The Burning Crusade ClassicSurvival Hunter Pvp

Phase 1

Last Updated: 1st Jun, 2021


Hi my name is Bean. I play and stream wow for the majority of the day. As of lately it's been classic but I also play world of warcraft retail. I mainly play pvp, but I'm just a super big nerd and do everything in this game.

I've competed in tournaments in classic and retail. I am North Americas 2016 Regional Champion AND placed 2nd during Blizzcon 2016 with team Method. I got 4th place during the CDL on classic as a hunter. In retail I'm a feral main in classic and going into BC Classic I will be playing a hunter. The reason why I play a hunter is because it stands out to me, and there is a lot of skill and engagement required with the class.


Some of these talents are interchangeable; you could replace a point from Counterattack and 1 from Expose Armor to Thrill of the Hunt.

It all comes down to personal preference and I prefer to play with Counterattack because it has good synergy with Deterence. It can sometimes be very useful with its random procs and can be extremely annoying for melee's like rogues and warriors which can kill you if they have any uptime.

You could also replace the 2 talent points from Efficiency and add them to Rapid Killing instead for a shorter cooldown on Rapid Fire.


For phase 1 you'll want to use this.

The meta gem will vary based on if you're a horde or alliance. If you are playing as an orc you want the Powerful Earthstorm Diamond.


Stats for pvp are usually centered around resilience + stamina especially as a hunter since most of your games will be prolonged. Intellect is another really important stat for hunters as Aspect of the Viper regeneration is directly linked to your int pool. Basically the more int you have the faster you regenerate mana in this aspect which means you'll be enchanting 30+ int on weapons and even gemming int at times.



Your best PVP races will be : ORC > everything else and if you refuse to be an orc i'd say tauren > belf > troll. This is because Orcs still have the same stun resistance passive racial as before but it was nerfed to 15%. This can be extremely helpful fighting any stun classes and it will be even better with the stun meta gem. Blood fury now affects range attack power so that's big damage, as a side trick you can also reset wound and/or mortal strike debuff with your blood fury and when it wears off you will not have stacks or mortal strike debuff up. Also orcs gain pet damage so even for PVE orc is best.

Tauren have war stomp that could be clutch and useful in some situations but isn't as good as the orc racial.

Belf have the same utility, basically as taurens where you have a situational silence which could be useful but just not as good as the orc racials.

Troll is just a troll.


As Alliance your best PVP races will be: Dwarf > Night Elf > Draenei. Rogues are one of the toughest classes to fight in general especially as a hunter. Crippling poison makes it very hard to escape rogues along with the stacking wound poison for healing reduction makes it hard to survive, stoneform removes all these and bleeds for 8 seconds.

Night Elf can be useful in some situations to get a shadowmeld drink but for the most part if you play properly with aspect of the viper and you manage your mana efficiently you should be able to get off a few ticks of drinks by using feign death.

Dreanei the great thing about this race is you look unique.


You want to max out first aid for those clutch moments you get out of line and heal yourself up. Other than that you just want to pick up some star's tears for arena water. Pet food and arrows since some of your games might get long if played properly.


  • First Aid - You need it for Bandages.
  • Enchanting - 4+ stats on both rings but this won’t be available during the first season so you will have to wait for the second arena season.
  • Jewelcrafting - Some unique gems that can give you a little boost.
  • Engineering - foremans reinforced helmet, this helm is extremely good but you do miss out on the meta gem. But probably worth it if you are going to craft this helmet. The nigh invulnerability belt is also something to play around with and some random gadgets like goblin rocket launcher.


When to go offensive:

The best and most common way to win as a survival hunter in arenas is the mana bar. Using Viper Sting off cd is your main tool alongside using your Rapid Fire for when the enemy is either out of mana or during a CC chain with either your Scatter into trap or Wvyern Sting.

Every situation during an arena match is always going to be unique so scripting (to use the same way every game) offensive cds usually isn't going to be the best in every situation in TBC because of the natural RNG of TBC.

Your only real offensive CD is going to be rapid fire which is a 5 minute CD or 3 if specced alongside your offensive trinket if you're using one. As survival, your goal is mainly to wither out your opponents with viper stings and "dampen". Ideally you want to set up a CC chain on one of the players and have the other player in a slow, root or stun using Rapid Fire -> Aimed Shot -> Multishot/Arcane for a burst. In general aimed shot is your most impactful offensive ability in pvp situations. Try to get it off as often as possible to take advantage of improved wing clip procs, counterattack, entrapment or even out of traps.

When to use defensive spells:

As a survival hunter your defensives are very limited, Detterence, Stone Form (if applicable), Feign Death, and kiting. Sometimes as a hunter using your cc's like Scatter/Trap/Wvyern defensively on the enemy damage dealer is the most effective and right thing to do while using Viper Sting on a healer.

Hunters are very fragile if they are attacked by melee and have little to no ways out especially vs casters like frost mages. Positioning is the most important thing as a hunter and coordination with your partners to get you breathing room to get away from situations like these.

