then pick/mine the node and then enter the portal that will attempt to teleport you to another node. You unlock this ability by unlocking Mastering the Elements in the Profession Specialization tree.

Note: The map below is not a perfect area of where these nodes spawn.

Rousing Order Farm Location

An alternative way to acquire Awakened Order with Mining is to assign 30 points into the first node of the Metallurgy Mining specialization. This will give you a small chance to receive Awakened Order when Refining Khaz'gorite Ore.

Happy farming, I hope this short guide helped.