Unholy Death Knight Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 30th Jul, 2022
Kwepp Unholy Death Knight Author



Necrolord is one of the best Covenants for Unholy Death Knight, giving them access to the three Soulbinds; however, we will only be discussing Plague Deviser Marileth and Bonesmith Herimir, as Emeni is the worst out of the three options. Both of these soulbinds have powerful traits that play very well with the rest of your kit.

Plague Deviser Marileth (Recommended for Single Target)

When using this Soulbind, you will gain access to a few bonuses. The two most notable are Volatile Solvent, buffing you with 152 Mastery with Volatile Solvent: Humanoid for 2 minutes and can be maintained throughout an entire encounter, giving you 6.17% increased Minion and Shadow damage. Kevin's Oozeling provides you with a 6% damage increase to your primary target for 40 seconds after using Abomination Limb. These two traits make this soulbind the best for single target, and it's a very simple soulbind that currently provides the best damage gain for Unholy Death Knight.

Bonesmith Herimir (Recommended for AOE)

Heirmir is the soulbind you will take for AOE/cleave encounters, as her trait Heirmirs Arsenal: Marrowed Gemstone will usually align very well with your Dark TransformationUnholy Blight, and Death and Decay. This combination has a lot of burst potential and is also very good when spamming Epidemic on a large number of targets. An example of this would be Sire Denathrius, where you would gain the crit buff from Heirmirs Arsenal: Marrowed Gemstone then spam Epidemic to do insane amounts of damage in the first phase after he had spawned a large number of adds with Cleansing Pain.

Another trait Heirmir brings is Carver’s Eye, which is good when multiple adds spawn throughout a fight. Each stack of Carver’s Eye gives 136 Mastery, and at 5 stacks will provide you with 33.32% additional Minion and Shadow damage. The final bonuses that Heirmir provides are 3% additional strength with Forgreborne Reveries, and a 3% damage increase during execute with Mnemonic Equipment (sadly, this 3% damage bonus does not apply to your Ghouls). Heirmir does lose out to Plague Deviser Marileth on Single target encounters but is often the better choice when looking at fights with consistent cleave or burst add phases such as Painsmith Raznal and Fatescribe Roh-Kalo.

Necrolords two abilities are:

Abomination Limb - This ability is very good as it will grip enemies that are more than 8 yards away from you, do some decent uncapped AOE damage that is affected by your Mastery: Dreadblade, and provide you with 3 Runic Corruption procs throughout its duration. Just be careful when using it because, in some fights, you might accidentally grip a deadly add into your raid team and cause a wipe! An example of this would be on Kel'Thuzad with the Frostbound Devoted adds, that he summons throughout the encounter. They will fixate on players and then explode upon reaching them, so try not to grip them into your teammates. Your timings with this ability will also change based on what Soulbind you are using. I go into this in more detail later in the guide, under the 'Cooldowns & When To Use Them' section.

Fleshcraft - This ability provides an exceptionally good shield when channeled for its full duration. However, even if you don't channel it fully it's still good when used during a heavy-hitting mechanic, as it will mitigate the damage by 20%. It's definitely worth using on progression, even if it's just an extra personal. Even, if you are using Plague Deviser Marileth you will want to use it on cooldown and channel it for a single GCD to maintain your Volatile Solvent: Humanoid buff. You can also use it as a way to become immune to crowd control as well with the Ultimate Form trait, provided by Plague Deviser Marileth.

Night Fae

Unlike patch 9.1.5, Night Fae is a viable option for Raiding and Mythic Plus. However, this only comes into effect when you have Rampant Transference, which is not worth taking on it's own. You want to wait until you have the Unity legendary effect so that you will have Rampant Transference as well as your regular class legendary. This is essential for Night Fae because the increased duration and Strength gained from Death's Due from Rampant Transference make this build strong. You also want to use the Death's Certainty legendary over Deadliest Coil in single target due to the additional cooldown reduction on Death's Due; and Reanimated Shambler in large AoE pulls (Mythic Plus) over Frenzied Monstrosity for additional Festering Wound stacks, which works very well alongside Infected Claws (see below) and Bursting Sores.