Using your crowd controls like scatter shot, freezing/frost trap, and wyvern sting is always going to be your best defensive. Creating distance with CC is a major part of keeping you alive as a hunter. A good example of how to use your CC defensively is if you imagine you're fighting a druid and a warrior, you have to keep in mind that a druid does NOT have magic dispel in BC Classic. To take advantage of this you want to scatter and trap the warrior to isolate the druid this is going to allow you to recover and get a positional advantage and you can even set up your healer for drinks. Look for these situations while fighting other comps like rogue/druid or warrior shaman. Running into compositions with dispells (priest/paladin) will come more down to raw positioning and cross CC'ing from your partners to secure full CC chains and give you the breathing room you need.


The overall rotation consists of steady shot, aimed shot, arcane shot, multishot, and a LOT of auto shots.

Aimed shot will be the most effective tool in PVP if allowed to get off since it comes with 50% reduced healing debuff and can hit very hard. Unfortunately it’s hard to get off as it's a 2.5 second cast.

Arcane shot is very useful and does a good amount of damage in BC Classic and on top of that also dispels 1 magic effect on your target! This can be extremely useful against almost any class.

Mutli-shot does good damage but is mana inefficient.

Steady Shot is more so a spell that you use in your PVE rotation. Its use comes from if the enemy is standing in the open like a target dummy and is not line of sighting. This is a very good filler between aimed shot / arcane shot / mutli-shot.

Keep in mind you do NOT want to over use your abilities as a survival hunter, your win condition is mainly the enemy mana bar. You want to be conserative with your mana until the enemy is lower on mana and/or cooldowns so your damage becomes naturally more effective.  Don't go crazy spamming abilities take it slow and steady when fighting healing teams, auto shot is your best friend.


2V2 Arena Comp

From my experience:

  • Hunter Resto Druid is the strongest 2v2 comp you can play.
  • Hunter DPriest is also very strong.
  • Hunter rogue can be a good double DPS variant.
  • Surprisingly, hunter mage felt really strong too.

3V3 Arena Comp

From my experience:

  • Hunter Dpriest Rdruid, the classic double healer is very strong but requires a certain taste for the dampening.
  • Hunter lock priest/druid, mainly a drain comp based on letting your warlock slowly rot the team as you mana drain the healer and watch them suffer.
  • Hunter Mage priest, a comp i recently played and as weird as it sounds it actually works very nicely, a lot of the games were resetting after getting cooldowns. Great amount of cc, mana burning and burst.

What classes do you struggle with

The classes I struggle with the most are warlocks, rogues, and mages.

Warlocks are the most difficult because they're very tanky with their soul link and insane amounts of rot damage. They also have a really strong CC with spammable fears. To be frank, you should never beat a warlock.

Rogues can be extremely difficult depending on what comp you are against. The stacking wound poison of rogue and crippling makes your character basically unplayable as you need at least 5 yards to shoot. You will be stuck within melee range getting stunned off CD. The counterplay to this is either using CC to peel the rogue off of you for a long enough time to drop these poisons or to use stone form, deterence, and fishing for improved wingclips (or counterattacks). This is what makes comps like Priest rogue extremely hard for hunters with dispel for your CC on rogue. While fighting comps like rogue restro druid you can land CC on rogue and fully reset your poison and positioning.

Mages are the ones you would think would be the easiest to go against for hunters. I'm sure most of you have heard mages hating viper sting. At lower skill levels a hunter can usually beat out the mages with ease using viper sting and avoiding them as much as possible. At the higher level of play mages will dead zone hunters much better and have better mana management (example saving a mana gem for a burst or evocation for a time they won't be stopped). The skill cap of this match up can vary a lot but from my experiences mages along with their comps can be very hard for a hunter and their comps.


Recommended Addons:

  • Bigdebuffs
  • Sarena
  • Itemrack
  • Omnibar
  • Weaponswingtimer
  • Weakauras


Steady Shot Macro

#showtooltip steady shot 
/cast !auto shot 
/cast steady shot 
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()

Toggle pet abilities macro

/click PetActionButton4 RightButton

/click PetActionButton5 RightButton

Spammable auto shot

/cast !auto shot

Adds arena 1 to focus

/focus [@arena1]

Adds arena 2 to focus

/focus [@arena2]

Adds arena 3 to focus

/focus [@arena3]

Casts wyvern sting on focus

/cast [@focus] wyvern sting

Casts concussive shot on focus

/cast [@focus] concussive shot

Casts arcane shot on focus

/cast [@focus] arcane shot

Casts hunters mark rank 1 on focus

/cast [@focus] Hunter's Mark(Rank 1)

Casts viper sting on focus

/cast [@focus] viper sting

Casts scatter shot on focus

/cast [@focus] scatter shot

Casts scare beast on focus

/cast [@focus] scare beast

Makes your pet attack focus

/petattack [@focus]