Survival Hunter Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 9th Aug, 2022
Symex Survival Hunter Author


Best Covenant

Night Fae: Best raiding covenant once we unlock double legendary. 

Wild Spirits is similar to Resonating Arrow, which is a cooldown with both AoE and single-target scaling. 

Kyrian: Overall, the best covenant for survival hunters for mythic+ and best raiding covenant before we unlock double legendaries.

The Kyrian covenant provides survival with a much-needed DPS cooldown in Resonating Arrow which is good in AoE and single target.


The conduits listed below are the ones most useful to you.

Potency Conduits

Strength of the Pack Increases all your damage whenever your Kill Command reset.

Deadly Tandem Increases the duration of Coordinated Assault

Enfeebled Mark Increases your damage to all enemies affected by Resonating Arrow.

Spirit Attunement Increases the duration of Wild Spirits by 3 seconds and increases its damage.

Finesse Conduit

Reversal of Fortune Regenerates focus if you successfully interrupt with Muzzle.

Cheetah's Vigor Increases the secondary duration of Aspect of the Cheetah by 3 seconds and reduces its cooldown.

Endurance Conduit

Marksman's Advantage reduces your damage taken by targets affected by Hunter's Mark.

Resilience of the Hunter reduces the damage taken once you Feign Death.

Condensed Anima Sphere heals you when you take damage with a 10-second cooldown.

Soulbinds and Conduits

Night Fae








Wildfire Cluster

Wildfire Cluster - Causes your Wildfire Bomb to explode an additional time for AoE damage.

This is your best AoE legendary. Once you unlock the tier 28 tier set, it will also be your best legendary for single target.

Optimal Slot: Pants


Unity has different effects depending on your covenant choice. The notable ones are:

  • Night Fae - Causes your Wild spirits to hit twice if it hits less than 5 targets
  • Kyrian - Causes your Resonating arrow casts to increase the crit rate of all your party members by 10%



Due to fated raids you can now pick your best single target and AoE trinkets from different raids. 

Currently, the best Survival Hunter trinkets are:

Puzzling Cartel Dinars

Puzzling Cartel Dinars are a season 4 feature which lets you deterministically buy a piece of gear without having to deal with the RNG of having it drop first.

Your highest priority for them is to buy a mythic Zovastrum, the Unmaking due to weapons giving you the biggest dps increase on a higher item level.

Tier 28

With the introduction of 9.2 and the Sepulcher of the First One's raid, we will now have access to a new tier set that will significantly boost our AoE and slightly boost our single target.

2 Set: Mad Bombardier - Kill commands reset have a 40% chance of making Wildfire Bomb incur no cooldown.

4 Set: Mad Bombardier - Wildfire Bomb damage is increased by 30%, and Mad Bombardier procs increase this to 80%.

You will want to play around the tier set by spamming kill command regardless of focus whenever you use a Pheromone bomb. This applies to both single-target and AoE situations.

It is NOT a damage increase to fish for procs outside the pheromon bomb windows in single-target and AoE.

More about this in the rotation section.