Havoc Demon Hunter

Patch 9.0

Written by Termaex Last Updated: 5th Jan, 2021

Some content in this guide is based on beta or early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.



Venthyr is a very strong Covenant choice as a Havoc Demon Hunter for raiding and a good choice for Mythic+.

The Covenant Ability, Sinful Brand, is strong for single target damage and also gets applied to all nearby enemies when you use your 4-minute Metamorphosis (entering Metamorphosis with Demonic does NOT apply Sinful Brand). 

Your signature ability is Door of Shadows, which teleports you 35 yards to your chosen location. On top of that, you have two very good Soulbinds that you can use.

  1. Nadija the Mistblade grants you an additional Haste proc, called Euphoria. You also have the choice of playing with two potency slots, further increasing your damaging abilities or get additional benefits from well-fed, Flasks and Weapon enchants. This will be your go-to soulbind.
  2. Theotar the Mad Duke, unfortunately, the first ability is not the best for Havoc DH, due to mastery not being a great stat. However, with this Soulbind you can build up to two potency slots until the last row with the soulbind ability called Wasteland Propriety, which increases the versatility of you and nearby allies after you using Sinful Brand.

Night Fae

Night Fae and their covenant ability, The Hunt, and has the best soulbind of any covenant for Havoc Demon Hunter. You charge to the target dealing damage and inflict nature damage for 6 seconds in your path. This is a very good single-target ability and also brings some AoE usage with it. It is the best PvP covenant for Demon Hunter and is one of the best for raid encounters.

The signature ability Soulshape lets you transform into a vulpin that teleports you 50 yards and increases your movement speed by 50%.

Night Fae also offers the following Soulbinds that are worth being picked up:

  1. Niyas soulbind offers two Abilities in the last row, which you can choose from. Niyas Tools: Burrs applies a dot on your target and offers an endurance conduit before that slot, while the second path, Niyas Tools: Poison applies a dot after interrupting and a potency conduit before that slot.
  2. Dreamweavers soulbind is the best soulbind pre renown 30 due to having two potency conduits the earliest of all soulbinds. Podtender is a cheat death mechanic which bulks our defence and with Social Butterfly you get a 3% Versatility increase if two allies are nearby. The last soulbind ability in this tree is called Field of Blossoms, which offers a 12% haste bonus after using The Hunt for 12 seconds.
  3. Korayn, the third Soulbind is damage wise on par with Niya. You get 10% extra damage to targets above 75% health with Wild Hunt Tactics early on. The last soulbind ability of Korayn is First Strike, which gives you 25% critical strike chance for 5 seconds if you damage an enemy before they damage you.

If you are looking to play mainly mythic plus, playing with Kyrian as your covenant is a good pick as well. The Kyrian covenant ability, Elysian Decree, is an AoE spell that fits nicely with Havoc's AoE damage kit. Their signature ability Summon Steward heals you for 20% of your Health and lets you remove all Curses, Disease, Poison and Bleed effects; which is probably the best signature ability for demon hunters out of all available ones. As a Soulbind, you want to play with Forgelite Prime Mikanikos.

Necrolords covenant ability is Fodder to the Flame, which summons a demon and if killed grants you 30% damage done and 15% damage taken. Fleshcraft as a signature ability offers you a 20% health shield and can go up to 50% of your health the more health the dead target has. This covenant is the weakest for havoc demon hunters and is not suggested to be played.

Soulbinds and Conduits

The conduits listed below are the ones most useful to you. Conduits not mentioned do not bring as much as those that are listed.

Potency Conduits (offensive):

  • Relentless Onslaught: Chaos Strike has a chance to trigger a second Chaos Strike. The former legion artifact trait makes its comeback. The strongest single target conduit.
  • Growing Inferno: Immolation Aura damage increases each time it deals damage. A direct damage increase conduit and is suggested to be used in AoE situations and Mythic+.
  • Increased Scrutiny: Reduces the CD of Sinful Brand. Enables an additional Sinful Brand on maximum conduit level if you are playing Venthyr on fights longer than 5 minutes compared to not having this conduit equipped.
  • Unnatural Malice: Increases the damage of The Hunt against the primary target. If you play with Night Fae this conduit is a go-to choice.
  • Repeat Decree: Elysian Decree echoes a second sigil 1 second later, dealing damage. If you play as a Kyrian, this Conduit is another good one. A simple conduit that enables more damage from your covenant ability.

Finesse Conduit (utility):

Endurance Conduit (defensive):

  • Fel Defender: Reduces the CD of Blur. Depending on certain boss timings you might want to play with this conduit to enable a smoother Blur usage
  • Viscous Ink: Demonic Wards reduces magic damage taken by an additional %. Nice conduit to have.


Single Target:

Chaos Theory gives Blade Dance a 30% chance to increase the damage of Chaos Strike and its chance to return fury. Has high synergy if you play with First Blood.

Multi Target:

Collective Anguish gives additional follow up damage after each Eye Beam. No RNG involved, just straight damage. Solid single target legendary as well and should be used in all AoE situations.

Fel Bombardment makes Throw Glaive an AoE ability. Very strong legendary if you can hit more than 4 mobs at a constant rate.