When playing with Night Fae, you want to run a different set of talents as well, and this is because when playing Night Fae, most of your rotation and talent choices will be revolving around your Death's Due. Ideally, you will want to take the following talents.

Infected Claws - When using Night Fae, most of your Runes will want to be banked and then spent on Death's Due and Scourge Strike. This is so you can maintain the Death's Due buff, which the entire build is focused on. Infected Claws gives you a good flow of Festering Wound stacks, allowing you to spend less Runes on Festering Strike and more on Scourge Strike and Death's Due.

Defile - Alongside Death's Due and the conduit Withering GroundDefile gains a lot of damage, and this talent becomes very strong. However, the main reason you take Defile is that your Death's Due can be used more frequently, as Defile makes Death's Due a 20-second cooldown (instead of 30 seconds). When paired with the Death's Certainty legendary, you will be able to comfortably maintain Death's Due, resulting in some solid throughput.

With Night Fae, you have access to two powerful Soulbind options, Dreamweaver and Korayn. Niya is currently behind these other two options, so I will not be going over her traits in this guide.

Dreamweaver (Recommended for Single Target)

Dreamweaver is a very strong soulbind for a single target that will give you 15% additional haste with Field of Blossoms every time you use Death's Due. Dreamweaver also provides 3% extra damage with Dream Delver, multiplying with Unholy BlightMastery: DreadbladeHarvest Time, and Eternal Hunger (this buff will be refreshed by your Virulent Plague, which also helps to maintain uptime for your Minions). You also get Podtender which is essentially a cheat death, which is very handy for progression and covers up for some accidental deaths (just don't say anything, and hopefully, nobody will notice that you died!).

Korayn (Recommended for AOE)

You will also have the option of using Korayn, which comes with the insanely powerful trait First Strike, which is ideal for Mythic Plus or Raid Encounters with consistent add spawns. Having 25% additional Critical Strike provides a strong AoE burst potential, so you definitely want to utilize Korayn when there are frequent add spawns. He also provides Wild Hunt Tactics, which gives you 10% additional damage in your opener (Army of the Dead and all of your other cooldowns). This trait also multiplies with Unholy BlightMastery: DreadbladeHarvest Time, and Eternal Hunger.

Soulshape - This ability is fantastic for Death Knights. As mentioned before in the Wraith Walk section, the movement for Death Knights is one of their weakest points. However, this ability completely counters that weakness and gives you a reliable mobility spell that makes heavy movement fights much more accessible.


While Venthyr is currently not the best Covenant for Unholy Death Knight, that does not mean that it is all bad. It can be better than Necrolord in Mythic Plus if you plan on doing large pulls and are not using the Bursting Sores build. Venthyr comes with the two notable Soulbinds, Nadjia the Mistblade and Theotar The Mad Duke.

Nadjia the Mistblade

Nadjia can be strong in Single target, as she comes with her main trait Thrill Seeker. Sadly you don’t have much control over when you get the haste buff, so it can be hard to get the full value out of it. However, if it aligns with your second Army of the Dead it can do some serious work. She also has another trait that synergizes very well with Rune of the Fallen Crusader; that trait is Exacting Preparation. Not only does it provide its usual bonus to Spectral Flask of Power and the Well Fed buff, but it also gives an additional 3% strength to your Rune of the Fallen Crusader proc, upping it to 18% strength. Dauntless Duelist is also a decent trait to take for Single target encounters, applying a debuff on your first target, which increases the damage you deal to them by 3%.

