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Scott McMillan

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Scott founded Method in 2005 and has been at the forefront of developing Method into the esports organisation it is today.

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Sascha Steffens

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Sascha is co-founder of Method Gaming Limited. He raided with Method guild from 2007-2009.

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Chief Business Development Officer

Alan Widmann

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Alan comes from a WoW raiding and PvP background, even has an NPC named after him in-game and is helping grow the Method brand.

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Communications Director

Shanna Sarr

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Shanna has played Blizzard games since 1994. She graduated from the Univ of Tennessee with a BS in Communications.

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Director of Video Production

Jamie Elsworth

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Jamie has long had a passion for graphics and video editing, and as of April 2016 is our full time video editor.

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General Manager

Brayden Wilmoth

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Brayden started in esports as the Overwatch Manager for Method before starting his own org; he returned to Method as GM in 2018.

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Content manager

Mladen Damaška

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Mladen has been playing WoW since beta and has a few WFs under his belt, which explains why he loves progress coverage so much.

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Web Developer

Liam Read

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Liam is an ambitious backend developer with experience in a plethora of different languages. Lead Developer of the laces CMS.

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Web Designer

Paul Harrison

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Paul is a front-end developer and designer that specialises in providing website solutions for eSports teams and organisations.

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Web Content Assistant

Samantha Chavez

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Samantha is the GM of Riders of Rohan guild on Argent Dawn, and hosts the live weekly show PWNCAST on Twitch.

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Social Media Intern

Connor Gerrard

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Connor slowly progresses through WoW, while making Sco memes and thinking about his realm-first Naxx during WOTLK.

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Head Admin, Web Developer

Matthijs Groot

Flag Icon

Matthijs is not just one of the longest active raiders in Method, but also a guild officer and the Head Admin of our website.

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E-Commerce Manager

Niclas Lund

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Niclas is looking forward to expanding the Method Shop and our catalogue of merchandise in 2018.

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Graphic Designer

Stepahno Sue

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Stephano created our logo and is now improving our brand identity with his 15+ years of experience and specialization in brand design.

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Battle Royale Manager


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Eric "Krawnnic" Beaugh was preivously a professional Overwatch player for Method and competed at ELEAGUE in Atlanta.

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