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The Mancy Diaries: The End of Legacy and Start in Ensidia

Article originally posted on Manaflask

Hello and welcome to yet another entry of The Mancy Diaries! Picking up things where I left them, it's Ulduar time. The Legacy has built a very strong roster and we are about to go hunting world top kills. Normal modes get released and we play for extremely long hours, something along the lines of 11:00->04:00 and then 10:00 -> 03:00 with a few breaks in-between. We manage to score a world 3rd Yogg Saron normal mode, which was a pretty satisfying feat. Aaaand as we are about to go into hardmodes, some core people quit. This resulted in us not being as successful as we could have been and me getting a bit upset. I was annoyed by Ethum flaming the wrong people (as in, having a wipe caused because of lack of tank healing and spending 10 minutes flaming the guy that died to fire) and by the fact that we failed to get any world top kills - we got world 19th Algalon and that was it. I did express my complaints to Ethum and instead of giving up I took responsibilities - I would keep up recruitment threads on websites and help a lot with recruitment.

Around that time came Stayven. Some might know him since he played in Ensidia as well. Stayven was a druid, a restoration one. You see, he was an ok player and a pretty smart one, but he had one flaw, just like almost every brit: he would never shut up. During progress and raiding in general, if you die to fire it's good to say "sorry" and when you die due to someone else screwing up it's good to say "X fucked up". With Stayven, when he died to fire he would say something along the lines of : "So, you know, while being really busy healing and decursing and watching my raid frames and looking at the enrage timer and solving sudoku, suddenly this very small and sinister fire spawned below me, I didn't notice it at first due to being busy healing and decursing and watching my raid frames and looking at the enrage timer and solving sudoku and when I did notice it I had to prioritize healing the tank because the tank would die and we would all wipe, I would have survived if someone who wasn't busy healing and decursign and watching his raid frames and looking at the enrage timer and solving sudoku had healed me, so it's not my fault." And that's not a good thing to do. Since Ethum hated excuses, him and Stayven didn't go along well, but hey, I liked the guy!

Everything was rolling smoothly in The Legacy and then ToC came. We did have quite some core people quitting, but we also got quality recruits, so we were pretty strong at the time. We would down bosses pretty fast until we reached Anub'arak. You see, we had a chance here, we had a really great chance to get a good ranking and with things like these, it causes a chain effect. Get a good position here -> get good recruits -> get an even better position next tier. We would have gotten a world 2nd kill had a special Death Knight not f**ked up. His name - I remember it to this day and I always will, Karuki. He was a brit. And he decided to pop Army when the boss was at 3%. Result? A painfully low % wipe that would not have happened as everything was going great. I hate him and I forever will. One of the following tries there was another great f**k up, something I still hate Ethum for. He made a wrong call - he said that we should nuke the boss and ignore adds when it was at 15%, which was a great mistake, since we wiped on a painfully low % again. After those wipes, we would fail to get a good try and ended up killing it world 38th, which was pretty much the finishing blow for the guild. I started complaining a lot about what I thought was wrong decisions and I wanted to get a promotion to be able to better manage things. Ethum and the other officers agreed except for the fins - Geru, Smirk and Despina, so it never happened sadly.

More people quit, and we didn't have any good people joining. So when ICC hit, we were in a pretty bad shape. As expected we didn't perform well and the hype for world top kills was also lost. The finishing blow for me was when we gave up on Tuesday night (around 00:00) of attempting Lich King 10HC with about 12 attempts left because "he isn't gonna die so we're wasting time". At that exact point I decided I wanted to leave the guild and join a better one - Ensidia. I did have some friends that used to play in Ensidia and I spammed the living s**t out of them, but there was a problem, Ensidia didn't need mages at that point.

Anyway, I did tell Ethum of my plans to leave The Legacy because it just wasn't hardcore enough for me. What I didn't tell Ethum was that I was planning to take people with me since Ensidia didn't need mages. I went on a campaign, talking to people that I had ok relations with and trying to convince them to join Ensidia because The Legacy wasn't good enough and because they were my friends and I wanted to play with them. The truth? Ensidia needed the classes they played so I was trying to fix a package deal. At first I convinced about 10 people, then some bailed and we ended up having ~5 people joining. Some of those that changed their minds did contact me later about joining but I told them to get the f**k off and shut the f**k up.

And so I joined Ensidia. There is one thing I'd like to say. I hated Ekyu, I hated his guts since the very first time I spoke to him. He had this "I'm better than you" attitude and the "I know it all" spirit that I just couldn't stand. When I joined and got interviewed, he said something along the lines of "I'm your CL, I decide if you stay in the guild or if you get loot, I'm your master so you do as I say". Even though I was like "ok man sure" I was actually thinking that he should die in a very horrible and painful way. When I joined, Ensidia only had Lich King 25 HC to kill. I transferred and was instantly invited to their raid that was on Rotface. I played really bad and managed to die to something on every try and do horribly low damage, the reason I wasn't instantly booted is beyond me, I guess it's because people weren't as strict as they used to be. But as we progressed further into the instance, my performance started to get better. I played well on Professor Putricide and Sindragosa and they decided to even invite me to the Lich King raid. Never had I been more excited in my WoW career - playing for the best guild in the world and being in their progress raid trying to kill the last boss of the last instance of the expansion.

I think I performed really well on Lich King. I can barely recall any f**k ups I made during progress (YES I SAID during progress, me blinking with Defile into the melee camp was during farm) on that boss and my DPS was competitive enough with Ekyu's and Aryu's (when the latter didn't get 95% crit on every spell). I was in pretty much every single Lich King raid besides the final few tries where they decided to run 1 less mage. Saying I didn't mind would be a lie, but hey, what can you do, I was new to the guild so couldn't really say anything.

I believe this sums up this week's entry. Stay tuned for next week with many Ensidia stories, a lot of juicy details about my rivalry with Ekyu and the relationships I developed with Mackzter, Kungen, Buzzkill and the other Ensidia guys as well as stories about T11/T12 progress!