Theotar the Mad Duke (Recommended for Single Target & AOE)

This soulbind currently seems to be the best overall for Venthyr, particularly in AOE, as you gain a lot of mastery from Soothing Shade. This gives your Ghoul, Army of the DeadClawing Shadows/Scourge StrikeBursting SoresEpidemic, and a multitude of other abilities a hefty buff during those 12 seconds, resulting in some crazy burst damage. However, in a similar fashion to Thrill Seeker, it’s very unreliable but has a huge payoff if it procs during your cooldowns. One of the reasons why Venthyr is not as strong as Necrolords is because buffs like Soothing Shade and Thrill Seeker are just not as consistent as the traits provided by Plague Deviser Marileth and Bonesmith Heirmir.

Venthyr also comes with its two abilities:

Swarming Mist - This ability does mediocre Single target damage but can do a lot of work when there are multiple targets; it also scales with your Mastery: Dreadblade. Using this ability around multiple targets will provide you with a lot of Runic Power, which you can then use on Epidemic casts for some strong AOE damage. Other than that, Swarming Mist is a mediocre cooldown that will line up for most Dark Transformation casts, which can be good when combined with the Deadliest Coil legendary effect to extend your Abomination even further; however it’s not that big of a gain.

Door of Shadows - This is a valuable ability for Death Knights as mobility is one of their main weaknesses. While not as good as Night Fae’s Soulshape, it still proves to be a helpful tool to cover a significant distance in a short amount of time. Tools like this are handy in fights like Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, when you need to reach a rune in time before Grim Portent finishes. It takes your character straight from your current position to your targeted position, which makes it useful for any form of ‘Beam’ mechanics, such as the Annihilating Glare on Eye of the Jailer. You can teleport over it, allowing you to ignore the mechanic completely.


Kyrian is not very strong at all, and because of this, I won’t be going into too much detail about it, but I will note some things. Kyrian is pretty much a pure Single target covenant choice, and it does not provide much, if any AOE and is generally avoided.

With Kyrian, the only notable Soulbind is Forgelight Prime Mikanikos, because in 9.1, they added a couple of new traits to him that actually make him pretty good; these traits are Soulglow Spectrometer, which gives you a passive damage increase, and Effusive Anima Accelerator, which provides you with a bit of cleave damage after using Shackle the Unworthy.

When playing as a Kyrian, you will gain access to these abilities:

Shackle the Unworthy - As said before, this is a Single target ability with some cleave potential. However, it is an underwhelming ability for Unholy Death Knights compared to the other Covenant abilities.

Summon Steward - If you would like a living companion instead of just dead ones, then Kyrian will give you access to a Steward (more commonly referred to as, Swolekin) that will provide you with 3 uses of Phial of Serenity which can be a useful way to clear any bleed effects or have an additional potion to top up your health up should you need it. They can also give your teammates a thumbs up for doing a good job, a nice little bonus from this swole and loyal companion.

Soulbinds and Conduits

Necrolord Soulbind Pathing

Plague Deviser Marileth


Bonesmith Heirmir


Night Fae Soulbind Pathing





Venthyr Soulbind Pathing

Nadjia the Mistblade


Theotar the Mad Duke (Single Target)


Theotar the Mad Duke (Mythic Plus)


Conduit Discussion

Eternal Hunger - By far the best Conduit for Unholy Death Knight. This Conduit is a must-have as most of our damage comes from Apocalypse Ghouls, Army of the Dead Ghouls, and Dark Transformation. A small note, though, just like Unholy Pact, the increased minion damage from Eternal Hunger will only last for the original 18 seconds of Dark Transformation (after which it will fall off). It does not extend past this time with the Deadliest Coil legendary effect.

Convocation of the Dead - This Conduit received a huge buff in 9.2, giving you additional Festering Wound damage, making this conduit scale well on AoE, especially when paired with Infected Claws and Bursting Sores. The cooldown reduction component of this Conduit solves an issue that Unholy has had since Shadowlands pre-patch, which is Apocalypse alignment with the rest of your cooldowns. Without this Conduit, it is usually not worthwhile to hold Dark Transformation and Unholy Blight to align it with Apocalypse (I will discuss this more in the ‘Cooldowns & When To Use Them’ section).

Free Death Coil casts from Sudden Doom. However, as this Conduit has received a buff in 9.2, it has become quite potent, edging out over Adaptive Armor Fragment in single target. However, for Necrolord and Night Fae, this Conduit will lose value over the Covenant conduits once you can use the Covenant legendary effects. You want to replace it once you have access to the Unity legendary effect (with either Brutal Grasp or Withering Ground, respectively).

Adaptive Armour Fragment - This Conduit came in 9.1 and has proven to be a nice stat bonus and a decent DPS increase for single target. However, in 9.2, it is now outperformed by other options (such as Embrace Death) in single Target.

Brutal Grasp - With the buffs to this Conduit in 9.2, you will want to use this Conduit in single target encounters as your third option once you have acquired the Unity legendary effect. Without this legendary power, Brutal Grasp is sadly not strong enough to compete in single target, although this Conduit is still quite strong in AoE and provides a lot of burst potential. Even then, with the additional buffs to Convocation of the Dead, it is only to be used as a third option, so you will not be using Brutal Grasp over Convocation of the Dead when playing with Bonesmith Heirmir in AoE scenarios.

Impenetrable Gloom - If you are playing as a Venthyr in Mythic Plus, this Conduit also has a lot of AOE potential. The same rules apply for this Conduit as Brutal Grasp for Necrolord. Not very good on Single target, but decent for AOE.

Withering Ground - You will always want to use this Conduit when playing Night Fae, as you should also be playing with Defile. These two go hand in hand as the Conduit will buff Defile, which gains damage from each tick and scaling with Mastery: Dreadblade

Hardened Bones - Having an extra on-demand 12.0% damage reduction (at 252 and enhanced) is a significant gain for Death Knight, while already being very tanky in general. This Conduit is a must-have.

Condensed Anima Sphere - This Conduit is simple and doesn’t need much discussion; it helps your healers and gives you a little bit of extra survivability.

Fleeting Wind - As Death Knights have pretty poor mobility, this Conduit just makes your Death’s Advance a bit better and provides you with a large movement speed burst. This is useful on fights like Painsmith Raznal during the intermission if you are close to getting Spiked.

Spirit Drain - You generally take this when you are doing Mythic Plus or an encounter with many interruptions, as free runic power is a DPS gain after all. Depending on the fight, taking Fleeting Wind could probably be better if there are periods of quick/heavy movement required, even if there are interrupts, simply because mobility is that dire for Death Knights.

Chilled Resilience - This essentially makes your Icebound Fortitude a 2.5-minute cooldown (at 252 and enhanced), which can be very good on specific fights depending on their length. During progress, it is definitely worth considering if you can get an extra use of Icebound Fortitude when taking this conduit.

Reinforced Shell - With the nerfs to Anti-Magic Zone in 9.1; this conduit has lost a lot of value. You generally only use it with Bonesmith Heirmir as you have the spare Endurance slot, and no other Endurance conduit is worth taking.


Frenzied Monstrosity  (Single Target & AOE)

During Dark TransformationFrenzied Monstrosity gives you and your Abomination an additional 12% damage and attack speed. This transforms your Dark Transformation into a relatively pseudo-solid damage amplifier. This legendary is now the best option for almost every scenario, mainly due to the amount of Crit that we have going into Season 4, as well as the additional secondary stats we will gain throughout the gearing process in Season 4. In previous Seasons we would use Deadliest Coil as our Single Target legendary because it would extend our Dark Transformation and also reduce our Death Coil runic power cost. However, now we have more secondary stats, flat damage amps like Frenzied Monstrosity, in conjunction with large quantities of secondary stats scale better than the increased duration of Dark Transformation (provided by Deadliest Coil). So because of that, Frenzied Monstrosity is now the go-to legendary for Unholy in Season 4 for almost all situations.

