Retribution Paladin

Patch 8.2.5

Written by Narcolies Last Updated: 10th Nov, 2019

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite traits

Avenger’s Might: While Wings/Crusade is active your mastery is increased by 700 (amount varies based on the item level of your Azerite armor).

Empyrean Power: Your attacks have a chance to make your next Divine Storm free and deal additional damage.

Light’s Decree: The Holy Power you spend in wings/Crusade deals Holy damage per Holy power spent to all nearby enemies. This trait also increases wings/crusade by 5 sec.

Loyal to the End: Provides a stacking mastery buff for each person in the raid that uses this trait. You also gain an increased bonus when your friends in the raid with this trait die.

Relentless inquisitor: Spend Holy power to grant 16 haste for 12 sec per Holy Power spent, stacking up to 20 times (values vary based on the item level of your Azerite armor).

Expurgation: If your Blade of Justice crits, it will burn the target for Holy damage every 2 seconds over 6 seconds.

Recommended Azerite Traits

Azerite Essences

Recommended Essences


Major: Condensed Life

Minor: Vision of Perfection + Conflict and Strife

Or, you can run Blood as a Major, it all depends on the boss and your kill time.


Major: Vision of Perfection

Minor: Lucid Dreams + Conflict and Strife

Essences Overview

When it comes to what Essence to pick up for Paladin, it’s not as straightforward as you would hope for. It truly comes down to what the fights need and if there is AoE, single target, target swapping, burst and so on. The essence system is pretty great if you’re able to get mostly all the strong Essences to Rank 3.

Also a big thing about these essence will be the KILL TIME, if a fight lasts 3 min or 5 min or 3 min 30 sec, this will all change your essence pick.

Condensed Life Force

Condensed Life: Will Summon a Guardian for 30 seconds that will deal some damage to your main target every 2 sec and every 8 sec will deal some AoE damage as well. Now for the good part, every time the guardian cast a spell you gain 2% Haste stacking up to 5 times. It has a 3 minute cooldown.

The minor is just some single target damage that when it deals it, all damage you do vs that target is increased by 5% for 6 sec.

At the moment this is by far the best essence for single target. When you combine this with the Vision of Perfection minor your first and third wings will have this up. The minor is also pretty decent seeing as you always have it up during your burst window. The only downside is the 3 minute cooldown, so for some fights this is not worth it and for AoE I would always go with Blood of the enemy or vision of perfection.

Vision of Perfection

Vision of Perfection: Your spells and abilities have a chance to activate your Wings For 35% of the base duration and when it procs you and 2 other raiders will gain some haste. 

The Minor pretty much just reduces the cooldown of Wings slightly, really useful with Condensed life force or blood of the enemy.

I’d say this is the second best pick overall, on fights like Za’qul and so on this essence is really strong seeing as more windows to burst adds down or a lucky proc at the right time can give you a big damage boost that no other essence can compare to. Take note that if you play with crusade, you start at 1 stack if it procs and if you play with normal wings you will get a 100% crit on first tv.

Blood of the Enemy

Blood of The Enemy: Deal AoE damage around you when used and for the next 10 sec gain 25% crit Strike Chance and stack your minor faster. At rank 3 you also get, when used, 25% critical hit damage for 5 sec.

Minor: when you crit with your spells you gain  a stack of blood soaked, increasing your crit by a small amount, stacking up, once you get to 40 stacks you gain around 500 haste for 8 sec. Take note that at rank 3 you have a 25% chance to get the haste at 30 stacks instead of 40.

This essence is pretty big for nuking down AoE adds or single target prio adds, this is also the essence I used on our world first azshara kill, seeing as my job was to AoE adds and the second add in Phase 3. During the last phase i got 2 uses out of this.

The Crucible of Flame

The Crucible of flame: Cast a flame on the target dealing some damage, and you gain a stack making your next cast of flame do 100% more damage. This will reset after 3 stacks, 2 charges with a 30 second cooldown.

Minor: Spells have a chance to put a debuff on your target making it take some fire damage for 10 sec, stacking up to 3 times. A good essence for a minor slot if you don't have conflict and strife.

Pretty good Essence overall for pure single target dps. This one is always going to be a safe pick at rank 3, this is a pure single target essence. However, unless you have a 2 or 3 stack ready for when an add spawns your burst wont be as strong as some other essences and your AoE is pretty much 0 compared to the other. 

Memory of Lucid Dreams

Memory of Lucid Dreams: Increasing your holy generation by 100% for the next 15 seconds.

Minor:  Your Holy spenders has a small chance to refund 50% of the holy power used. First Refund is 1 holy power back, the second refund is 2 holy power back and then back to 1 and so on.

This is a full RNG essence. Because of this, it has a chance to be good, allowing you to just spam templars or it could just give you a bit more holy power for 12 seconds, making the other essence stronger overall. For that short 12 sec window you can unleash some insane damage if lucky. 

The minor for this is very strong and could be used in many places, the major is just lacking compared to others. Minor is very good in M+ or Za’qul.

Essence of the focusing iris

Essence of the focusing iris: when channeled, deal high fire damage to all enemies in front of you for 3 sec.

Minor: your spells have a chance to grant you haste for 4 seconds, stacking up to 10  times. But, if you swap target you lose the stacks.

Pretty much an AoE Essence. In my opinion, I can't really see many places this is used other than M+ or AoE bosses unless some tuning comes in and buffs it single target wise because you can't use spells in the channel. The minor is very strong and is used a lot.

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