Mistweaver Monk

Patch 8.3

Written by Konah Last Updated: 4th Mar, 2020

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

Azerite Traits rotation changes

With multiple Secret Infusion traits, you can use Thunder Focus Tea on Rising Sun Kick or Enveloping Mist for a big verse/Crit buff before an Essence Font or Revival.

What traits to go for?

Raiding Traits

Misty Peaks - Running multiple of these with Rising Mist is very strong.

Secret Infusion - This trait will give you a buff to a specific stat, based on what ability you use after using Thunder Focus Tea. This is our strongest trait; ensure you grab three of them as soon as possible.

Font of Life - Taking one of this trait is always good, however it’s additional traits will drop in value heavily.

Heart of Darkness - This is a decent trait and you should use it, once you’ve covered your bases with the core traits.

Uplifted Spirits - Potentially a strong trait, but is heavily dependent on if you’re going to get an additional revival.

Dungeon Traits

Misty Peaks - Running multiple of these with Rising Mist is very strong.

Secret Infusion - This trait will give you a buff to a specific stat based on what ability you use after using Thunder Focus Tea. An exceptionally strong trait for m+, get three of them.

Uplifted Spirits - One of these is good for m+, giving you a few additional revivals throughout the dungeon.

Heart of Darkness - This is decent for giving you some stats boost, after you have your other pieces sorted.


The Ever-Rising Tide

Major - This isn’t too strong for Mistweaver, as our healing isn’t exceptionally high within short time frames, so the additional intellect isn’t that beneficial.

Minor - Can be used within certain combinations of essences, not spectacular, but has its place.

Memory of Lucid Dreams

Major - This is strong and provides a lot of mana from the on use effect; while also giving a high amount of leech, it’s best used on cooldown or slightly delayed for high damage moments, to make use of the leech. Could be used as a default when starting progression.

Minor - Can be very strong for early progression with saving mana, you can also potentially have it proc on Way of the Crane, which will save you a ton of resources.

Well of Existence

Major - Relatively weak but can be useful for spot healing, if it’s highly required for a specific encounter.

Minor - While this was strong during 8.2 progression, the new traits from 8.3 have pushed it out of contention, avoid using this.

Conflict and Strife

Major - You gain Way of the Crane which can be incredibly strong in dungeons, and potentially raids, though it’s unlikely stronger than other majors for progression.

Minor - Gives a powerful amount of versatility, one of the best minor essences to take for most content. Might be used less during progression as other essences are stronger there.

The Crucible of Flame

Major - Used for damage gain, if there’s very tight dps checks and manageable healing during the fight. Very niche pick; talk with your raid about damage requirements before taking this.

Minor - Unused.

Unwavering Ward

Major -  Unused

Minor - This is a very strong minor as it gives you both passive shielding AND corruption resistance. You should use this in all content.

The Formless Void

Major - When focusing directly on damage, we can take this as it opens up potential pushes through specific phases within your progression, or beaming down large packs in M+.

Minor - Very strong for us, especially when using Rising Mist, try and utilise this wherever possible.

Worldvein Resonance

Major - You may potentially be using this for progression after the recent buffs, if multiple raid members are running this, it has potential to be very potent for healing incoming damage or buffing your raid teams dps to meet specific checks.

Minor - Unusued



Mar’Kowa the Mindpiercer - Solid weapon from Drest'agath with good corruption, try and coin this.


I will list a few trinkets below as potential options from the raid.

Forbidden Obsidian Claw - Decently strong trinket, so worth coining on Maut.

Humming Black Dragonscale - Pretty solid trinket for both raid and m+, perhaps not worth a coin early on though.

Vita-Charged Titanshard + Void-Twisted Titanshard - The set bonus trinkets look potentially strong for us, though I'm not entirely certain of that yet. They drop from Ra-Den the Despoiled, who also drops an alright azerite piece and a weapon, so it’s worth coining there.

Manifesto of Madness - Dropped by N’zoth the Corruptor, this looks to be a good stat stick for us, although this would require some decent play to get maximum benefits. Coin this if you’ve had little luck from other bosses.

Choosing Gear/Azerite traits

Currently, our best tool to understand what Gear/Azerite to use is the QE Live tool, which you can find at the link below:



The most powerful corruption for us while running Rising Mist is any pieces with Ineffable Truth and plenty of them. After this you should target Expedient (Haste %) pieces and run at whatever corruption you feel comfortable with during progression.