Outlaw Rogue Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 16th Aug, 2022
Guy Outlaw Rogue Author


Kyrian - Echoing Reprimand deals arcane damage, generates 2 combo points, and animacharges the 2nd, 3rd or 4th combo point. Finishers used on the matching animacharged combo point deal damage as if it were 7 combo points. 45 second cooldown.

Venthyr - Flagellation deals shadow damage and causes each of your combo points spent to deal reduced shadow damage for 12 seconds. Each combo point spent also grants 1% haste that lasts for 12 seconds afterward. It has a 2-minute cooldown.

Necrolord: Serrated Bone Spike deals physical damage and causes the target to bleed every 3 seconds. This effect lasts until death, and It has a 30-second cooldown and three charges.

Night Fae: Sepsis causes the target to take nature damage over 10 seconds. If the target lives, they take another burst of nature damage, and you gain 1 use of any stealth ability for 5 seconds. The cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds if it does not last its full duration.


  • Kyrian - Great
  • Venthyr - Good
  • Necrolord - Great
  • Night Fae - Bad

Mythic Plus

  • Kyrian - Great
  • Venthyr - Good
  • Necrolord - Great
  • Night Fae - Bad

Soulbinds and Conduits


The general rule of thumb for soulbinds across the board is that you always want to use Count the Odds. Sleight of Hand, or the covenant conduit are usually your 2nd and 3rd option. Depends on the covenant, so make sure to check the soulbind calculators below.

Once you unlock the 2 set bonus for Outlaw, you want to switch the Sleight of Hand to Triple Threat. This is due to the fact that the procs of Triple Threat can proc our Mastery which gives us slightly more procs of it.

The finesse and endurance conduits are mostly personal preferences.

















Night Fae:






Concealed Blunderbuss

When Sinister Strike hits an additional time, there is a 40% chance that your next Pistol Shot will fire 3 additional times.

With the buffs from 9.2.5, Sinister Strike and Pistol Shot have much stronger abilities to cast overall, which has huge implications for this legendary, since it rewards spamming Sinister Strike as much as possible. Also, the payoff of the extra Pistol Shot casts now deals more damage. This is the default legendary choice for raiding and Venthyr players in general.

Optimal Slot - Wrist with Haste/Vers

Greenskin Wicker

Between the Eyes has a 20% chance per Combo Point to increase the damage of your next Pistol Shot by 300%

This is a great legendary for 3 of the premium covenant options when it comes to doing cleave content. Kyrian, Necrolord, and even Venthyr players will want to switch from Weaponmaster to Quick Draw. Another important rule to keep in mind with this legendary is to not cast Between the Eyes if Greenskins is already active, unless the BtE debuff is about to fall off.

Optimal Slot - Waist with Haste/Vers.


Provides the Covenant legendary of your currently active Covenant.

This is just our second legendary that we use. Not much else to say.

Optimal Slot - Neck with Haste/Vers



During Season 4, gearing overall has gotten a lot different. With the addition of Cartel Dinar’s, and a new dungeon rotation things are very different. Below is a list of the item you want to purchase with this currency in order of DPS value.

  1. Edge of Night
  2. Cruciform Veinripper
  3. Cache of Acquired Treasures
  4. Salvaged Fusion Amplifier

Even though intuitively, the Cruciform Veinripper sounds like a better first upgrade due to the fact weapon DPS is the best stat in the game, but the Edge of Night is a huge damage increase overall. Remember to do these bosses on lower difficulties and then use higher tiered Ancient Cyphers on them.

Creation Catalyst: 

With access to the Creation Catalyst and mythic version of items can be transferred into tier pieces at any time as long as you have the currency for it. Below is a list of items that are worth chasing and upgrading with Cosmic flux due to the increased ilvl.

  • Shoulders of the Crooked Confidant / Wicked Flanker’s Gorget - Kel’Thuzad / Stone Legion Generals
  • Witherheart Studded Breastplate - Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Sadist’s Sinister Mask - Sire Denathrius
  • Elite Aranaak Breeches - Kel’Thuzad
  • Soulblade Baldric - The Jailer
  • Treads of Titanic Curiosity - Rygelon

In general, due to the fact that the Creation Catalyst can almost be used as a reforger it allows you to take poorly itemized stats and turn them into generic gear. Always keep this in mind when itemizing your character in general as it’s an easy way to gain a few hundred DPS at times.


As an outlaw rogue, you technically want to use a dagger in your off-hand because it's stronger than using a 1-hand because daggers cause you to get more instant poison procs. Usually, this is only relevant for a 10 ilvl~ or so difference, so if you are unsure, just make sure to sim your options.


Trinkets for outlaw rogues are not as big of a deal as for classes like a Druid or a Mage, so most of the time, you want to pick a decent high ilvl trinket because they will beat out some of the “BIS” trinkets.

Generally speaking, some of the best trinkets for both single target and cleave include:

Tier Set:

2 Set - Your Main Gauche has a 25% chance to fire a Pistol Shot

4 Set -Pistol Shot has a 10% chance to load a Hidden Bullet from your sleeves up to 6 times. After loading 6 bullets, your next Pistol Shot cast also fires Between The Eyes as though 65 combo points were spent.

This tier set is overall a lot stronger than it initially reads. The 2 set gives us a lot of extra combo points over an encounter, which provides us with CDR and more finishers, which is excellent. The 4 set is doing more of the same, it’s giving us more CDR, and it’s giving us more finishers. Both of these sets are more or less entirely passive and just equate to DPS gains. You will have to learn to get used to the random combo points that the 2 set gains as it makes Outlaw an even more reactive spec making it harder to preplan globals.

Tier Slots:

  • Helm
  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Legs

Overall, the best slots are Helm, Legs, Chest, and then either Hands or Shoulders. Priority number 1 though, is getting the set. Focus on optimal slots once you have access to the entire set first.