Mistweaver Monk Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 10.0 Last Updated: 28th Nov, 2022
Cute Mistweaver Monk Author

Note: This guide was written before Dragonflight was live


Mistweaver’s tier set bonus is very strong in Dragonflight however this won’t really change how you play but more so amplify what you’re already doing. Our Two Piece will increase the amount your Enveloping Mist, Essence Font and Vivify heal targets with Renewing Mist on them by 10%, this is another reason why spreading our Renewing Mist and maintaining it's uptime is important.

Our Four Piece buffs our Vivify and Essence Font healing by 10%. Also the duration of Renewing Mist on targets healed by Essence Font is extended by 1 sec for each direct heal, giving us even more Renewing Mist uptime. It is a very nice tier set and will increase HPS by quite a lot but won’t ruin or really change what mistweavers goals already are this expansion.

I will list a couple of trinkets that can be really good however it will be subject to change.

The healer trinket from Halls of Valor, Mote of Sanctification, is a very strong heal hitting up to 5 targets, whilst also giving mastery.

Flask of the Solemn Night, obtainable from Court of Stars is another nice one our healing trinkets. This will grant haste and right now mistweaver loves and makes good use of haste so any passive haste can be nice.

The final trinket I will mention is Broodkeeper’s Promise, this trinket makes you link to another ally, increasing both you and your targets versatility by 190 and also restoring around 2k~ hp per second if you are within 15 yards. This is a very nice defensive trinket especially if you can maintain being within 15 yards of your ally for an entire fight or dungeon.

I only mentioned a few specific trinkets here but anything that gives passive haste or directly buffs your Chi-Ji window can be a very good option, and we’ll most likely have a definitive answer on BiS closer to the launch of the expansion when they are done tuning.