Slot: Back - Grim-Veiled Cape (Haste + Mastery)

Deadliest Coil (Single Target)

Deadliest Coil is a Single Target legendary for all Covenants except Night Fae. It extends your Dark Transformation, which is a considerable portion of your damage. It also increases the cooldown reduction rate of your Army of the Dead and Apocalypse when used with Army of the Damned (due to more Death Coil casts overall). This legendary also makes Death Coil a priority over Epidemic in 2-3 target scenarios while Dark Transformation is active. The increased uptime on your Dark Transformation will result in more cleave damage from your Abomination, which works out to be better than the cleave Epidemic does on that number of targets.This legendary power results in a positive feedback loop, allowing you to use one of your best cooldowns more often, resulting in a significant single-target gain. However, with the high amounts of Crit that we have going into Season 4, as well as all of the additional Crit we will be getting, Frenzied Monstrosity pulls ahead of this legendary in Single Target now. I will say though that Deadliest Coil can still be useful in niche scenarios where you are able to fit in an extra Army of the Dead  in a boss fight, due to the Death Coil costing less Runic Power, so this is a niche scenario worth considering sometimes.

Slot: Back - Grim-Veiled Cape (Haste + Mastery)

Death’s Certainty (Night Fae Single Target)

Death’s Certainty is your best Single Target legendary when using Night Fae. The main reason is that it will significantly help keep your Death’s Due stacks throughout an encounter, which is the bread and butter of Night Fae Unholy Death Knight. The more time we can cast and use Death’s Due, the more we benefit from Withering GroundDefileField of Blossoms, as well as the additional strength from Death’s Due itself. Altogether, this makes for a very potent legendary that should always be played over Deadliest Coil when using Night Fae. Your Army of the Dead timers will not be as short as they are with Deadliest Coil (due to fewer Death Coil casts). However, this is only a minor difference, and you should still easily be able to use a second Army of the Dead in a 5-minute encounter. 


Pre-Tier Set: Neck- Shadowghast Necklace (Haste + Mastery)

5 Tier Pieces: Back - Shadowghast Helm (Haste + Mastery)

Reanimated Shambler (Night Fae AOE & Large AOE situations)

This legendary plays very well with the Night Fae Infected Claws & Bursting Sores build. The build entirely relies on popping as many Festering Wound stacks as possible, as Bursting Sores will do most of your AOE damage. Reanimated Shambler applies a large amount of Festering Wound stacks and does a respectable amount of damage in the process. Combined with the additional strength gained from Death’s Due, this is a very potent build for Mythic Plus, although you will need to make sure you are doing large pulls to get the most out of this legendary (‘De Other Side’ Ardenweald trash pulls are an excellent example of this). Reanimated Shambler has a random proc rate of 1.75 procs per minute, which results in maybe one or two per pack. However, it is worth noting that this legendary is quite behind the other options for single target, so you might be better off using Frenzied Monstrosity on Tyrannical weeks.

Slot: Waist - Shadowghast Waistguard (Haste + Mastery)

Unity (Second Legendary / Covenant Legendary)

In 9.2, we will be able to use the Unity Legendary Effect, which can be equipped simultaneously as a normal class-based legendary. The Unity Legendary Effect will give you the legendary effect of your current Covenant; each Covenant has its own unique legendary: 

Necrolord: Abomination’s Frenzy 

This effect will add a significant buff to your Abomination Limb, consequentially making Brutal Grasp better than Embrace Death for your third potency conduit slot in single target. This legendary effect also changes when you are using Abomination Limb. Instead of using it early to get Kevin's Oozelings debuff applied just before your cooldowns, you instead want to make sure you to line it up with Unholy BlightDark TransformationApocalypse and Army of the Dead to get the most value out of the extra damage debuff it applies, as it only lasts for 12 seconds. This can cause some issues in strict 5 minute encounters, as your Abomination Limb will not line up with your last Army of the Dead if you use it with your other cooldowns, so the best way to use it in that scenario is with your Unholy BlightDark Transformation and Apocalypse as you will miss a use if you are holding it for your second Army of the Dead.

