Restoration Druid

Patch 7.2

Written by Chrispotter Last Updated: 10th Jun, 2017


Hey guys! Welcome to our Resto Druid guide for patch 7.2 in Legion!

Resto Druids are one of the strongest and most versatile raid healers in the game at the moment. Through adjusting your talents and playstyle you are able to completely change the style of healing you are providing to the raid. Most of your healing is coming from your main HOT, Rejuvenation, as well as from good usage of Wild Growth and Efflorescence. The core of maximising your healing a Resto Druid is placing your rejuvs well and always trying to maximise your MASTERY to min max healing on targets that need it.

Resto Druids shine in 2 areas in particular: heavy consistent raid damage and high mobility fights. Due to the innate nature of HOT's, fights where your raid is low on health often or is taking ticking damage are where Druids really shine, this is reinforced with the talent Cultivation.

Mobility wise there is no better healer than Druid, as we are able to traverse the battlefield using Displacer Beast, Dash, Cat Form and even Travel Form when permitted. These abilities when matched with the fact that most of your healing comes from an instant cast spell, means that Druids are great for roaming around and avoiding mechanics.

As for survivability Barkskin on a low 1 minute cooldown as well as having Bear Form and Frenzied Regeneration ready at any moment means that you are able to survive hits that other classes may not survive without using their big defensive cooldowns!

If you want to discuss the guide, or talk Resto in general, you can also click on the image below and come to the Method Restoration channel!


Important Patch 7.2 and 7.2.5 Changes

In 7.2.5 we will receive some minor nerfs, this will put us in line with other classes as right now we are simply stronger than any other class during progression. On farm fights this might make us look the weakest but on progression Cultivation and Deep Roots value will be strong!

New traits

New Tomb of Sargeras tier set

  • 2p:  Swiftmend triggers up to 40% reduced cooldown based on the current health of your target. More reduced cooldown when used on a lower health target. - Not that special on its own but requires smart play with it to maximise your 4 Set uptime
  • 4p: Swiftmend increases your Efflorescence healing by 200% for 10 sec - The set bonus currently is mediocre, it was previously much stronger at 400% for 8 seconds. Disregarding ilvl it is not necessarily stronger than T19 bonus effects, however when paired with Soul of the Archdruid and Prosperity it will likely prove slightly stronger than T19 effects.