Restoration Shaman

Patch 8.3

Written by Chrispotter Last Updated: 6th Jan, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on PTR/early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

Azerite Traits

Best Raiding Traits

Spouting Spirits - Extended radius on Spirit Link and a nice chunk of raid healing on top. 2 or 3 of these traits will turn your Spirit Link into a full healing cooldown.

Overflowing Shores - Good to Grab one of these for the radius increase and additional healing on the healing rain cast.

Igneous Potential - If you run 3 of these traits you can do absurd DPS as a restoration shaman. 3 of these turn your lava burst into a deadly weapon and you can easily mimic damage dealing specs.

Average Raiding Traits

Ancestral Resonance - The mastery proc can be really strong on progress, and the extended lust duration is great too. However the extra mastery during bloodlust is often wasted because of bloodlusting the pull when there is little incoming damage. If you bloodlust during high healing times, this trait changes into a best raiding trait.

Turn of the Tide - On some fights it is great to grab one of these, greatly enhances your spot healing.

Ancient Ankh Talisman - A good trait to pick up for progress raiding, more Reincarnation = less wipes.

Weak Raiding Traits

Soothing Waters - Weak additional healing and only to your primary target.

Swelling Stream - Weak additional healing, does not contribute to Cloudburst despite it being active when using Cloudburst.

Surging Tides - When the raid is below 50% you will usually be chain healing, not riptiding. However can situationally be okay.


Best Major Essences

Vision of Perfection - Vision is already very good for resto shamans and in 8.3 Vision of Perfection it's getting buffed, making it a huge part of your healing. While this essence is very RNG dependent, on average its going to be very strong.

Memory of Lucid Dreams - Overall a strong essence, useful on all fights as extra mana is always good.

Life-Binder's Invocation - Gives you an extra button to press as a pseudo raid cooldown.

Best Minor Essences

Conflict and Strife - Flat versatility is very strong for healing output, damage output and survival. An all round great minor essence.

The Ever-Rising Tide - Provides intellect or mana back, providing a nice bonus to throughput via the Intellect and allows you to sustain higher throughput with the mana return. Rank 3 makes it especially strong.

Unwavering Ward - Its passive absorb and damage reduction is great, this will be a likely contender for your top 3 essences once you have it at rank 2 or 3.