Night Fae: Rampant Transference

This legendary power increases the maximum strength potential of your Death’s Due by up to 20% and extends the buff duration from this ability, resulting in the possibility of consistently keeping your Death’s Due stacks when combined with Defile. In 9.2, we are able to have this legendary effect as well as Death’s Certainty or Deadliest Coil, together making Night Fae strong enough to be a viable alternative to Necrolord.

Venthyr: Insatiable Hunger

This legendary effect is extremely lackluster for single target encounters and, sadly, a bit of a letdown. This puts Venthyr Unholy Death Knight even lower down on the list compared to Night Fae and Necrolord. It could see some use in huge trash pack pulls when using the Venthyr Mythic Plus build, but as it is capped to 5 targets, the Bursting Sores Night Fae build and Necrolord Mythic Plus build will beat it in that scenario as well (as they are not target capped). When using this legendary, you will want to make sure to use Death Coil and/or Epidemic as much as possible before the end of your Swarming Mist window to get the most damage out of this legendary effect.

Kyrian: Final Sentence

In a similar fashion to Venthyr, this legendary effect is also a very poor performer compared to Necrolord and Night Fae. In single target encounters, you will only get a 4% damage buff after using Shackle the Unworthy, which is very mediocre compared to Abomination’s Frenzy with its 12% damage buff.

Slot: Waist - Shadowghast Waistguard (Haste+Mastery)


Noteworthy Gear

Old Warrior’s Soul

Old Warrior’s Soul - This trinket is from Sylvanas Windrunner in Sanctum of Domination and is one of the best trinkets in the game for Death Knight. With the current tuning of other trinkets, Old Warrior’s Soul is one of the go-to trinkets in Season 4 despite the nerf it has received. It gives an insanely strong Haste bonus, which then allows you to optimize your stats and go for more Mastery & Crit, as this trinket will cover a large portion of your Haste.

The First Sigil

The First Sigil - As Inscrutable Quantum Device is not in the Season 4 dungeon loot table, we will want to use The First Sigil in its place, as it is the best trinket to compliment Army of the Dead burst windows. It does suffer if the fight does not last long enough to get a second use of the trinket, but even in that scenario it is still solid and will be a significant gain to your first Army of the Dead.

Gavel of the First Arbiter

Gavel of the First Arbiter - This is the best weapon for Unholy, and it drops from The Jailer. Not only does it provide a solid amount of throughput on its own, but you can also proc your 4 set bonus Harvest Time from the soul that it spawns. From this you will gain the 50% increased damage for Army of the Dead, as well as the additional damage Gavel gives you from its own effects. This means that you will always want to try and pair this with Army of the Dead. The 4-minute cooldown will always line up with Abomination Limb, so if you can only get one more use of Army of the Dead before the boss dies, it is worth holding it to align it with Gavel of the First Arbiter and Abomination Limb.

Mechagon Rings: Overclocking Bit Band & Logic Loop of Division

With the return of Operation Mechagon in Season 4, you will want to make sure you pick up both of these rings for Unholy, as the bonus from these two rings in combination is very strong in comparison to using two other rings, including Soulwarped Seal of Menethil. These are the two rings you will want to acquire.

Overclocking Bit Band And Logic Loop of Division

You are mainly after the Haste proc from attacking enemies from behind, but both of the rings also come with a nice amount of stats as well. The haste proc from these two rings is better than the increased damage to Virulent Plague from Soulwarped Seal of Menethil in Single Target scenarios. However, Soulwarped Seal of Menethil does pull ahead in AOE scenarios, so you will ideally want to get a Soulwarped Seal of Menethil as well for large AOE encounters/Mythic Plus.

