Windwalker Monk Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 2nd Aug, 2022
J-Funk Windwalker Monk Author



  • Necrolord - Good - Best Soulbind: Emeni
  • Kyrian - Decent - Best Soulbind : Mikanikos
  • Night Fae - Decent - Best Soulbind: Niya
  • Venthyr - Bad - Best Soublind: Theotar

      The Covenant dynamic in Sepulcher of the First Ones is similar to Sanctum of Domination. You can play either Necrolord or Kyrian on ST, with Necrolord winning out often due to fight timings. There is a significant element of RNG in Necrolord’s damage output, but it’s simpler and shorter burst windows, as well as the added flexibility for cleave, make it overall a safer option that Kyrian which can lose out on damage due to mechanic timings, during the cooldown window and the complexity of the rotation. In AoE encounters, Necrolord wins out, with Night Fae having some potential in sustained cleave fights such as Prototype Pantheon or Lords of Dread when combined with the added healing it can dish out.


      • Necrolord - Good - Best Soulbind: Emeni
      • Night Fae - Decent - Best Soulbind: Niya
      • Kyrian - Bad - Best Soulbind: Mikanikos 
      • Venthyr - Bad - Best Soulbind: Theotar

      Despite the nerf to Bonedust Brew, where it can no longer critically strike, Necrolord still remains the dominant Covenant choice in M+ in 9.2 for its AoE (although slightly diminished) potential. Also, with the addition of the second Runecarving power Night Fae gains some power in M+ if you are looking for variety although it is still overall weaker than Necrolord.

      Soulbinds and Conduits


      Potency Conduits

      Priority 1: Coordinated Offensive is the best conduit overall in ST and AoE. Make sure to fixate your spirits immediately when using this conduit in ST and AoE after you have applied your Mark of the Crane to enemies.

      Priority 2 (ST): Bone Marrow Hops / Xuen’s Bond, If you’re Necrolord Bone Marrow Hops is your go to second conduit in all situations and if you’re not then Xuen’s Bond is the pick for ST situations.

      Priority 2 (Multitarget/M+): Calculated Strikes is your strongest AoE conduit by a decent margin. NOTE: Using this conduit changes the threshold for when you start using Spinning Crane Kick from 3 targets to 2 targets.

      Priority 3(ST): Inner Fury / Adaptive Armor Fragment is your third conduit choice for ST if you are not a Necrolord as the other covenant conduits don’t contribute as much in ST situations.

      Endurance Conduits

      Harm Denial provides a significant increase to the healing that Expel Harm does. However, this increase does not increase the damage that Expel Harm does.

      Fortifying Ingredients grants you a large absorb shield whenever you use Fortifying Brew. This can be useful for mitigating larger hits but provides less throughput healing than other options.

      Condensed Anima Sphere is a newly introduced generic Endurance conduit that provides good sustain healing.

      Harm Denial > Condensed Anima Sphere > Fortifying Ingredients

      Finesse Conduits

      Tumbling Technique gives your Blackout Kick a chance to provide you with a free roll charge. Helpful in giving a little extra mobility.

      Dizzying Tumble makes targets affected by your Leg Sweep deal less damage when the Leg Sweep debuff expires. Useful in M+ and in Raids where there are adds that can be stunned.

      You will most likely have only one Finesse Conduit slot in your soulbind, and the choice is mainly inconsequential, but I would recommend Dizzying Tumble in M+ and Tumbling Technique in raids.

      Conduits for M+ and AoE raid fights:



      Night Fae:

      Conduits for ST raid fights:



      Night Fae:


      Invoker's Delight

      Kyrian - Invoker's Delight

      Necrolord - Invoker's Delight

      Invoker's Delight provides 33% haste for 20 seconds when you summon your Celestial, in our case Invoke Xuen the White Tiger. This is valuable because haste for many reasons, it decreases the channel time of Fists of Fury and Spinning Crane Kick, increases the chance to get Dance of Chi-Ji procs, decreases the CD of Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, increases the rate at which Xuen attacks and procs Crackling Tiger Lightning, and increases your energy generation.

      Optimal Slot: Cloak

      Xuen’s Treasure

      Necrolord - Xuen’s Treasure

      Xuen’s Treasure causes your Rising Sun Kick critical hits to reduce the cooldown of Fists of Fury by 5 sec, additionally when Fists of Fury ends the critical strike chance of your Rising Sun Kick is increased by 50% for 5 sec.

      Optimal Slot: Cloak

      Second Legendary

      Both covenant legendaries - Call to Arms and Bonedust Brew are entirely passive damage increases and do not alter your playstyle besides Bonedust Brew, which may influence your talent decision, as noted above in the talent section.

      In Season 4, because your legendaries are going to become your lowest item level pieces you will be recrafting Unity onto bracers.


      Tier Set

      2 piece - Fists of Primordium: Increases Fists of Fury damage by 40%.

      4 piece - Primordial Power: After 10 offensive abilities, your next 3 offensive abilities deal an additional 22% damage.

      The Tier Bonuses don’t affect how you play much and if you try to play around them you will usually end up losing damage. Ideally you want to use Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, and/or Whirling Dragon Punch on the 22% damage buff.

      In Season 4, because of the power of the creation catalyst, you will be converting your high item level pieces into new tier pieces. Also, because of the relatively low item level of Legendaries this season you will be opting to craft Invoker’s Delight or Xuen’s Treasure on cloak.


      Best - The First Sigil, Scars of Fraternal Strife

      Good - Cache of Acquired Treasures,, Earthbreaker’s Impact, Dreadfire Vessel

      Passive Trinkets:

      Best - Eye of Command, Stone Legion Heraldry, 

      Good - Decanter of Endless Howling, Thundertower’s Targeting Reticle, Titanic Ocular Gland

      Note about using Scars of Fraternal Strife

      Single Target: Use until you reach the 4th rune and keep it until the fight is about to end and then use the last Rune so that the debuff expires right before the target dies.

      M+/AoE: Use until you reach the 4th rune and keep it until you pop cooldowns and use the 5th rune to buff your burst and time it so the explosion goes off on the mobs.


      At higher item levels two handed weapons may surpass two one handed weapons in DPS. In Season 4, You want to aim to get a two handed weapon ideally from Sire Denathrius or The Jailer as their weapons are a higher item level.

      Spending your Dinars

      You want to choose a max ilvl (311) 2 handed weapon like Zovastrum or the weapon from Sire first as 2h is better than 1h in nearly all content. 2 Cruciform Veinrippers has a slight lead on pure ST but because it would require double the amount of Dinars, it isn’t recommended you go this route.

      1. Zovastrum, the Unmaking or the weapon from Sire Denathrius
      2. The First Sigil
      3. Scars of Fraternal Strife / Cache of Acquired Treasures