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Win a Video Gaming Session with Method Streamers powered by Hideout!

Looking for new ways to improve at gaming? Then Hideout is a tool that you'll want to try!

Hideout is a new way to create clips, communicate with friends, share screens (with picture-in-picture in-game overlay, low impact, sub-second latency, and drawing and pinging) and more. The app will enable you to connect with your friends, show them your skills and learn from each other as you get better at the games you play. To celebrate this new tool, we'll be doing weekly giveaways where you'll be able to win a video gaming session with a Method streamer.

All you need to do to participate is keep an eye on Twitter and watch for your favorite Method streamers to link their personal Hideout server. Each week a lucky winner will be randomly drawn from all those who join the server and will get a 1 hour gaming session with the streamer. These sessions can be for gameplay, coaching, or tutorials. You'll have a chance to discuss your session with the streamer and pick a date and time that suits both of you. Join one server, or even better...join all of them over the 12-week giveaway period!

The following Method streamers are participating, and can't wait for the chance to invite you to try Hideout!

  • Djarii on Hideout.gg                      April 6th - April 13th
  • Sco on Hideout.gg                         April 13th - April 20th
  • Cdew on Hideout.gg                      April 20th - April 27th
  • Venruki on Hideout.gg                  April 27th - May 4th
  • Snutz on Hideout.gg                      May 4th - May 11th
  • Ziqo on Hideout.gg                        May 11th - 18th
  • ImStillDaDaddy on Hideout.gg    May 18th - 25th
  • ScHwimpi on Hideout.gg             May 26th - June 1st
  • Andy on Hideout.gg                      June 1st - 8th
  • Chinglish on Hideout.gg               June 8th - June 15th
  • Gingi on Hideout.gg                      June 15th - 22nd
  • Xaryu on Hideout.gg                     June 22nd - June 29th

    *dates subject to change

To enter the giveaways:

  • Download Hideout and sign-up
  • Join your Method member of choice’s Hideout server (or join all of them!)
  • Wait and find out if you are a winner

Full terms and conditions:

All prizes are offered in good faith, no purchase is necessary to enter. Odds of winning will vary based on number of entries. Giveaway is void where prohibited by law. Delivery Date of Prize(s) can be up to 60 days. No exchanges, refunds, or alternative prizes available. Winners are contacted via Email, within 72 hours of contest ending. Use a valid email address. Winners must respond within the given time frame listed in the email, or prize is forfeit.

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