Soulwarped Seal of Menethil

Soulwarped Seal of Menethil - A powerful ring that comes from Anduin Wrynn. It’s very straightforward and just applies a debuff to enemies you damage, which increases the damage of your diseases (Blood Plague, Virulent Plague & Frost Fever). On paper, this looks like it would scale very well with the legendary effect Superstrain; however, it is not enough to be worth taking over other legendaries as Unholy Death Knight. It is also worth noting that this ring procs based on % HP of a target and will have a lower proc rate when the target is at lower health values, which makes this ring gain much more value in fights where there are frequent add spawns. In Season 4 this ring is outdone by the Mechagon Ring combination (see above) for Single Target/ Cleave scenarios. However, Soulwarped Seal of Menethil is still very potent in +5 targets scenarios, so I would still recommend getting this ring for Mythic Plus and boss encounters with a lot of adds, Kel’Thuzad as an example.

Season 4 Tier Set Bonus

The Tier Set bonuses from 9.2 Sepulcher of the First ones will remain in Season 4, but you will be able to create Tier Pieces from other pieces of gear from the other Fated raids by using the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis.

Your Tier Set is a vital part of your Unholy Death Knight, so you will want to acquire these bonuses as soon as possible!

Everybody has been waiting for the long-awaited return of tier sets, and in 9.2, they are finally coming back! I will be going over the tier set bonuses for Unholy Death Knight and where the tier pieces drop!

2 Piece Bonus - Harvest Time

This is a decent 2 piece bonus, although there’s not a lot you can interact with, since in practice, it simply provides you with extra damage through additional ghouls and Soul Reaper casts. It will summon a minion for 15 seconds. However, in reality, this ghoul will only last for 11 seconds, as it has a 4 second spawn time just like the ghouls from Army of the Dead and Apocalypse. This bonus shines during execute phases, working alongside your regular Soul Reaper casts. The Soul Reapers that it applies will not override any that you currently have on your target but will increase Soul Reapers duration by an additional 5 seconds. Don’t worry; your previous Soul Reaper will still trigger normally, so keep using Soul Reaper on cooldown during execute.  

4 Piece Bonus - Harvest Time

Unholy Death Knight execute is already very strong; this set bonus only adds to that strength. This will make our Army of the Dead do 20% increased damage during execute, which makes Unholy Death Knight one of the best if not the best execute class in the game. As long as you cast Soul Reaper on cooldown, you will be able to have near 100% uptime on this buff during the execute phase. The 2 set also applies Soul Reaper, which is also very handy as it means we can afford to move away from the boss here and there without dropping the Harvest Time buff. This set makes late or double Bloodlust fights very good for Unholy Death Knight. This set bonus also uses AOE as you can use Soul Reaper on low health adds that are about to die and snipe a quick buff. This will be very strong on fights that have frequent add spawns, as you will be able to get uptime on this buff before the boss is within execute range. Overall an excellent tier set, and you will want to get this set as soon as possible!

Where do I get the Tier Set? 

The pieces of this tier set are primarily located in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, and each piece will drop from a boss in the raid:

Head: Visage of the First Eidolon from Anduin Wrynn

Shoulders: Shoulderplates of the First Eidolon from Lords of Dread

Chest: Carapace of the First Eidolon from Rygelon

Hands: Gauntlets of the First Eidolon from Lihuvim

Legs: Chausses of the First Eidolon from Halondrus

You can also acquire these tier pieces from any of your Weekly Vault options, so make sure to fill in those slots to have a chance at getting a tier piece!

As mentioned before, you will be able to access the Catalyst of Creation and craft tier pieces out of gear from your weekly vault, armor pieces from other Fated Raids/Bosses and Cosmic Flux. This is a great way for you to forge any tier pieces you are missing or start forging a tier set without having to enter or wait for Sepulcher of the First Ones Fated raid.