Protection Warrior

Patch 8.3

Written by Justwait Last Updated: 17th Jan, 2020

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

Good Traits

  • Bastion of Might - This provides a large boost to your offensive and defensive capabilities by increasing your mastery by 599 per trait alongside giving you a free Ignore pain upon using Avatar.
  • Deafening Crash - This trait increases the damage of your Thunder Clap alongside extending the duration of your Demoralizing Shout, besides it’s baseline defensive value by using the talents Unstoppable Force and Booming Voice this trait can be stacked to provide a sizable increase to dps for add based raid encounters and mythic plus.
  •  Iron Fortress - This trait provides you with one of the best middle grounds for offensive and defensive value within raid content while tanking, allowing you to deal damage while blocking attacks.

Average Traits

  • Brace for Impact - This trait gives you another offensive and defensive option while focusing on using Shield Slam as your dominant offensive option whilst also giving you the defensive value of increasing your block rating.
  • Bloodsport - This trait is very fight specific, and should generally be taken when dealing with a large amount of magical damage or otherwise unblockable incoming damage, the baseline interaction of Ignore Pain is enhanced and gives you a small amount of leech, however the increase to Ignore Pain is the better part of this trait.

Bad Traits

Callous Reprisal - Whilst providing a minor increase to your Revenge damage the adjoined damage reduction provided by the trait is lack luster, applications of this effect stack giving you a 1.5% passive mitigation however generally this trait is one of the weaker defensive options.

Recommended Azerite Traits




New Essences

The following Essences were all added in patch 8.3 and provide +10 corruption resistance. Although, this is unique and doesn't stack if you use several at once.

The Formless Void: This essence allows you to take someone else's slotted major essence (the on-use) at the cost of a longer cooldown. This essence will allow us to use special dps or healer essences which could create interesting situations. The passive increases our main stat when others use an essence, and has quite a high uptime. When you have rank 3, it also provides some haste for yourself and the person who last used their essence.

  • Major (Replica of Knowledge): Active ability which you target a friendly target with and mimic their major ability for 15 seconds.
  • Minor (Symbiotic Presence): Each time an ally uses an active Azerite Essence, you gain a stat buff for 20 seconds.

Touch of the Everlasting: A cheat death essence which also provides damage reduction and healing after triggering. It has a 10 minute cooldown. At rank 3 it will also reset the cooldown of Shield Wall when it happens. The passive will buff your active mitigation uptime by making Shield Block last longer if you drop to low health. Very situational and likely won't be used long-term, only while you are learning the fights.

  • Major (Touch of the Everlasting): Passive Cheat Death effect.
  • Minor (Will to Survive): When you drop below 35% you gain avoidance and increases your next use of active mitigation.

Strength of the Warden: This essence will give all tanks the option for an AoE taunt on a 2 minute cooldown. The passive provides healing when you dodge or parry. This essence is again very situational and currently is not expected to see much use.

  • Major (Vigilant Protector): Active AoE taunt on a 2 minute cooldown. Also increases your dodge chance for the duration at rank 2 and increases your damage dealt to them at rank 3.
  • Minor (Endurance): Passive healing when you dodge and parry. Also increases the max health of all tanks in your party or raid at rank 3.


Corruption Overview

A lot is still unclear about corruption items. This section will be updated when the patch is released.