Restoration Druid Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 10.1 Last Updated: 16th May, 2023
Heregellas Restoration Druid Author


Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Tier Set

The 2p is a flat healing bonus, including one for your Rejuvenation, one of your main source of healing. Nothing much gameplay-wise, but still a good upgrade.

The 4p bonus is very good (the Flourish-part being the most useful). It’ll improve the overall duration of your ramps, AND will empower them furthermore because of the double dip; if your Convoke procs a Flourish on its own during your ramp, your “real” Flourish cast just after will benefit from the +30% rate bonus tied to the first Flourish proc.


  • Rashok’s Molten Heart : An insanely good trinket, especially in raids, for healers, granting you mana, some additional healing, and Versatility to your friends, all of that passively.
  • Ominous Chromatic Essence : A very good trinket with different buffs, depending to which oathstone you attuned your trinket to. You can read more about the osthstones in our Dragonflight Oathstones Locations and Resonance Stat Buffs guide.
    • Bronze (Haste buff) - Thaldraszus
    • Ruby (Versatility buff) - Ruby Lifeshrine
    • Emerald (Crit buff) - Ohn’ahran Plains
    • Azure (Mastery buff) - Azure Span
    • Obsidian (Split between all 4 stats) - Wasking Shores


Embellishments can be added to your crafted Dragonflight gear, with a maximum of 2 embellished pieces of gear. Some crafted items act as embellished items by themselves due to their “Equipped” effect.

The most useful are:

  • Potion Absorption Inhibitor is good either for DPS or HPS since you can cast extra HoTs without any mana cost thanks to Potion of Chilled Clarity, or use it for DPS purposes with a DPS potion, generally at the start of an encounter, where you won’t need that much mana (think about Terros)
  • Magazine of Healing Darts is purely for healing, adding some extra healing darts to your spells with a pretty good value.
  • Elemental Lariat is a craft embedded with an embellishment, granting you extra secondary stats depending on your gems. If you have Haste gems, you’ll have a Haste buff. If you have multiple combinations of gems with multiple secondary stats, you will have a chance to proc any one of those secondaries. This is a very good craft overall, thanks to its effect, and the fact that you’ll have your desired stats on this necklace. Don’t forget to add 3 sockets to it!

Onyx Annulet & Primordial Stones

In the 10.0.7 patch, you’ll be able to obtain the Onyx Annulet, a kinda special ring without any secondary stats, and with three Primordial Sockets.

These sockets can hold specific gems tied to the patch, called Primordial Stones.

Throughout the patch, you’ll be able to create and upgrade these Primordial Stones thanks to a new currency (and with the help of a Jewelcrafter to upgrade them, up to 2 additional upgrades, from 411 item level to 424, enhancing their effect).

Do note that the item level of the Onyx Annulet, will be based of the average item level of the three Primordial Stones socketed into the ring, increasing the Stamina you’ll gain from the ring.

Each Primordial Stone is tied to a specific element (Arcane, Earth, Fire, Frost, Nature, Necromantic & Shadow), and this will help you during the creation process to target one of these elements when crafting a random Primordial Stone tied to it, thus reducing the randomness of it. There is no restriction tied to the elements when socketing your ring, you can put any Primordial Stone you want.

You can find a full list of the Primordial Stones in Method's List of All Primordial Stones and Condensed Magic Article.

There is another Primordial Stone, the Prodigious Sand Stone, which is currently missing from the database. I don’t know if this gem will be kept because of that, and if yes, in which category it’ll belong, though it probably will be tied to Nature due to its damage type.

The Primordial Stones you want to socket in your ring will probably depend on the content; damaging gems for M+, maybe more healing gems for raiding, and some defensive ones in some specific encounters.

However, I’ll list here some very good and specific set of options, in two categories (healing throughput, or DPS throughput).

The DPS & healing provided with one of the DPS/healing combinations is better than a 418 ring (2 to 3 times better for the DPS part, and ~30% better for the healing-part), even though it will only provide one only function (either pure DPS, or pure HPS, for maximum efficiency).

Each category (healing & DPS) will list 4 different good combinations, from the highest to the lowest gain (by a very slight margin). Even though the first combination listed will be the overall best, the other 3 are indeed very good.

Healing combinations

  1. Wild Spirit Stone + Exuding Steam Stone + Deluging Water Stone
  2. Cold Frost Stone + Exuding Steam Stone + Indomitable Earth Stone
  3. Wild Spirit Stone + Exuding Steam Stone + Indomitable Earth Stone
  4. Wild Spirit Stone + Exuding Steam Stone + Cold Frost Stone

DPS combinations

  1. Humming Arcane Stone + Storm Infused Stone + Flame Licked Stone
  2. Humming Arcane Stone + Storm Infused Stone + Freezing Ice Stone
  3. Freezing Ice Stone + Storm Infused Stone + Flame Licked Stone
  4. Humming Arcane Stone + Storm Infused Stone + Desirous Blood Stone