Holy Priest

Patch 8.3

Written by Jeathebelle Last Updated: 13th Jan, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on PTR/early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

Azerite Traits

Important Azerite Traits

Recommended Azerite Traits


Word of Mending: Reduces the cooldown of Holy Word: Sanctify every time you cast Prayer of Mending, and increases the healing of Prayer of Mending. You want one for the cooldown reduction. Additional Word of Mending traits will increase the healing of Prayer of Mending some more, but the cooldown reduction does not stack. 

Prayerful Litany and Blessed Sanctuary are acceptable choices that do good healing as well. Stat traits such as Loyal to the End, Heart of Darkness and Blightborne Infusion are also excellent options.


Permeating Glow and Promise of Deliverance are excellent traits for increasing your single-target healing in M+. Stat traits such as Loyal to the End, Heart of Darkness and Blightborne Infusion are also good options.


Major Essences

Memory of Lucid Dreams: The best mana regeneration essence, this is an excellent major essence for progression.

Life-Binder’s Invocation: This is the best essence to use if you can’t spend all your mana and don’t require the mana regeneration from Lucid Dreams. It gives you another small raid cooldown.

Crucible of Flame: Usable when damage is more important than healing, for example in M+.

Minor Essences

Conflict & Strife: Gives a lot of versatility, which increases both your healing and your damage while reducing your damage taken. Always use this trait, both in M+ and raiding.

The Formless Void: As long as a couple of people in your raid are using Crucible of Flame as their major essence (which most tanks should) you will have very high uptime of the intellect and haste this minor grants, which will increase both your healing and your damage. This is a go-to essence to use in raiding.

Well of Existence: Your best third minor essence for HPS if your group is taking a lot of damage, you are doing a lot of healing, and allies are falling below 50% health. If any of those are not true, this essence loses value.

Unwavering Ward: If your group isn’t taking enough damage for Well of Existence to be valuable, this essence can do fairly good healing, particularly if the group is stacked.

Vision of Perfection: This essence reduces the cooldown of Divine Hymn and may be useful in niche situations when you require Divine Hymn earlier than the base 3 minute cooldown.

Crucible of Flame: If you don’t need to maximize HPS, Crucible is an excellent third minor, as it does extremely good DPS.

Worldvein Resonance: You would only use this essence if doing so was the difference between good uptime and bad uptime for DPS players who are using it.



Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal, from Queen Azshara, is an extremely powerful weapon because the stacks you accrue over the course of sustained combat can be converted into a massive amount of healing. It can do more healing than any raid cooldown. And in M+, the stacks can be used for DPS to obliterate a pack of mobs near the end of the dungeon.


Corruption Overview

There are a couple of corruption effects that dramatically increase DPS. For example, Infinite Star, Echoing Void and Twilight Devastation do excellent damage. The damage you gain from equipping these corruption effects will usually be more valuable than the healing you would have gained from other corruption effects.

Leech corruption is probably the strongest effect for increasing your HPS.

The passive stat corruption effects increasing your total mastery, crit, versatility or haste are good choices that will increase your healing.