Restoration Shaman Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 8th Aug, 2022
Thaner Restoration Shaman Author



All covenants seem to have their niche. Going into 9.2 with the option to freely swap covenants, we will most likely swap around depending on a fight and healing comp. If one is looking for the most rounded covenant that will perform well in early progression, I'd suggest sticking with Necrolord. With double legendary venthyr also shines as an easy and strong covenant in a raid environment.


For mythic+ the kyrian covenant with the new legendary Raging Vesper Vortex is a clear choice. Mythic+ dungeons are limited by time, and therefore, our selection is based on what gives us the most damage. That's what kyrian excels at.

Vesper totem provides a brief CD burst of damage/healing around the totem. On average, it's possible to do 5-8k overalls as long as our group plays clean. On top of everything, kyrian also has access to Phial of Serenity which is strong in Shadowlands dungeons due to the number of bleeds/diseases that shamans cant outplay.

Soulbinds and Conduits


As a necrolord, you want to use emeni as your soulbind during raid encounters. All necrolord soulbinds seem to be underwhelming this patch, but emeni still looks decent during raid progression.

As venthyr, we want to run Theotar. It's one of the strongest soulbinds, thanks to Coin of appreciation and Party Favors tea.

Potency: Swirling Currents

This is a great conduit which increases the healing of your next 3 Healing Surge, Healing Wave or Riptide after you cast Cloudburst Totem.

Potency: Heavy Rainfall

A decent conduit which increases the healing of your Healing Rain for 20 seconds after casting Healing Tide Totem, which can be useful during heavy raid damage events.

Potency: Tumbling Waves

A covenant-specific conduit that gives Primordial Wave a chance not to incur its cooldown. While it sounds good, it currently seems to be completely random and can proc off itself a couple of times or not proc at all during the whole fight, which is not ideal for healers. An important thing to note: when you get a proc, you NEED to cast Healing Wave before casting Primordial Wave again, so you don`t waste a proc...

Endurance: Vital Accretion

Endurance: Condensed Anima Sphere

Nice conduit that helps a bit with rot damage. Third choice for endurance conduit.

An amazing conduit, which increases your maximum health while your Earth Elemental is up. This makes Earth Elemental a decent defensive cooldown with an extremely long duration.

Finesse: Thunderous Paws

A nice conduit, which increases your movement speed after casting Ghost Wolf. It doesn’t have much of an impact on early ranks, but a higher rank of it provides you with a significant movement speed boost.

Finesse: Spiritual Resonance

Provides you with 4-18 seconds (based on the rank) of Spiritwalker’s Grace whenever you gain Bloodlust or any similar buff. This can be useful for repositioning during Bloodlust, however, the viability heavily depends on the moment when Bloodlust is used.

Finesse: Totemic Surge

Reduces the cooldown of your Tremor Totem, Capacitor Totem and Earthbind Totem. The viability heavily depends on whether you need to use these totems in the raid, meaning bosses with a Fear, Charm or Sleep effect, which can be removed with Tremor Totem, or bosses with adds which are not immune to CC.


If you are with the kyrian covenant, you want to pick Forgelite Prime Mikanikos in dungeons. It's a strong offensive soulbind that grants you extra haste on the pull and reduces the cooldown of your Vesper totem.

Potency: Swirling Currents

This conduit is very decent in Mythic+ settings since Healing Surge and Riptide are the primary sources of healing in the dungeon setting. Overall a strong pick if you need more healing output.

Potency: Elysian Dirge

A great conduit that increases our damage, especially on single target. Buffs both totems and legendary damage/healing. The go-to for dungeons.

Endurance: Condensed Anima Sphere

An excellent conduit that helps a bit with rot damage. The third choice for endurance conduits.

Endurance: Vital Accretion

An amazing conduit, which increases your maximum health whilst your Earth Elemental is active. This makes Earth Elemental a decent defensive cooldown with an extremely long duration.

Finesse: Totemic Surge

Reduces the cooldown of your Tremor Totem, Capacitor Totem and Earthbind Totem. Unlike in the raid, this conduit gets a lot of value in Mythic+ by default, allowing you to use CC and remove Fear mechanics much more often. Overall a very solid pick and gives a lot of extra utility.

Endurance: Refreshing Waters

Increases healing surge healing on yourself. Best choice in the endurance slot for keys. The amount of healing surges used in dungeons is absurd. It's a very strong conduit.


In patch 9.2, we are getting an option to wear two legendary items. One legendary is covenant specific, and the second one is flexible.

Because of that, I recommend the builds below:


Covenant legendary + Primal Tide Core

Primal tide core is, unfortunately, a very boring option, but it is still a very strong one. I`d recommend it with every covenant in raids as a default second legendary.


Covenant legendary + Deeptremor Stone

Deeptremor Stone is not the only option for our second legendary but most likely the strongest one. The damage potential of kyrian legendary + deeptremor stone makes other healing classes look weak, to say the least. The only issue might be aggro. Earth elemental tends to die fast, especially in high keys, making this legendary a double-edged sword. I will test it more in 9.2 and update if needed.


Tier set:

Patch 9.2 brings back class tier sets. The new tier set won't change our playstyle too much, but it encourages the use of chain heal, which was a very underrated spell throughout Shadowlands.

  • 2-set Heal the Soul - Your critical healing increases the critical chance of your next Chain Heal by 2%, stacking up to 50 times.
  • 4-set - Heal the Soul - Your Chain Heal critical hits reduce the remaining cooldown of one of your totems by 2 sec. Your Healing Stream Totem, Healing Tide Totem, Mana Tide Totem, and Spirit Link Totem now also cast Chain Heal when you drop them.

We are going to use 4 set in both raid and dungeons. It provides a good amount of extra HPS thanks to free Chain Heals being cast with the placement of our totems. The cooldown reduction part is tricky and requires us to hold most of our totems to force CDR on short cooldown totems like Vesper or Cloudburst. We might see it being a play in dungeons to maximize our damage potential with frequent Vespers, but that play style could be a double-edged sword, and I wouldn't recommend it to non-experienced shamans.

Patch 9.2.5

Interesting items to look for in 9.2.5 from raids/dungeons: